I Created Visions of Sugar Plums

We have enjoyed a quite, tranquil holiday weekend at home.  Just me, hubs and the two cats.
And I have got a lot of swatching done.  It wasn’t work at all.  More like playing.

I wanted to try a green polish and use ‘Hidden Treasure’ over it, then matte it.  I think most of my readers will truly understand how these combinations will just pop into your head.  Well, at least they do for me.  In fact, some nights I fall asleep coming up with creations and then dream about them. 

So, I dug in the unswatched pile, and found Ulta’s ‘Jaded.’  Perfect, I wanted to try a green that wasn’t from a Holiday collection.

This is frosty with some shimmer in it.  You can’t see that shimmer in the photo.  It’s very minuet.  Boy, the first 2 coats of this were watery.  So on the third one, I went a bit thicker to get it to be opaque.

My polishing was great, for me.  But the ugliest cuticles ever, kill the look.  I’m not got to apologize for them.  I’m going to take action about making them over. 

All my photos here are indoor lighting.  I’m right at my desk and just loved the light at the moment.

Now for the flakies.  I was going to do this all with Sally Hansen’s ‘Hidden Treasure.’  But as I dug in my unswatched stack, I found an Essence’s ‘Space Queen’.  I know they are not even close, but I wanted to see what they’d look like side by side.

‘Hidden Treasure’ is on thumb, middle and pinky.  ‘Space Queen’ is on index and ring finger.  As you can see, ‘Hidden Treasure’ is a flakey.  ‘Space Queen’, she’s an iridescent glitter.  Both give a nice winter Holiday feel.  But I wasn’t done with my creative madness.

You’ve heard that song by The Stones, ‘Paint It Black’?  It goes, “I see a red door and I want to paint it black.”  Just what in the hell does that mean???  Well, I see a pretty color and I want to paint it matte.

Mattified!  Index is ‘Space Queen’ and ring finger is ‘Hidden Treasure.’

And here is my entire left hand alternating.  And a very BIG DRATS!  I have a tear on the outside of my thumb nail.  Grrrr!!!  Before nail blogging, I would have just chopped it off.  But, heck, my nails are so close to being uniform.  sigh

Sparkles or matte?  Hidden Treasure or Space Queen?

And, I would like to share with you, my Ultimate Favorite Christmas song: Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Canon.

Party Hearty Steals My Heart

This has been one of the biggest pleasant surprises of the Holiday.  Here’s China Glaze’s ‘Party Hearty’…

No cute build up before I reveal the finished work.  Here it is right off the bat.  I layered ‘Party Hearty’ over a French white tip by OPI.  The surprise is that the red glitter are teeny stars!  In a clear base it is mixed with different sizes of green glitter.

This is one I so would have grabbed out of my mother’s hand if it was the last bottle.  But I would have quickly remarked ‘But we can share!’

I worked on this one different ways…

I got this French white tip polish in a French mani set from OPI.  I realllllly wish nail polish makers could make all their polishes in this size bottle.  One, I could pretty much be sure I’d use up all the polish, two, I wouldn’t end up with globby, gunky polish near the end and three, I think the prices would come down.  More for everybody!!!

This is the experiment.  On the thumb and middle finger, just ‘Party Hearty’ all by itself.  To see if I could enhance the pizzazz, I used the OPI white on the index and ring finger.  On the little finger I put on some Orly’s ‘Winter Wonderland’.  I am going to try ‘Party Hearty’ with that one momentarily.  However, this is 2 coats of ‘Party Hearty’ on each nail.

This is Orly’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ and it’s from their Holiday collection as well.  I’m admitting I’m still a novice at calling out types of polishes.  However, I’m loving my education from the blogs I follow.  (Check out who I follow over on the right hand column.)  And I’m going to venture that this is a sheer white base with ultra-micro silver white glitter.  Here’s one thing I am sure of, it’s purdy…

I did just the pinky with this color.  This is with two coats.

Next I put 2 coats of ‘Party Hearty’ over that.  At first, I was concerned that putting on the ‘Winter Wonderland’ and then the ‘Party Hearty’ was going to be over-kill.  (Yes, smarties, I do know what over-kill is!!!)  But you can see, that using ‘Winter Wonderland’ isn’t any different than my middle finger with no undercoat.  I guess ‘Winter Wonderland’ will have to go on as its sheer self.  Or, an overlay.

Of course, it was a bear to take off!  But I think it is a very Holiday ‘Party’ manicure.

All this glitter too over the top for you? 

Winner of the Glitter Giveaway

I had Sebastian (aka Sabbie), Libby’s real life brother, help me with my drawing tonight.

What?  Who, me?  Do what?  Just play with little bits of paper?

Oh, looky!  I want to tap my paw on them.  They make a funny noise that interests me.

