Sweetified Swoonicated Slobbery Swatching

It is just not fair.  Nope, not at all.  Photos just cannot capture the scrumpdelishiousness of Orly’s Galaxy Girl.

The second one is indoor lighting and you can see some of the blue specklies in this purpleness.

I try to do posts of my manicures in the order I have done them.  I will make exceptions.  This was one that moved right to the head of the pack.  It was just that fabulousy!

Even outside in the sun, it is way WAY prettier in person.  And with Seche Clear and Vite on top, you’d think one could just dive right into a sea of awesomesauce.  Then just wallow in the turquoiseity of the blue speckles.

There is a hint of the blue micro-glitter peeking out in this shot.  So, do you think it’s a bad thing to fall in love with your own nails?  I did use my right hand for these photos as my left middle finger is a recovering nub.  And I’m too stubborn to trim the other ones to match.

Just a reminder that I have a giveaway going on til September 4, Saturday.  Hop over to here and enter.  If you do, then you are alacrity in all ways.  (Now that’s a REAL word!)

Yes, It Is Time For A Giveaway!!!

Giveaways HAVE got to be one of the highlights of blogging.  I’m just about as excited to hold a giveaway as I am in winning one.  It’s fun anticipation (sorry, no youtube song clip on that song…I hate it! :p )

One of the fun things I anticipate is the new fragrance releases by Bath and Body Works.  The newest one is ‘Dark Kiss.’  Gosh, I wish we had  smellavision or scratch and sniff blogs.  heee hee!  However, B&BW is capitalizing on the vampire lovefest we have been enjoying. 

With that theme in mind, here is my next giveaway…

Yea, I bet you wish there was ‘smellavision’ now!!!  Or, maybe you already have had a chance to check this new one out.  It was supposed to be released on August 30, but I got wind that the company was going to put it out on Friday, yesterday.  I was there that morning before they sold out.

So while I was shopping for me, I was shopping for you, as well.  And, I was playing with my new photo box.  The bottles wouldn’t stand up well in the box, as the bottom was curved.  Grrrr….So I just used the lights.  If you look closely, I think there is something else peaking out behind one of the bottles.

This giveaway is for a bottle of Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Shower Cream and a bottle of Triple Moisture Body Cream.  Both in the new ‘Dark Kiss’ fragrance.  The fragrance is listed as ‘a tempting blend of black raspberry, maribelle plum, amber, dark vanilla bean and sensual balsam.’  They must have concocted just the right formula because I don’t even like raspberries.  Now, I have reason to!

Here’s the mandatory guideline for the giveaway:
1) You must be a follower of my blog, so let me know how you are following, in a post, along with your email address.  1 Entry

Extra Entries:
2) Share this giveaway on your blog, with a link here, and put the link in the comments. 
1 Entry
3) Share this giveaway, with a link here, on your Facebook account.  1 Entry
4) Tweet this giveaway and let me know you did in a comment.  1 Entry
5) Extra, Extra point…tell me what movie I went to see on Friday, 8/27.  1 Entry

There’s a chance for a total of 5 entries.  Giveaway entries will be accepted until September 4, Saturday, 10 PM EST. Everyone in the world can enter.  I’ll use random.org to determine the winner.  Upon picking a winner, I’ll email you with the happy news.

Any questions or comments, you can email me, always, at libbyspinkvanity(at)gmail.com
Did you notice the prizes are PINK!!!

I Found My Silver Lining

My first nail polish was a Sally Hansen’s.  I’m sure it was one of my Mom’s.  My Mom used to have the most glamorous and long nails.  Gosh, I wish my scanner would work on my printer because I’d love to show you a photo of my mom…her senior photo.  She’s simply beautiful.  And I ended up looking like Dad!  No fair!!!

So, Sally’s Hansen has a looonngggg history.  And, fortunately, they have kept up with the times.  When the new limited collection of their Complete Salon Manicure came out and, after I snagged all the ‘Hidden Treasures’ I could find, I got this one next…

This is ‘Silver Lining.’  Right off, the photos do not show a true, accurate representation of this polish.  In real life, the sparkles are rich and iridescent in a silver base.  It looks like it could be watery, but it wasn’t.  Not quite.

Ah, that’s a better photo!  But sadly, I only took one of it as my pedicure.  I have no reason why.  Maybe I just forgot. :/

I’ll definitely swatch this one again as a manicure.  It’s a new favorite even though it is a lighter color.

