What Do We Wear on Wednesdays? PINK!

Being a part of ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink‘ will be pretty easy for me.  Does it not tie-in with my blog’s theme, or what!  Check out the other awesome nail bloggers that are part of this clutch here.  Be ready to be impressed.

Naturally, I’m going to push the envelope.  Now, I am wearing pink; I just embellished it…

Don’t think for a minute that pink is timid and little girl-like.  This mani is ultra hot and sexy.  I wore Sinful Color’s ‘What’s Your Name’ alone for a day.  It’s a shade that is black with flecks of teal micro-glitter.  It’s a deep color that, on its own, is vampy…

I have on 3 coats here.  So, how can you take a color like this and get a pink mani out of it?  How about China Glaze’s crackle in ‘Broken Hearted’?

You only need one coat of the crackle to get the distressed look.  It dries super fast and to a matte finish.  You’ll need some serious shiny top coat to get it to shine; ‘Broken Hearted’ and all its counterparts from the collection ‘eat topcoat.’  That is, it takes more than just one, or even two coats, to get it to shine.  But when it does, it gets attention…

What do you think about these colors?  If you have the crackles, I bet you are having as much fun with them as I am.

  • Gorgeous! The nearest Sally's to me (2 hrs away) is supposed to be restocking the China Glaze crackles Friday; I hope I can get up and get them!

  • WOOT! I'm wearing Cracked Concrete today. I love the Crackles. They're so cool (and you know how important it is to be cool)! LOL

  • Wow I want the china glaze crackles so bad But they are so hard to find for me 🙁

  • This makes me want crackles so bad! This looks awesome!
    Love it!

  • Love the pink and black combo! I do have Broken Hearted. I need to play with it some more. Think I have only wore it once!

  • I love this combo! 🙂 If my Sally's do not get the crackles in I'm going to kill them . 😉 I went to 3 different ones and nothing. 🙁

  • @Zara I am fortunate then. I have a Sally's about 1.5 miles or so away.

    @Megan Cool is important. lol Especially in Florida. ;p

    @Ashley You need to write the government and tell them to lift the ban on nail polish!!! 😉

    @Kayla101 I do hope you can find a way to get a hold of at least one!

    @Peach You've been a busy lady doing your indy body products series. I loved it a LOT!

    @Everyone The Peach did a great blog series on homemade body/lip products. You won't want to miss all the great info she provided. Click here on her name 'The Peach' in the comment box and check it out!

    @MissMidnight You haven't found your crackles yet!? Oh, no! That is NOT good. >:(

  • Oh I like this! It's different from all the crackles I have seen so far 😀 Pretty combi as well

  • Just wanted to say that I'm new to the “We Wear Pink on Wednesdays” group! 🙂 And, that I love your mani! It's perfect! 🙂