I’m getting one to come out of the pile.  I want to draw it near me so I can bit it!

Shhh…don’t tell Mommy.  I got one that I’m going to chew on in just a moment.

Mommy took away the bit of paper to reveal the WINNER!!!  It’s MISS JACKIE S!!!!

Sabbie says congratulations to Jackie.  He just wants his credit for being the lovely assistant.  I am the doting Mommy; he is just a lovable, adorable bubba.

I sent an email to Jackie to let her know she won.  When I matched up her entry to her post, she wrote that the drawing would be held on her birthday!!!!  So this is quite a surprise for her on her birthday.

Thanks everyone that entered.  I think this was my largest entry giveaway ever.  I’m going to take it that my followers like the items/themes I have as giveaways.  I want you to know that I like having you hang out with me.  Keep hanging around, cuz I have more giveaways to come. 😀

Mrs. Claus Slips Into Something ‘Special’

This song is fun to sing.  Once the Christmas decorations and commercials start showing up, it’s time for me to sing the Christmas anthem.  And out comes the Holiday jewelry.  No Christmas sweaters though!  But I do wear a lot of red.  And that goes for nail polishes.

This is China Glaze’s ‘Mrs. Claus’, one from the Holiday collection.

What an interesting combination of colors.  The base is a medium magenta color.  The micro-glitter is red and silver.  I used 3 coats for this pedi as it was thin and I wanted it opaque, fit for the ‘First Lady of Christmas Spirit’.

Know what Mrs. Claus’ first name is?  If you watch ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ you learn the story about Kris Kringle and when he met JESSICA!

This last photo shows ‘Mrs. Claus’ to be a bit on the orange side.  Not really so.  I think the camera is picking up the gold and washing out the blue hues.  The top photo shows a better representation.

This polish is the one I’d pick if I were wearing high-heel peep toe, sling-backs to a Christmas party.  This red would work with almost any Christmas color from red to green, white and then my favorite; black.  Of course, not your run of the mill little black dress. 😉

I work for myself and the companies I contract with are all in other states.  Then, my husband, he’s retired.   So, there’s no company party there.  I miss those company parties too.  It is the one time of the year I would DECK out!  And if there had been a party to go to this year, I would have taken ‘Mrs. (Jessica) Claus’ with me.

How do you like ‘Mrs. Claus’?  What color of polish will you wear to your Christmas party?

There’s Gold In Them There Toes

There’s always going to be sparkles and glitter and twinkles in makeup during the Holidays.  It’s an international law.  I’ve never been cited.

Today I played with some Holiday colors and glitters. On my finger nails, that’s a sneak peek for the next posting.

First, we have a tale of two golds.  Not meant to be twins.  Surely from the same gold mine, though.  China Glaze’s ‘Midnight Kiss’ is from their current holiday collection.  And the second China Glaze, ‘Medallion,’ which their site lists as a ‘Specialty.’

‘Midnight Kiss’ is a shimmery, buffed gold.  It reminds me of one of the gold colors from Black Hills gold jewelry.  Only took 2 coats to be opaque but not terribly dense.  ‘Medallion’ is an in your face, gold glitter with a bit of iridescent glitter as well.  Can you see that red Sally’s clearance sticker on the ‘Medallion’ bottle?  $4, clearance.

I wanted to swatch as many Holiday colors as I can get in for the next 30 days so I did a pedicure using both of these golds.

Inside light, then outside light.  Here’s what I did.  I alternated each nail with the two colors.  So the big toe on the left foot, it’s ‘Midnight Kiss.’  The big toe on the right foot starts off with ‘Medallion.’

I did two coats of each.  Just one top coat of Seche Clear.  The last photo gives a better representation of the two golds side by side.  ‘Medallion’ may show up again on the blog as an overlay.  But doesn’t the ‘Midnight Kiss’ seem regal?  I like the muted color.  This would be a color I’d love to wear to a Winter evening wedding.

Oh, and I’ve been to the Black Hills.  It’s a beautiful area. 

Which do you like the best; ‘Medallion’ or ‘Midnight Kiss’? 

Twinkle Toes Show For The Giveaway

I’m hosting a giveaway that ends November 27, Saturday, at 10 PM EST.  Click on over there and enter.  There are some gorgeous glitter polishes in this prize.

Many times when I’m out blowing money  shopping, I am on the lookout for items what would make a fun giveaway.  I was really excited about this one.  And rarely usually I will want one of the items for myself.  This polish was one of them…

The boutique ‘Forever XXI (21)’ has some of the cutest clothes, jewelry and cosmetics.  There are 2 huge stores here in Orlando at malls.  Fortunately, I have clients I visit in both of these malls.  I wonder, sometimes, if having clients in retail establishments is a good idea.  That’s because it tends to GIVE me ideas.