And, along with this look, I did a manicure.  Here’s a polish that isn’t quite so bad for a cheapy, nail supply polish…

This photo shows the orange shimmer in this polish.  It has, what I would label,  a bright coral base.

Not a photo rich blog this time.  I guess I didn’t want any overkill on photos, this time.  Hmmmm….

So, I’ll wrap up by saying that this brand is ‘Cleopatra’ and the name of this shimmery coral is ‘Reconcilable Indifference.’  That’s a fun play on words.  This polish wasn’t a total wash-out like other cheapy, nail supply polishes.  It actually did OK with 2 coats.  It’s a bit watery but came out to my liking.

And my Mom is still one of the most beautiful women I know.

Have you ever bought a cheap polish that you ended up loving?  Can you actually get the owner of a nail supply shop to sell to you, even without a nail license?

Thank You for the ‘Please Stand By’ Moment

Are you old enough to remember when television stations would either lose their reception or would go off the air after midnight?  They would have this ‘test pattern’ on the screen or, if they were finished with the shows, play the National Anthem.  This was WAY before cable TV!

If I would have had a photo of that test pattern, I would have had it up on my blog for the past couple of days.  My comment section was messed up.  And all I wanted to do was change templates. :/

Thanks to fiverr.com I got the problem solved for…you guessed it….FIVE BUCKS!!!!

My hubs has been telling me about this site for months.  I like to ‘fix’ stuff myself, when I can.  But this comment thingy was over my head.  Does anyone really know HTML???  Obviously I don’t.  But hey, why would I need to learn it when I can spend a fortune, of $5, to have someone else do the dirty work!!

A very special thank you to my dear followers who took the time to email me a heads up.   It’s very sweet to know that there are some makeup sisters looking out for me. 🙂

Take it from Libby; when life gets you frazzled, NAP!

Orchids Oil for Shine and Moisture

Overallbeauty has added a new product to their growing list of offerings.  The new haircare product is Orchids Oil by White Sands.

Orchids Oil is an oil that is all-around perfect for dry hair that also has frizz, fly aways and is in need of shine.   This clear oil has no artificial pigments or dyes in it.  It has more of a serum consistency rather than that of an oil.  With that, it allows for a smooth application into the hair.  A small drop or two, rubbed between the hands and massaged into the hair is all it takes.

My poor, dried out hair.  Since November, it has been through a lot.  Almost any process you can do to ones’ hair, it has been through.  Even though I have lots of hair, it is thin.  And sadly, I was abusing it.  Orchids Oil has come to its rescue.  And my hair was in dire need of a life raft.

    (This photo reflects some of the items I received to review.  The other items do not come with Orchids Oil.)

First thing you know I did; smell it.  That was a pleasant surprise waiting to happen.  The fragrance is light and smells like lilacs.  Not only was I going to love having this fragrance in my hair but I also knew I would be using it as a perfume oil.  It smells that good.

Since Orchids Oil can be used on both dry and wet hair, I was eager to try it out.  When I poured a couple of drops into my hand, I was careful in tipping the bottle because I knew it was an oil.  However, it came out as a serum and didn’t pour out overly fast.  It’s not thick like honey though.  Very easy to dispense.  My only wish about this product is that it had a stopper so you could dispense just one or two drops without fear of pouring too much out.

It only took one drop smoothed along the top of my head to see that Orchids Oil isn’t heavy,as long as you use just a tad in getting those fly away hairs under control.  Even though I have dry hair, I’m still prone to frizz in this Florida heat.  And because dry hair doesn’t have much shine, this gave it a healthy shimmer without flattening my hair into a greasy mess.

Next, I used it on wet hair after a shower.  Now Orchids Oil really became my new BFF.  My hair drank it in.  Made it instantly soft.  And, even though it sounds cliche, it was more manageable.  Orchids Oil not only helps with detangling (and my hair rivals the wiring behind my computer) but helps protect it from thermal stress and damage.  That means that the blow dryer is not quite the nemesis it was before on my hair.

As I, uh hem, get older, my perfectly balanced skin is starting to get drier.  One of the banes of that is it makes the skin more likely to get wrinkles.  Horrors!!!  Who wants wrinkles??  Put some moisturizer on the skin and it will keep you glowing for a long time.  Saves you money on botox too.  I replaced my regular night cream with Orchids Oil.  With a light application, my skin absorbed the oil without a heavy, oily feel.  Just plain soft.

