Winner of the Glitter Giveaway

I had Sebastian (aka Sabbie), Libby’s real life brother, help me with my drawing tonight.

What?  Who, me?  Do what?  Just play with little bits of paper?

Oh, looky!  I want to tap my paw on them.  They make a funny noise that interests me.

I’m getting one to come out of the pile.  I want to draw it near me so I can bit it!

Shhh…don’t tell Mommy.  I got one that I’m going to chew on in just a moment.

Mommy took away the bit of paper to reveal the WINNER!!!  It’s MISS JACKIE S!!!!

Sabbie says congratulations to Jackie.  He just wants his credit for being the lovely assistant.  I am the doting Mommy; he is just a lovable, adorable bubba.

I sent an email to Jackie to let her know she won.  When I matched up her entry to her post, she wrote that the drawing would be held on her birthday!!!!  So this is quite a surprise for her on her birthday.

Thanks everyone that entered.  I think this was my largest entry giveaway ever.  I’m going to take it that my followers like the items/themes I have as giveaways.  I want you to know that I like having you hang out with me.  Keep hanging around, cuz I have more giveaways to come. 😀