Yes, It Is Time For A Giveaway!!!

Giveaways HAVE got to be one of the highlights of blogging.  I’m just about as excited to hold a giveaway as I am in winning one.  It’s fun anticipation (sorry, no youtube song clip on that song…I hate it! :p )

One of the fun things I anticipate is the new fragrance releases by Bath and Body Works.  The newest one is ‘Dark Kiss.’  Gosh, I wish we had  smellavision or scratch and sniff blogs.  heee hee!  However, B&BW is capitalizing on the vampire lovefest we have been enjoying. 

With that theme in mind, here is my next giveaway…

Yea, I bet you wish there was ‘smellavision’ now!!!  Or, maybe you already have had a chance to check this new one out.  It was supposed to be released on August 30, but I got wind that the company was going to put it out on Friday, yesterday.  I was there that morning before they sold out.

So while I was shopping for me, I was shopping for you, as well.  And, I was playing with my new photo box.  The bottles wouldn’t stand up well in the box, as the bottom was curved.  Grrrr….So I just used the lights.  If you look closely, I think there is something else peaking out behind one of the bottles.

This giveaway is for a bottle of Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Shower Cream and a bottle of Triple Moisture Body Cream.  Both in the new ‘Dark Kiss’ fragrance.  The fragrance is listed as ‘a tempting blend of black raspberry, maribelle plum, amber, dark vanilla bean and sensual balsam.’  They must have concocted just the right formula because I don’t even like raspberries.  Now, I have reason to!

Here’s the mandatory guideline for the giveaway:
1) You must be a follower of my blog, so let me know how you are following, in a post, along with your email address.  1 Entry

Extra Entries:
2) Share this giveaway on your blog, with a link here, and put the link in the comments. 
1 Entry
3) Share this giveaway, with a link here, on your Facebook account.  1 Entry
4) Tweet this giveaway and let me know you did in a comment.  1 Entry
5) Extra, Extra point…tell me what movie I went to see on Friday, 8/27.  1 Entry

There’s a chance for a total of 5 entries.  Giveaway entries will be accepted until September 4, Saturday, 10 PM EST. Everyone in the world can enter.  I’ll use to determine the winner.  Upon picking a winner, I’ll email you with the happy news.

Any questions or comments, you can email me, always, at libbyspinkvanity(at)
Did you notice the prizes are PINK!!!