Orchids Oil comes in a cobalt blue bottle, known to keep UV rays from breaking down the oil.  This bottle is .34 fluid ounces.  Of course, a little will last you a long time.  And a real bonus, Orchids Oil is just $5 for this size!!  The full size, 3 oz, at $15, is still an amazing value.  Personally, I am amazed that something of this high quality can be so affordable.  Makes it way easier to tell you that I will continue to use this product, my new BFF.

This product was given to me by Overallbeauty to use and review.  This review is my honest and personal opinion.

A Giveaway is on the Way

Ooohhhh…I just spent way more time futzing around my blog just now.  I really, really want to know what YOU write!  So comment section HAD to be in place.  I hope it’s working now.

Ugh!  I mustn’t eat hub’s brownies!!!!!!

Now that I have collected myself, I wish to make an announcement:
I will be setting up a giveaway next week. 
I’m formulating a theme to make it fun too, because FREE stuff is fun!!!

Dude, Where’s My Decade?

There are some colors that just scream to be a ‘toes’ color.  Or, at least, my toes scream for particular colors.  Purple is one of them. 

Purple is Pink’s cousin.  First removed.  My hubs often has flashbacks to the ’60’s and will just start singing ‘Purple Haze.’  Then he fancies off to singing ‘Sunshine Superman.’  Yea, he’s a dude of the ’60’s.  You know love beads, early Beatles, Woodstock…you get the picture.

Anyhoo, if I had been trippin’ back in the ’60’s, I bet I would have worn purple flowers in my hair.  But, alas, I started kindergarten instead.  I did like to color with my purple crayon!  Now that I’m all grown up, I still color with purple…

My purple of choice for my toes: Milani’s 3D Holographic in ‘Hi Res.’  Super glittery.  Totally fun.  It took 3 good coats for this to get funky on my toes.  So if you think you want some purple glitter but not one that will knock your sandals right off you feet, this one is rad.

The solitaire of the polish is pretty smack on as far as the color.  And as you can see, it’s still light in shade after 3 coats.  That’s OK with me.  I like the softness of this super glittery purple.

Milani has some very cool colors in their Holographic 3D collection.  Or, maybe I should say they are ‘groovy.’  There will always be room on the Pink Vanity for Cousin Purple.

Now you’ll have to excuse me.  My hippie dippy hubs says his brownies are done.

What color do your toes scream for?  How about purple glitter; got room for it on your vanity?  Do you like brownies?

Pretty in Pixel Blue

The trend of lots of glitter, shimmer and sparkles has me reeling.  I love it!!!

I was shopped with my sister and I asked her if she remembered when we used to make fun of older women trying to look younger.  They would have a young sense of style, they would wear their makeup a bit heavy and more than likely, they would be wearing something shiny or glittery.  My sis gave me a suspicious side-ways look and said “Yeeesss?”  I broke down and cried “I’m one of them!!!!”  To which she exclaimed “Well, I am too!”  I felt better.  Instantly.  Because she’s a grandmother and I am not.  Baaahaaahaaa!

Yes.  I will always pick on my younger sister.  She’s come to expect it.

I expected to fall for any nail polish hawking a ‘High-Def’ look.  But I didn’t expect Sally Hansen to have so many in their ‘High-Definition’ collection. 

Here is one I picked, Pixel Pretty….

Shiny as all get-out.  I mean, I can see the sun reflecting off this polish.  It is a little bit watery, so this manicure (why did I have to retype that word twice because I kept typing ‘manure’??) needed 3 coats.  I have the regular 2 coats of Seche Clear with the Seche Vite topping it all.

In the sunny window you can see some brush streaks as well as some VNL.  And this is two days of wear so there shows some tip wear.   However, I do love this Pixel Pretty.

So, if you are out and about and you happen to run across a ‘mature’ woman sporting a ‘younger’ style, just remember: Karma can come back and get you too.  And watch out for the Freudian slips, as well.

Do you think when you get ‘older’ that you will dress and style any way you damn well please?  Are you refusing to look like someone’s grandma?  Does wearing blue make you happy?

