In The Teal of the Night

If you are going to be a follower (and I hope you continue to be!), then you are going to learn pretty quick that I’m corny.  I, actually, think I’m clever.  However, it seems to matter where the perspective comes from.

So, I came up with ‘In the Teal of the Night’ as a name for this polish…

What you are seeing here is one of the polishes from Ulta’s Goth Collection.  Before I show you the picture of the collection, I have to explain the nails. This photo was taken after only a little over 24 hours of wear. And my cuticles are terribly craggy. I used to pick and bite the hell out of them before I started nail blogging.  They are still working on getting their ‘healthy look’ on.  Just had to get in that disclaimer.

This is how it came packaged.  It’s just a bear to capture this in the plastic.

One thing that the photo does pick up is the very subtle shades in each of these polishes.  It’s really hard to see them IRL; they all look black until you twinkle the bottle.

The Glam Goth set has 5 shades: Black Lace (dark grey creme), Tainted Love (green with green and gold microglitter), For Bitten (Black with red microglitter), After Hours (black with purple shimmer), and Underground (black with blue shimmer).  I had to snag these names and descriptions from the Ulta site.  The label on the bottom is so minuscule and in black ink.  I couldn’t even see it with my readers on.

What I tried out was the Underground.  But I came up with the ‘In the Teal of the Night’ before I could figure out the true name.  I thought the color looked like a deep, black teal color compared to other blue polishes.  Thus, the creative endeavor at naming it.

Ick!  And I was sporting a BC, two layers of Seche Clear, 2 coats of color, another 2 coats of Seche Clear, with a finishing top of Seche Vite.  ??? Now, I liked the color, that was cool.  But it could have lasted more than just a day.  And after 4 days, I just couldn’t even take a photo of that because it was just too horrid.

Quick rundown, small bottle, great collection, wicked colors, brush is ‘meh,’ application is ‘meh.’  And how do I feel about my purchase; I am glad I have it.  Great to play with when I want to feel a bit naughty. 😉

Can you see the subtle play of the color?  How about in the photos of my nails, can you see the teal?  If you have this, do you like it?  I’m going to show you some more ‘play’ with it in an upcoming blog post.

My Quivery CVS New Brand of Polish Haul

Yes, I’m still beside myself with this new brand.  I went out in the evening light to see if I could capture some photos to share. Get ready, this is photo heavy.

Gosh, I need an outside table and not the hood of my husband’s car! But I was disparate to share.  hee hee!
All here are ‘Confetti’ with the exception of the second from the left.  That is the ’10 Professional.’
Moonstruck; Casablanca; Dreamdate; Dressed to the 9’s; Debutante

There are some possible dupes between these two collections.  They are both made by MEGA Beauty Inc.  So I got this color from each collection to swatch and see if there is any color, wear or texture differences.
Here we have From Paris With Love; Crimson Cutie.
Now on to showcasing them each on their own…

Oops, this fun blue, Party Palace Blue, didn’t make it to the first shot call. And then there is a Confetti ‘My Favorite Martian,’ a super shimmery green that I forgot was on my desk, and didn’t even take outside for its photo op!

Well,  I loaded all the single photos first and thought I’d be able to go through each and name them and give a general idea on the color.  Rats! That didn’t work out.  I did put the photos in the same order as the line up and, as I listed their names.  Luckily, they are photographing very close to their color.  Exceptions, but only slightly, are: Debutante, it’s more shimmery than the photo; Dressed To The 9’s, it’s darker and more brown.  I’ll photo these again in high sunlight tomorrow.  And I’ll remember the fun green one.

You KNOW I’m going to use one of these first thing!  Which one should I choose? I wish I knew how to do a poll because that would be fun. I will be revamping the layout of the blog now that I have found someone to help me out.  That’s ANOTHER thing to be looking forward to!

Off to ‘Snoopy Dance!’

I Am All A Quiver!!!!

It was just one of those regular CVS stops.  I walked in and right in the door entry, as an endcap was THIS…

It was almost totally full!  The top display is showing the ‘salon professional’ selection.  They cost $3.99.  The bottom one is called ‘Confetti’ and these gems are just $1.99!!!
Dang print…I could only make out, at first, that they are made in the USA. Can’t see who makes these.  Wait, I looked on a green, then a burgundy, finally can see on a pink that it says ‘MEGA Beauty Inc.’

Each row is a different color, no double facings.  Good grief, the variety is staggering.

I’m so sorry I cut the top off the display.  When I came into the store, I ran back out to my car and grabbed my camera.  I was wanting to snap off a couple of photos before someone in the store caught me.  My phone camera ain’t worth squat!  That’s why I carry my camera, though.

I was soooo eager to share these with you!  Now I have a group that understands this hobby, compulsion, obsession, whatEVER you want to call it.  Yippee!!

