When Is A Creme Not a Creme?

Is it that hard to come up with a witty name for a nail polish? Personally, ehhem, I feel I can do better.

Here’s a cute polish that has a total misname…

NYC makes ‘Classic Coral Creme.’  Really?  It’s not even a creme!  Even a novice like me can tell you that much.  And, I’m kinda iffy on the ‘classic’ part too.  I see that micro-micro glitter in there!  There’s pink, silver and a darker coral glitter in that bottle.  I’m not a ‘coral’ girl, however, I’m digging this gem.

But here’s what I can tell you; this is a fun, summery color.  I almost wore flip flops this color was so beachy.

Classic Coral Creme (blech!) is pretty watery.  I have about 4 coats here to give it some opacity.  However, since it’s waaaay down there on my toes, I didn’t care as much as I would with my fingernails.  I find the top skinny and not too easy to hold onto.  The brush is long and thin too.  But it is flexible enough to manage.

I have a top coat and the Vite on top.  And since my toes don’t get any of the wear my fingernails do, this wore well. 

Truly, I feel sorry for this pretty color.  It makes me think of Johnny Cash’s ‘‘A Boy Named Sue.’  Well, how do you do?  I’m naming you ‘Coral Glitters Too.’

Do you roll your eyes like I do when you see a nice polish with a totally lame name?  Or, do you roll your eyes when you read my new, made up names?