Zoya’s Kylie: All Purpose Nail Polish Shade

Zoya Nail Polish is one of those companies that can make their customers fall in with them. They have frequent giveaways, many deals and collections that are popular and fun.

I was not personally acquainted with Zoya until I started blogging. And, I must say, that I am more than pleasantly surprised with the quality of these polishes.

After a season of glitters and sparkles, my eye fell upon this cutie while looking for something different…

Zoya’s ‘Kylie’ is a dusty pink that has a faint magenta shimmer.

In super bright sunlight, you can see the softness of this color. Need a polish for an interview? Check. Want to wear a polish, other than a French manicure, for a wedding, whether yours, you’re in it or just attending? Check. Have a young lady going to her first junior high dance? Check. Want to look feminine and chic? Check.

As you can tell, I think ‘Kylie’ is a shade that works in about any situation.

This shade of pink works really good with my skintone…

 Afternoon sun.

Afternoon shade.

Zoya’s polishes are so smooth and easy to apply. I have 2 thin coats on (hence, you can see a tell-tale nail line) that dried quickly and evenly. When it came time for removal, ‘Kylie’ was easily removed with Zoya’s own polish remover, Remove+.

It’s sort of nice to wear a quiet and peaceful nail shade. How about you?