When Doves Use A Sheer Disguise

Today’s swatch makes me think of the song ‘When Doves Cry.’ 

This is Color Club’s ‘Sheer Disguise’ from the newest collection, Alter Ego.  A dove gray that has a blue-purple tinge to it.

‘Sheer Disguise’ was sheer through the first 2 coats.  However, I could tell that it didn’t have to be left sheer.  So, with 2 more coats this shade moved into this..

The outdoor light shows the color more true than indoors.  This creme wasn’t as shiny as I would like it to end off.  I added Seche Vite but then used Orly’s Glosser to get a higher shine.  If there is anything else out there that makes for a higher shine, I would go for it.  I like my creme polishes to be super-shiny.

If I had a Crackle overlay “cough, cough, China Glaze, cough, cough” this would be a cool polish to experiment with.

Powdery and soft, don’t you agree?  I never would have thought a grey polish could look so demure!