Yes, I Am Matte as A Hatter

A post on my inability to not leave well enough alone, gave insight to just how egotistical I can be.  It is pretty presumptuous of me to think I can improve on someone else’s work.  It’s a lie we tell ourselves,  like we drive really good, it’s the rest of the drivers that are idiots.

And, here I go again, not leaving well enough alone.  Honestly, I’m just playing with nail colors and methods.  I don’t think mine is ‘better.’  A better way would be to say it is ‘interesting.’

In my last post, I showed Revlon’s Perplex and then notched it up with some Wet ‘N Wild’s Dasher.  I thought it was very pretty, and I wanted to wear it for a few more days than usual.  While contemplating my next manicure, I spied my little bottle of China Glaze’s Matte Magic.  And magic, indeed.  Here’s where I couldn’t leave it be…

Matte Magic is like magic to me.  I never thought I’d want, or like, my nails to look matte.  However, you can see that I have, obviously, changed my mind.

What have you changed your mind on that you never thought you would?