What Do You Want On Your Tombstone, Wet ‘n Wild?

A few posts back, I mentioned the mystery of the ‘which black is that,’ which has left some of us nail bloggers scratching our heads. It seems that Halloween polishes and makeup, particularly, with Wet ‘n Wild is HOT this year. I jumped in with two pedicured feet in the treasure hunt to find the still elusive ‘On the Prowl’ collection by Wet ‘n Wild. I bet their marketing department is getting a huge kick out of naming this collection so appropriately.

Doesn’t matter, I still want them NOW, DAMMIT. So, there are a couple of Ulta stores and more Walgreens than I care to count that have associates who know I’m the ‘blogger lady.’ Never mind, this is what I’m after…

A full setting of Halloween stuff at Ulta.

Here’s OPI’s minis for the holiday.

And the Wet ‘n Wild tombstone polishes…


Just one more reference to the mix up on the black polish..you can see on this display that it lists the name of the black as ‘Black Sparklee.’ OK….moving on, Boos and Ghouls….

Here is my own little, polish graveyard…

Libby is sleeping in the background. She is working the graveyard shift.

From left on: Orange is ‘Creepy Pumpkin,’ it’s an orange jelly with orange micro-glitter in it. It doesn’t seem to be annoying. Purple is ‘Purple Potion,’ it is a black base with a million dark, purple micro-glitters in it. Then the Glow is named ‘Night Glow.’ Last is that vixen prankster ‘Black Magic.’

Be on the lookout for swatches of ‘Creepy Pumpkin’ and ‘Purple Potion.’ Both of these shades are new to me, so I’m looking forward to haunting them.

I have one Tombstone Wet ‘n Wild from last year that I just love. It’s a dark, blackened red named ‘Vamp Red.’ It’s my favorite color anytime. Do you have an all-time favorite Halloween polish?

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  • Wowwwwwww!!! I love Wet 'n Wild tombstone polishes. I want this in Spain

  • Thats so funny they know you as 'the blogger lady'! I actually came across the WnW halloween display at Kmart today. I picked up the Purple Potion polish along with some glitter liner!

  • BWAHAHAHA working the graveyard shift. Haunting them. You SLAY ME.
    I found the correct black sparkly nail polish at my Ulta believe it or not. Now I've got two tombstones of my own!

  • Such a cute little graveyard haha! I went to Ulta the other day trying to get the glow in the dark one! They were sold out! =(

  • @TrailerHood Chic Come back!

    @bamkaki83 That is a product/company that would do good in Europe!

    @Peach I got a blue glitter eyeliner last year. Kmart, eh? I'll have to check them out.

    @Nicole Thanks for finding my silliness. Did you get the orange reference? Yeaaa, you found the black sparkly polish!!!!!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous Sold out? How dare them not have enough. Halloween's still 6 weeks away. I hope they get in more. Maybe check Walgreens too?

  • Pretty cool- I'm just not into the Halloween stuff at all. Guess I'm lame!

  • Awww, these look super adorable 🙂

    Love Christine ♥

  • wow, I love Wet n Wild but they stopped selling over here now. Love the packaging 🙂 xxx

  • @Fingers Don't feel bad. It really is rushing the season, I do agree with that.

    @Christine Iversen Spooky cute, eh? <3

    @Jo Woods Stopped??! You need to write them a letter!

  • I was able to find 3 of the Wet n Wilds..I can't find the orange one, which is the one I really wanted!

  • @Shally Darn! I hope you keep checking because the orange really is cute. Glittery!!!