Your First Date on a Pinky Moon

This is a cool swatch…

Wait…I mean HOT!!  I was played/practicing with Konading.  On this red polish, I used the flame stamp using orange Konad color on the bottom of the flames and Konad yellow at the tips.  I stamped about 3 times and voila!  Flame-thrower fingers!

I’m still practicing with stamping so only one finger came out decent.  I hope I’m not the only one that happens to.

OK, down to the matter at hand–Pink Wednesday!  I joined up with some other nail bloggers which,  On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.  Check out these chicketas; they are goooood!

 First Date?  Baahaaa…too corny to even mention. 

Princessa’s ‘First Date’ comes from Beya.  That’s a mall store that is very much like the Sol store I talked about here.  Beya is a light and bright-looking store.  Sol has a darker decor.  I stop by both, often, because they can have some unique and/or inexpensive make-up and polish.

‘First Date’ shows its rosy side in the outside photo.  Still a not-boring pink frost.  It’s a work-appropriate color, yet not a pink frost like my Grandma used to wear.

This is wear the fun begins….

This glitter-paloosa is Kleancolor’s ‘Pinky Moon’.  The ‘moon’ part would be for the moon-shaped glitter in the polish.  But it is terribly shy.  I had to coaks it out to get any on my nails.  Mostly the regular glitter and  bar glitter applied.  And even that was tough.

OK, here’s ‘First Date’ and ‘Pinky Moon’ together…

‘Pinky Moon’ needs to have ‘One in a Blue Moon’ as its subtitle.  If Kleancolor would have put in twice as much glitter and more moons it this, it would make putting up with its smell a lot easier.

OK.  It’s subtle and dainty.  But I’m wondering if this look would be better suited for a very young miss.  But I figure the young chickies can’t have all the fun.

Should ‘Pinky Moon’ be better left for young girls?  If you were to get this polish, would you put up with its bad behavior?