Winner of the St. Valentine’s Day Marathon Manicure

Those that read my blog know I have a giddiness about ‘pleasant surprises.’  This one has had me giddy all month.  😀

I had 50 comments during the 14 days of the Marathon.  Each comment became an entry.  I wanted to reward my followers that take a moment to share a comment with me.  I had my own Valentine’s Day sweetie pick the winner.

The winner is  VANDALEYEZ MAKEUP!!!

Here’s what you won Lissa…

The heart-shaped package has pink roses that are actually slivers of soap!  I got one too and put them in a heart-shaped glass dish and put a soft pink votive candle in the middle.  Makes my tub area feminine. 🙂  Hello, Kitty is a plush key or zipper ring.  From Claire’s, nail art stencils so Lissa can do a much better job of using them than I did with my set.  Candy!!  I hope this one is her favorite because it’s one of my favorite candy bars.

But wait….there’s more!!!

Two Finger Paint’s Valentine’s polishes; a Milani pink polish that I found adorable, it has gold micro-glitter; Orly’s 4 polishes from their Valentine’s collection.
Some close-ups…

All items are brand new.  I purchased them all myself.  I hope this is a pleasant surprise for Lissa.

Lissa is a blogger as well.  She has a fledgling blog and an Esty store.  She makes her own mineral makeup.  Lissa, we have to talk…I love mineral makeup….LOTS!! 😉

Thank you all that visited my blog during my marathon.  And, Phew!  I’m glad it’s over even though it was fun.  But I’m off to put on a raunchy yellow glitter polish!!!!  LOL!!!

  • Aren't you sneaky! I've been hit an miss reading blogs lately. But I had to stop by yours and see what was up! I enjoyed the marathon…the days I did stop by! And congrats to Lissa. I just checked out her blog. I'll have to check out her Etsy store also!

  • Aww, that was sweet of you.

  • @Peach I thought of you when I went to look at her blog. Her shades are very bold and beautiful.

    @nicolthepickle You have such a cute name!! 🙂 I like giving back to my faithful readers.

  • How fun!! I know what you mean about getting as far away from “Valentines” colors as possible. I'm going to orange tonight.

  • Thank you again so much! How fun! I have never won anything like this before 🙂


  • aww you little sneaker. lol you are so sweet!

    Congrats to the winner.:)

  • So, do you all think that was a fun giveaway? I like rewarding participants and not those that just follow for free stuff.

  • Congratulations to the winner!!

    Kisses, Melanie

  • Wow Kimberly what a great surprise. Congrats to the winner. Wow all those nail polishes what a great prize. :)I wish I won hehehehe Those nail polishes look gorgeous!!!

  • awww no i missed it was too busy with uni lol. but well done to the person who won xxxx

  • congrats to the winner 🙂

  • congrats to the winner!! lucky girl 🙂

    Check out my site, I'll be your personal shopper! 😉

  • Congrats to Lissa! Great way to do a giveaway–I may steal the idea. 🙂