It Isn’t Easy Being Green (and Cheap)

You truly do, at times, get what you pay for.  Not always, but sometimes.  This is the case here…

A green called ‘Lost Paradise’ by Jade.  Looks pretty in the bottle. (OK, I’m not great about using self-tanner on my feet.  Thus, they look ‘sick’.)  The color is a yellowish-green and you can tell, right away, that it’s going to be watery.

And I have 4 coats on here!  Still the polish wouldn’t become opaque.  Not really a hard worker.  Sort of like someone who tries to be your friend but just can’t come through.  I’m trying to figure out what to do with a polish that just plain sucks.

See?  Wouldn’t this have been a pretty color if it would have been more friendly?  But I got it at the nail supply store and this was on the cheap wall.  This was a $1 or 2.  Yep, you get what you pay for, in this case. 

What’s your advise on this loser?

It’s Purple; It’s Glitter; It’s Mine

There are two collections of nail polishes in my home office.  I have a large (and growing) stash of new polishes to review.  The other stash is a large (and growing) group of polishes that I have tried on and now need to post.  Both stashes are trying to outdo the other. 

My love for Milani polishes goes back several years.  And when they came out with these glittery ones, I was more than excited.  I don’t remember what the collection was called but, in my mind I call it ‘The Computer Collection.’

Here’s why; I present ‘’…

Purply with some copper and silver-flashing micro-glitter. 

As you may notice, this polish has two different personalities between outside light and inside.  The photo of the bottle gives the best representation of the true color.  And that one was taken outdoors.

This is with 2 coats.  Before finished off with Seche Vite, it had a bit of a gritty feel.  Plus, it wasn’t really as shiny.  It did take 2 coats of color because that first one can always be streaky for me.

Even though it wasn’t perfect, it was a great color for me.  I think it gave me flashbacks of the early ’80’s. 

How’s your ‘glitter appeal?’  If you have, do you find that it is sort of like a duochrome? 

Falling for Fall’s Gold

To me, it seems way too early to start wearing fall fashions.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fall!  But when it’s 109 degrees here in Orlando, FL, I’m having difficulty conjuring up thoughts of pumpkins and light sweaters.

However, this still did NOT stop me from buying a fall collection(s) of nail polish.

I picked this up about 2 weeks ago at Icing…

 (Gushing!) I snapped this one up in a hurry.  Since nail blogging, I’ve learned to ‘strike while the iron is hot!’  And that’s what this collection is: HOT!  A 5 mini bottle fall collection that is as sweet as a caramelized pear!

From left to right; a shimmery gold, a creamy apple green, creamy burnt orangy-red, a smoky plum cream, and finally creamy sienna polish.

Libby said she’d model the gold polish for me.  But she tired pretty quick.  I did get a really cool photo from her.  Yes, her coat is really that soft!

This collection didn’t name their beauties.  So, it’s a good thing I like to make up names for them.

This is Fall’s Gold…

This last photo is a very true to life show of the color.  I’m more of a shimmery, glimmery, shiny girl.  That’s why I picked this one first.  It’s a gold that shimmers gold.

 It was fun wearing this one for a few days.  I did get a chunk off one nail after 3 days.  Other than that, the wear was decent.  I did a BC, 1 Seche Clear, 2 colors, 1 Seche Clear and Seche Vite to finish.

Does this Fall’s Gold look like fall?  And, what do you think of this special edition from Icing?  I like the gold best, without trying the others yet, but which one do you like?
And, are you ready for fall?  Man, I am…but then only a few of you may be at my age where cooler weather is a godsend!!! ;p

I’m Lashing Out

You know what a good friend is?  It’s someone who will see you struggling and lend you a hand.  That’s what Blix did for me.  She read my post about fussing with false eyelashes.  She said she puts the adhesive on her eyelid, THEN puts the lashes on.  Ta ha!!!  I did it!  It worked like a charm. 🙂  Thanks, Blix.  Click on her name and you can jump over to her blog.  She makes makeup look easy and beautiful.

I tried this tip with these super sexy Revlon lashes…

See that Precision Lash Adhesive?  I love it even more using Blix’s tip.  This adhesive is like an eyeliner so, it was easy to just swipe some of it along as I would with eyeliner.

The lashes are Revlon’s Beyond Natural, Natural Defining lashes in black.  Can you see that the lashes are shorter on the inside and then get longer towards the outside?

Warning: here’s my eye, I have on shadow, liner but no mascara, the before the lashes…

And now with the Revlon lashes…

Whoa!  These lashes are an eye-opener in more ways than one.  I love it!!

I used my tweezers and an orangewood stick to help put them in place.  But it was so much easier this time. 

Do you think I did not feel saucy the rest of the day!

I had lots of fun wearing these.  And, since using the Precision Lash Adhesive (which is made by Revlon too), it was easy to look saucy.  🙂  OK, the sunlight was bright, I couldn’t help to squint even with my eyes closed!  But I was batting them lashes for the rest of the day.

Does wearing false eyelashes make you feel sexy, saucy, flirty?

Revlon Beyond Natural False Eyelashes and Precision Lash Adhesive was provided by Revlon for my review and honest opinion.

What Color Would You Wear On Vacation to the Overlook Hotel?

Another pic of the

Lloyd: How are things going, Mr. Torrance?
Jack Torrance: Things could be better, Lloyd. Things could be a whole lot better.

CVS is probably going to have some of those beauty clearance items until they are all gone.  But when it started, I nabbed me some of the Sally Hansen’s Lacquer Shine in those dark, gothy colors.  In fact, I visited a CVS last week and they still had several of all the colors.
Today I present to you, as a pedi, ‘Shining’….

