Wishful Wednesday

I wonder if the wish for the week to be over is wished for the most on Wednesdays? I’m so lucky that I can set my own hours for working. I have gone back to not doing work on Fridays. It feels like a REAL weekend with 3 days off instead of just 2.

After saying ‘I need to…’,  I say ‘I wish….’ the most. I wish I had a genie lantern! In fact, I have a brass one my Mom gave me. Rubbing it only makes it look better; no wishes granted though. Rats!

Everyone has wishes. Some are global, like world peace. In my deepest of heart-felt wishes, that’s what I want above all. But, I’m going to talk, today, about wishes that are closer to home.

This may hurt a bit, but you are a grown-up now, and it’s time to learn the truth: There is no Pink Vanity. *GASP!* Yes, it has all been a Pee-Wee Herman facade. However, I DO wish I had one! So that’s why I named my blog after a wish.

I even have gone hunting (or is it now ‘googling’) for one. The closest I have come to it, is this…

(photo credit: http://www.foreverpinkcottagechic.com/vanities.html)

But, I am very lucky to have a nice (contemporary) vanity I use in the master bathroom. I have lots of drawers and counter space. I use it ALL. And, then I have set up my guest bathroom as the vanity where I do my hair. Did I say that I know I’m very lucky?

However, wishes can be whimsical, and I cherish those. Whimsical wishes are the small bits of childhood beliefs that I hold dear. And to have a girly-girl vanity is one of those wishes.

What type of vanity or makeup area do you wish for?