This is where I found all the glitter nail polish for my giveaway.  Forever XXI calls their makeup line ‘love and beauty.’  As you can see on the label, they are not expensive and they are gorgeous.  But, do they perform well?  I did a pedicure to test it out.

This particular one is a medium dark purple base that has iridescent micro glitter in it.  The glitter is so tiny I couldn’t tell, easily, if it was a bunch of different colors or all iridescent.

Here, I have put on 3 coats to get to opaque.  3 coats isn’t too bad.  But the negative was that it did puddle around the cuticle.  I don’t know if it would have done that on my finger nails, but I did use some back strokes to even it out.  Albeit, it’s hard to see in the photos, the glitter is noticeable.   I think the middle photo above shows it the best, however, it shows up very much like what you see in the bottle.

I’m glad I got the purple for myself.  Though, I am sorry it just has the name ‘Dark Purple.’  I hope the winner of the giveaway will not only give these a good home but maybe some come up with a few cute names.

Have you entered the giveaway yet?  Whatcha waitin’ for!!!

Taking It To The Matte

Do you know any ‘all or nothing’ types of people?  How about those types that find something new and then just OD on it?  Should you not like those characteristics in a person, well, you might want to just skip over this post.

There has been a lot of ooohhhh’ing and awwwww’ing with the Christmas collections in ‘Nail Whoville.’  And, rightfully so.   I don’t think I’ve changed my (nail) clothes this many times in one day since I was in high school!

Honestly, I wasn’t a ‘wild child’.  I had lots of fun but I wasn’t loose off the line like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.  And, about as ‘out there’ that I got was sporting some red, racy nail polish.  I’m sure I had just one red color and wore it a lot.  I still love to wear red nail polish.  Makes me feel saucy!

Wouldn’t it be blasphemy if a Holiday collection did not have a least one red in it?  Yep, right up there with the Grinch that stole all the red nail polish!  Shutter!  Thankfully, we got reds, and are they saucalicious!!!

This is from Finger Paint’s Holiday collection: Mulberry Madness…

Madness is right.  I went a bit ‘squeee-ing’ over this one.  Don’t know what ‘squeee-ing’ is?  That’s what you do when you find those pair of shoes you have been wanting for 2 months and they are on clearance at 90% off and the only pair left is your size, and you’ve got them!

Indoors or outdoors, this red wins.  This is a dark, fuchsia that has red and lavender/purple micro glitter.  Perfect color for a holiday party.  I have on three coats.  I put a third one on this morning because I had tip wear over night.  No funny business; it just wore off.  I think it was because I used Seche Prep instead of regular alcohol to prep for color.  So, this jelly base polish didn’t wear long. 

Not to worry.  I still wanted to play.  Here’s where the overkill comes in…

Matted.  This has a totally different attitude.  OK, a cat hair got in there.  Ugh…how’d that happen?

Nail polishes, shine or matte, are of no concern when it comes to Libby and Sebastian.

Just one coat of China Glaze Matte Magic.  And it is magical.

Matte shouldn’t be photographed in the direct sunlight.  Naw…it is a softer side of vamp.  It actually deserves candlelight.  Hmmmm…I wonder if I can convince my hubs on that.  I guess not.  It was burrito night.

Do you wear any reds for the Holidays?  Got a favorite one?  What ‘all or nothing’ attitude do you have?

Matte About Mistletoe

I love the legend of Mistletoe.  The Druids used it to ward off evil and illness.  When they harvested it, they would put a white cloth down around the tree to catch the mistletoe.  The mistletoe would lose its magical powers to heal if it touched the ground.  I think the mistletoe of today has touched the ground.  Why is it that the creepiest guy will want to lay one on you when you accidentally stand under it?

I tried on Orly’s “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe’ from their holiday collection…

 It wouldn’t be called ‘Mistletoe’ if it wasn’t green, would it?  Check out the micro-glitter green in that green base!  This one will probably be revisited on St. Patrick’s Day.  Shhhh…don’t tell, just another Pagan holiday in disguise!

Indoor light.  Eeee…tip wear!  Only after a couple of days.  Not so lovely.  So, just focus on the glamour of the color.

High shine!  You can really see that glitter on the nails.  What you see in the bottle is what you get on the nail.  Now, isn’t that how it should always be?

If you want to get a Holiday green, this is one that you can get and just forget about all the rest.  I’m going to show you more in just a minute.

The first coat of ‘Mistletoe’ was watery for me.  I was trying to use the thinnest coat I could, hoping that I could increase the dry time.  After reading and writing nail blogs, I’ve come to not always judge a polish by it’s first coat.  And with that, the second coat of ‘Mistletoe’ came to life.  Smooth, sparkly and deep.  Definitely the good Orly standards in this one.

