You Could Get a Bad Reputation Misspelling Fuchsia

Come on, tell the truth…you’ve done this; just opened the box and grabbed the first polish you touched and that was your one to swatch. Admit it, it’s the first step in recovery and we all know, everyone does it.

There is a shopping bag right by my desk and it is full of sparkles. This makes me very happy. I showed these all here. Here’s the wiener…

Kleancolor’s ‘Diamond Fuschia (sic).’ How incredibly pretty this one is. Lots and lots of silver and fuchsia glitter. But Damn! Fuchsia is hard enough to spell and these dopes go and misspell it!

This is 2 coats and one coat of Seche Vite over the top…

I like that it is dense enough that I don’t have to wear a base color. The fuchsia base gives it plenty of coverage. However, this is a thirsty glitter. I put on a good, thick coat of Seche Vite on and it just soaked right into the polish leaving the gritty feeling still there. I’m OK with that, though.

And, I know you know exactly how fun this polish was to remove. That glitter hung around like a bad reputation.

Meh…who cares? It was worth it and I knew what I was getting myself into. But, could you turn this one down?


Oh, no…not me.

  • New blog layout?! I like! And fuchsia is one of those colors I misspell, along with turquoise! But waht a great color! And I bet it was a pain to get off!

  • I love the new layout! So cute!! The color is awesome! I just love glitters, but like you mentioned they are a pain to get off! Keep up the great posts! <3

  • Pretty color! How is it to remove?

  • G.

    The post title is cracking me up, girlie! Whenever I have to type fuchsia, in my head I say, “OK, remember: it's FUCH-SEE-A”. Always works. 😉

    Super pretty color, btw!

  • @Peach Yes, this is my new look! I'm gonna brag about it and I love it!! Thank goodness for spellcheck!

    @JeeZ TrendZ Thank you!! Oh, total pain. But I read blogs while I'm scrubbing away. 🙂

    @Megan I don't even scrub my floors this hard!!!

    @G Thanks, hon. I love the color. And it has a whole family to come. I'm lost without spellcheck. I just wish they would have had it when I was in school; high school and college. DOS was still used when I was in college.

  • Aw man, apparently I've been spelling it wrong my whole life. Although in my defense, this is not a color I encounter much in real life. *facepalm*

  • Hahaha, I do the same thing as G., FUCH SEE AH. That's how I remember it. If I said it out loud I'd get some pretty funny looks, I'm sure! That's one PRETTY soft pink glitter, I love it on you.

  • @purplegreenpanda When I went to, I used the spelling they gave. I 'thought' the bottle's spelling didn't quite look right. I'll go with my spellcheck. Then I can always blame that. Haa haa!

    @Nicole Luckily, I think either way of spelling it, people know what it is. Well, at least for me. LOL In case of doubt, I'll call it a purpley-pink, right? 🙂 It is right up there with turquoise. I can't spell it and I can't describe it either.

  • Aww so gorgeous!

  • @G A B Y Hey, girlie! Thanx!

  • I can only spell fuchsia because I think of the f-word every time. Once I get past the fuc, I'm good. 🙂