Toes don’t usually bother me, but these toes, eeeeekkkk!
Nevertheless, Shining is a dark, vampy burgundy.  This is my favorite of all type of burgundy.  Yet there is a flash of purple going on amongst the burgundy.  I tried to capture it here…

I’m going to say this was standard issue Sally Hansen.  The brush was thin and long.  The polish dried quickly and got glumpy when I didn’t polish fast enough.  It stayed on my toes until the next pedi, about 4 days.  I would like this better on my finger nails, and would love to wear this for the fall/winter season.

Did you get in on these for 75% off?  I had a $1 off coupon so I was snagging these for $.75!!
And, do you love to wear vampy polish?

Fantasy False Eyelashes

With this posting, I really hope you all will be nice to me; I am out of practice with putting on false eyelashes.  OK?

Yikes!!! Naked eyes!!!  If you notice the liner, it’s permanent liner, that wasn’t too permanent.  That’s a whole ‘nother subject for another day.   So, naked lids…oh, wait…there is some shadow primer going on here.

Now I’m pinked and purpled out.   I felt inspired by Phyrra who does some of the best eye looks.  So, this is my look without mascara or the falsies.

And here are the falsies.  These are from Revlon and they are the Fantasy Lengths. This set is called ‘Lush.’  These are black and there are four sets of these baby-width lashes.  There is a little tube of lash glue with it, as well.

I was ‘wild’ and did two on each eye. (chuckling at that!)   I used Revlon’s Precision Lash Adhesive as the glue instead of the little tube.  The Precision Lash Adhesive is like an eyeliner and you dab it onto the falsies.  It has an iridescent color but dries clear.  And it was easy as pie to use.

I used my tweezers and an orange stick to wrangle the lashes in place.  I fully admit I am not at all an expert with putting on false eyelashes.  I used to wear them in my 20’s (just a couple of years ago! cough…cough) and got pretty good at it.  For whatever reason, I got away from it.  Yet, I have always felt that false eyelashes were gorgeous and makes the eye look ‘Lush’ and more open.  You can see that part on me.

After putting on the lashes, I put on some mascara and then combed the falsies into my own lashes.  And there they stayed.

The lashes are beautiful to look at, all lined up in their package.  I love the ‘vampy’ look of these.  I think it is more noticeable that they are fake because the photo is up so close.  But when I looked from a regular distance, I loved them a LOT!  And the Precision Lash Adhesive…pure genius!!

I realize I didn’t take pictures of the products.  I have a couple more pairs of lashes to play with and I’ll take pictures of them all then.  That and this cool adhesive tube.  I know I’m better with long strips of false lashes, but I just had to dig in and try these fantasy lengths.  First you play, then you get better! 

If you photo your eye/look of the day, how in the hell do you do it???  I snap the camera, quickly turn it around to see the image before it goes back to the live view.  That’s hard!  I’ll put it on the list of other things that I need to practice. 🙂  How’d you like this post?  Shall I photo more, talk less?  How do you do with applying false lashes…any tips?

The false lashes and the adhesive were supplied to me by Revlon for my review and honest opinion.

Painted Lady Fingers Diamond Polish Giveaway

Diana, owner of Painted Lady Fingers, is having another GREAT giveaway!  Painted Lady Fingers soooo knows how to rock giveaways!
Look here.

Here are the 12 fall colors and one nail treatment as a prize.  But wait!  There’s more!! You are also going to pick another 7 colors too.  Run over and sign up.

Comparison with Mega’s ’10’ and ‘Confetti’ brands

Back in early June, I found a couple of new nail polish brands.  Check it out here.  And though it’s been thought that there isn’t anything new with these two brands and they are all cremes, I’m OK with that.  The prices, at $1.99 and $3.99, were right.

I haven’t taken the time, and, have the depth of polishes to do dupe postings.  But I saw an opportunity with ’10’ and ‘Confetti.’  It seemed there were some dupes within the display, so I made a purchase.  Not only did I want to compare the colors but also the formulas as well.

Here we have 10 with #449 label on top and ‘From Paris With Love’ (listed on back) and Confetti’s Crimson Cutie.  This photo, taken outside, makes them look pretty damn close in color.  Maybe the Crimson Cutie is a bit more shimmery???

Now in this photo, they really do look similar.

Here they are on my nails.  I won’t make you guess which one is which.  That gives my brain a cramp!!  The #449 is on the thumb, middle and pinky.  Crimson Cutie is on my index and ring finger.  The ring and pinky look identical, to me.

#449 could be a bit deeper.  As far as the formulas, Confetti is just a little bit thinner.  However, it wasn’t HUGELY noticeable.   As a note, I have on BC, Seche Clear, 2 coats of color, 2 coats of Clear and 1 of Seche Vite.

Here’s my ‘duh’ move; I was going to alternate the colors opposite on my right hand.  However, I watch TV when I polish, obviously entrenched in watching ‘Operation Repo!’  I polished only the middle finger with #449.

Trying to have an objective opinion, comparing them visually, was hard.  I asked Mr. Kimberly if he could tell which nails were painted differently.  Another ‘duh’ moment; Mr. Kimberly is blue/green color blind!!

Quite honestly, the photos show more of a color difference than they do in real life.  The lasting power of both was the same despite the thicker and more pliable formula of ’10.’ 

My recommendation would be to get the cheaper, Confetti.  The look and wearability are the same for both.  I’d only recommend the ’10’ over Confetti if you are particular about the smoothness of the polish going on.

 I know that I’ll pick the Confetti brand, if there are dupes, between the two.  Not that big of a difference to make a difference.  Just the prices.  Give me your thoughts.