I liked it so much, I didn’t want to change it out.  But, then like a wicked Christmas Grinch thought, something crept into my brain; I’ll use something else I bought!

China Glaze Matte Top Coat!  I used two coats here.  These are indoors with the sunny window that didn’t have sunshine today.

Outdoors in that overcast light.  So much for sunny Florida today.

Save for the stinkin’ tip wear, I ooh’ed and awe’ed at this transformation.  ‘Mistletoe’ went from sparkly and fun, to a look that was chic and had sophistication.

Good gravy, what am I doing? I’m channeling Dr. Seuss!  It just takes me over and my brain, it’s on the loose!

And, now I have another ‘Mistletoe’ look and I don’t want to take this one off either.  But, there are other kiddies lined up to sit on Santa’s nails.

For not liking matte polishes, I think I’ve come around.  Do you try matte top coats?  This one did some nice things for ‘Mistletoe’, don’t you think?  I bet you still like Dr. Seuss, too!

I Love Virgin Porn!!!!….Wait! I Can Explain!!!

Really, I CAN explain!!! 

This is what the dictionary says about virgin

pure; unsullied; undefiled: virgin snow.

not previously exploited, cultivated, tapped, or used: virgin timberlands; virgin wool.
See, it doesn’t  have to mean something bad. 

Now, porn can also mean:
2. censorious  Also called: porno  pornography publications or broadcasts that demonstrate an unhealthy or voyeuristic interest in a particular subject: property porn ; food porn  
This all boils down to: Fetish.  You should know what that means: 


an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.

any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.
So, there you have it, I am awed to a point of of voyeuristic interest….of unused makeup!!!

An order from NYX I got some time back.  OMG!!!!!  The porn-ish of all…UNUSED LIPSTICK!!!

I had to even make it my desktop photo…
That’s more virgin makeup around it.  Wait!  I have more….LOTS MORE!

Shadows!!!!  Shadows with embossing!  Unspoiled, perfect!!!

Since blogging, I now have an outlet to share my virgin porn.  Before I’d just leave it on my vanity for a long time, drooling over it.  It would break my heart to finally start using it.  The lipstick was the hardest…
 Sets and palettes, I don’t know if I can continue this way!!!

Then Ulta started embossing their shadows…

Maybe you are wondering about nail polish.  Maybe you have already ran away.  Maybe I’ll just explain.  I don’t have the same fetish with a bottle of nail polish as I do with makeup.  However, it does it for me with SETS and COLLECTIONS!!!!!

I just realized that I haven’t taken many photos of nail sets.  But I have them stashed here in my home office.  I have some in my filing cabinet too!  My lovelies!!!  Kept hidden away so they stay untarnished as long as I can stand it.

I really hope you understand.  And if we band together we won’t be looked at like we are different or odd.  I just have a very high regard, and, special love for brand, new makeup.  And now I must add ‘spamming my own blog with virgin porn.’

Weird?  Too ‘out there’?  TMI??


Truth or Dare

Kelly at Vampy Varnish had this questionnaire on her blog.  I like these things because I get to know the person better whose blog I like to follow.  Vampy Varnish is just too cute for words.  So, you’ll just have to go over there and check her out.  Tell her I said ‘Hi’ too!

Read on if you want to snoop on me…

  1. How was your week?  Fairly good.  I worked out every day but today.  I started a new work project about 3 weeks ago.  I’m standing a lot so I’m getting used to that.
  2. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, are you hosting or is someone else? Planning on cooking everything?  When I was a kid, we did up Thanksgiving right.  Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone!  Best memories of my childhood.  Now, it is just me and my husband.  We don’t do anything special.  It’s a regular, laid-back day for us.
  3. What’s on your nails? Only the most awesome Holiday color:  Finger Paint’s ‘Holly Good Time.’
  4. What is your favorite kind of jewelry to wear? Earrings.  I wear one in my tragus and I think it’s cool.
  5. Do you have a favorite “fall” drink?  Hot apple cider.
  6. Ryan Reynolds, Sexiest Man Alive or no?  Hold on.  Let me go look.  Naw.
  7. What are you currently reading?  I’m not currently reading any books.  I know, shame on me.  But I read a lot of magazines; plenty of fitness, some glamour and a couple cooking ones.
  8. Have you ever done anything totally daring, like skydive or bungee jump, etc.?  I wanted to bungee on my 30th birthday.  But, I spent it with my best friend and she said she was not going to let me kill myself .
  9. Have you ever had a crush on a cartoon or otherwise animated character?  No.  That would be weird!
  10. If you are a dog lover, do you prefer large, medium or small breeds?  Originally, I am a dog lover.  I love large dogs and adore German Shepherds.  I had a white one that was beautiful.

OK.  Your turn.