A Day At The Office With a Mermaid

Whilst nail polish blogging is fun, it quickly turns into an addiction.  Or, maybe it’s an obsession.  Workout DVDs have been my addiction for almost 8 years.  Even though I started using them back in the ’80’s, I leaped off with it in full bravado exactly one day after getting married.  And I have/had a lot of fun jumping on various fitness band wagons.

As I had blogged here, American Apparel is all new to me.  But not anymore!  They sell 1 bottle for $6, 3 bottles for $15.  Yes, you are right; it made better sense to get the 3/$15!!  Surprise.

Nope. I could NOT leave well-enough alone.  First of all, I used American Apparel’s ‘Office.’  Not sure why they chose ‘Office’ as the name.  Looks more like kitchenware from 1950’s era.  It’s a creme polish that doesn’t have a lot of shine on its own.  It’s sort of turquoise, sort of blue-ish green.  I know I don’t have anything like this in my stock, though.  It is much greener than China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey.’  I just got that one and will soon swatch it.  But even with the two next to each other, there is no duplicate.

Then I started to play with this mani.  I tried out my China Glaze Matte.  Now it looks like some vinyl covering on a bar stool from my hometown drug store!  I wanted to jazz it up so I whipped out the ‘makes every polish better’ Sally Hansen’s ‘Hidden Treasure.’  Ah, that put some piss in the pizazz!

Hidden Treasure with Office (just for kicks, a Hidden Treasure in my Office would be finding that the stapler works on the first try) reminds me of a mermaid.

Gosh, I’ve trimmed my nails since I did this manicure.  I miss them too.  Stupid broken nail!!!  I sure wish my fingernails could be has hard as my biceps. 😉

Got some polish that you have to pizazz?  Do you agree that Hidden Treasure makes a lot of so-so colors better, and good colors great!?

My Life According to Google

A game, using Google, has been creating some fun in blog world.  I learned about it from Kitschy Suburbia.  Megan owns this blog and it is one of my favorites.  She has an eclectic blog, so I never know what will be up next.  And when I read her post where she played this game, I laughed so hard I really think I pulled something!!!

Type in the following, and choose from the first description found…Be honest, don’t just pick one out to be funny! 🙂

1: Type in “(name) needs” in the Google search:
Kimberly needs to continue to sit in the waiting area.
Yea, that’s the story of my life, right there!

2: Type in “(name) looks like” in the Google search:
Kimberly looks like $h!+.
Well, thanks a lot!

3: Type in “(name) hates” in Google search:
Kimberly hates Bush so intensely for the US president’s less-than-Hamlet-like psychology, for his inability to wrestle with life’s more complex moral ambiguity.
Definitely written by a long-winded journalist.
But, what was funny was that the next one would have been from another Kimberly on another blog and what SHE hated! 🙂

4: Type in “(name) goes” OR “(name) has gone” in Google search:
Kimberly goes back on.
I guess I was ‘off’ before.

5: Type in “(name) loves” in Google search:
Kimberly loves you and will meet you in your sleep and dreams.
Sounds a bit like stalking…or, a bad threat.

6: Type in “(name) eats” in Google search:
Kimberly eats almost an entire red velvet cake, and washes it down with milk.
Ratted out!!!

7: Type in “(name) has” in Google search:
Kimberly has been diagnosed with a liver disease, a condition not taken lightly.
Good heavens!!

8: Type in “(name) works” in Google search:
Kimberly works in oil.
At one time, I did oil paint.

9: Type in “(name) lives” in Google search:
Kimberly lives in the Memphis, TN area, is blissfully married and has three awesome kids.
I did live in Memphis, but not married.  And I don’t have kids, must less AWESOME kids.

10: Type in “(name) died” in Google search:
Kimberly died of exposure and hypothermia.
That’s what I get for wishing to live in a cooler part of the country. :/

11: Type in “(name) does” in Google search:
Kimberly, does my outfit make my ‘fro look big?
Do you want it to look big?

12: Type in “(name) will” in Google search:
Kimberly will run through their top-ten database maintenance recommendations with lots of tips and tricks along the way.
I hope I know what I’m doing.

13: Type in “(name) is” in Google search:
Kimberly is blind.
That’s why I had Lasiks. 8)

Naw.  I don’t have anything even remotely as funny as Megan’s.  You have to just go read hers.

And, this photo came up under ‘Kimberly loves’, but I promise, this is NOT me…

 Nor is this one me…