Why Have a Birth-day When You Can Have a Birth-Week

One year, I was in a terrible place in my life right at my birthday.  I was bemoaning the fact to a friend and she gave me some great advise.  She said “Do not hinge everything you want on one day.  You need to make it a ‘birthday week’.”  What a great way to look at it!

This year I’m having a great birthday week as my sister, from Dallas, is visiting me.  We are seeing the sites of Orlando and Daytona Beach and, have a really great time.  Today, we are going to Downtown Disney.

And so, the purpose of my post is to let you know why I haven’t done a review since Thursday.  I’ll be right back soon.  🙂  I have on a neon, bright, pink polish that I’m eager to share with you.  Hint: It’s heavenly.  Hee hee!

These are photos of flowers that are blooming in my backyard.  I love that my birthday is on the first day of Spring!!!!

I took these in a doctor’s parking lot…

I’m taking my camera with me to Disney and should get some beautiful flower photos there too.

Thanks so much for being a follower and a reader.   You all mean so much to me and make blogging not only fun but also a great community to be a part of.  😀

  • Yay, Birthday Week! I do that too, because it's more fun! And if you're dreading said birthday, you have an excuse to do all kinds of things because you're turning “30/40/50/whatever” and therefore need a birthday week! HA

  • Happy Birthday
    great shots of the teddy bear iris and lantana

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birth weeeek!

  • Well Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful birthday week! Sounds like you and your sister have some fun planned!

  • Lovely photos!!

    I have a “birth-month”. I won't do something every single day, but I do celebrate all month long. 😀

  • hey its my birthday week too! my birthday is on Tuesday, but I work 12-9 so DH and my parents are celebrating it with me today instead! i already got my pressies, including another Alex for polish and makeup! so extremely happy!

  • birthday week, great idea 😀
    i want it for myself too 🙂

  • thats awesome!! happy birthday 😀

  • Happy Birthday week! You take care of yourself and make it a good one!


  • Happy Birthday. 🙂 Have a great week.

  • Yay! Glad you're having a blast with your sister! Happy Birthday week!

  • @elizabeth I'll need that excuse next year; it's a BIG one!

    @pepripatetic33 Thank you so much, sweetheart, for telling me what these flowers are. 🙂 I'm glad to know just a bit more.

    @anonymous Thank you!!!

    @everythingsDiamonds Thank you very much. 🙂

    @Peach Thanks, doll! I had a grand time with my sister. She's the best person to shop with; she tells me the truth! 😉

    @LiAnn Birth month; better yet!!!

    @jbrobeck Thanks and happy birthday right back achta! I always try to scheduled my birthday off. I really never want to celebrate my special day with the people I work with…I know that sounds mean. :/

    @nail crazy I had hoped by spreading the idea around that it would make the 'event' more fun.

    @laheelahee Thank you very much!

    @Lace Escapades Thanks, sweets! Oh, I did make it a good one! 🙂

    @Ashley Thank you, dear friend!

    @kittypolishnbags Thank you, very much! We did have a blast. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday week! A birthday week sounds like a nice idea…hope you have fun at Disney! 😀