I’ll take a photo later of my haul.  Gosh, I had to exercise sooo much restraint.  I promised myself I would be back later and add to my collection.  However, I did get a few.  Looking forward to sharing that with you later tonight or tomorrow.  I even bumped a NOTD and a mineral makeup review to get this on the blog.

Have I made you drool?  How soon are you going to start CVS-ing to look for these yourself?  Am I just a magpie? 😉

Painted Lady Fingers CA Dreamin’ Givaway

The lovely Painted Lady Fingers is hosting a Nubar giveaway.  I have yet to try any Nubar polishes but man, do I want to!!! 

Not only does Painted Lady Fingers  have the best giveaway, she has a down right awesome blog.  Here’s a picture of the giveaway:

Now, who wouldn’t want this stash of goodies? Count me in on this beach time fun!

Capturing A Caterpillar

I have been very eager to show off this nail polish that I have been rockin’ all weekend.

This is Caterpillar by BB Couture.  This is my first BBC and I have been wanting to try this brand since reading reviews about it all over nail blog world.  Seeing that this Caterpillar is from the Butterfly Collection, it is a very appropriate place to start.

This photo gives you an idea of the gold glimmer suspended in this yummy, creamy green.  When I first saw this polish, it made me think of green on an aloe vera plant.  And when I caught a glimpse of that gold glimmer, I made haste to take off the NOTD I had on and replace it with this Caterpillar!

I was expecting good things from this premium  polish.  And it did NOT disappoint!  This polish was almost perfect with one coat, two coats WAS perfect and no top coat necessary.  In fact, I put a Seche Clear on the middle finger and, though you can’t quite see it here, I felt that the Seche actually dulled the supreme shine this polish presents all by itself!  It does say it is a ‘4-In-1 Formula’ and it holds true to that proclamation.

The bottle is easy to hold while using.  The bristles are long, hold together and are flexible.  The top is large enough to easily apply the polish.

It’s been 2 days since I put this polish on and there is nothing but love for this little bug.  It wears like nobody’s business.  That shine is still there after several household chores.

This color and brand are everything I had hoped it would be.  To capture it in one word: quality.  So, this is my first BB Couture; by no means my last.

This product was supplied to me by Kim Snyder at  for my honest opinion and review.

Vibrant Point of View Explains Base Coats

Vibrant Point of View has a very educational blog.  After reading this fine article of hers, jump over to her blog and check it out.

Back to Basics: Base Coat

I think it is amazing that so many women out there love painting their nails, but are completely unaware of the importance of using a base coat. I admit that I was one of these women not so long ago! And so, I’m writing this post to highlight the reasons why a base coat is a crucial step in beautifying your nails!

Why do I need a base coat?

The two main reasons for using a base coat are to protect your nails and ensuring a smoother, longer lasting manicure.

If you have natural nails, a base coat can replenish nails that are brittle and dry, restoring the moisture that nails need in order to be healthy. This in turn promotes healthier nails, and prevents breakage and other damage, including splitting and peeling.

Dark shades of nail polish can stain the nail, as well as seep into the nail bed and discolour your nails. Blue, black, or bright red and pink nail polishes are most likely to do this. Applying a base coat can prevent this from occurring. The base coat is a shield of protection from this kind of damage.

Base coat lengthens the life of nail colour by forming a molecular bond between the nail plate and the polish layer. It provides a smoother, more receptive surface for the nail polish to adhere to, while filling in the lines and creases in the nail.

When using a base coat, you will truly notice a difference in the ease of the application as well as a longer lasting manicure with far less chipping and peeling!

Types of base coats available –

I highly recommend you stay away from products that claim to be a 2 in 1 base coat/top coat. Both are formulated to do two different jobs and it makes no sense to use the same product for both jobs!

Base coats come in standard and ridge-filler varieties. Standard base coats are usually clear, but can also come in a thicker formula with a milky appearance. They can also have agents to thicken your natural nails or reduce splitting and peeling. Ridge-filling base coats are thicker than regular base coats. They fill in any lines, ridges and grooves to give the nails a smoother looking appearance. I have seen these sold in white and pink.

What base coat do I use?

I am currently using inm ClearBond Base Coat. It is a fantastic product that is clear, and dries fast! I cannot find fault in it at all, so I highly recommend it! It comes in two sizes, the standard 15ml/0.5oz bottle or the 73ml/2.5oz bubble bottle.

Other base coats that inm provide are, MilkyBond Base Coat and RidgeFree Ridge Filler available in pink and white.
Eventually I will have all of these on offer at OZtion and MakeupAlley for anyone that would like a recommended base coat.

Although it may seem like a hassle at the time, please get into the habit of using a base coat, because it will definitely save you time in the long run! You won’t have to re-paint chipped nails as often if you don’t wish to, and will help you avoid stained nails if you decide that electric blue or fire-engine red isn’t really your thing after all!

Posted by Vibrant V