Del Sol’s Christmas Polish: Tinsel Toes

This just in…Holiday Del Sol polish!!!


‘Tinsel Toes!’ I love it! I visited clients that have businesses out at the airport and this is where there is a Del Sol store. Since I found a Halloween polish and I blogged about it here, I stopped in to see if they had any Christmas polishes.

OK, the novelty is neat but I like the colors a lot. The fun of this brand is to show people that haven’t seen it. Kind of like magic!

‘Tinsel Toes’ is a softened gold that is slightly sparkly and understated. It is not an ‘in your face’ flashy gold. These photos were taken in the shade.

Now watch it change…

A little more red….

Getting darker and redder…

And here it is a magical golden red. However, it comes off a bit like a salmon color on the nails. It’s not so noticeable in real life. However, you can see how it makes my fingers look like the infamous ‘lobster fingers’ where the contrast between nail color and flesh tone collide.

I was surprised, and I don’t know why, that this wasn’t more opaque. I have on 2 coats and I just finished there because I knew it would take many more to get it opaque.

So, Del Sol’s ‘Tinsel Toes’ is a more subtle sparkle, and after flashy glitter manis and polishes, it is nice to wear something more demure.

Share with me your thoughts on ‘Tinsel Toes.’

Is Bigger Better For Glitter? What If I Said Flaky Glitter?

I just have to face the facts. I’m going to wake up and it is going to be Jan 2, time to start a new year and new business contracts. That means Christmas and New Year’s Eve will have flown by me and I’ll be sitting here with a lot of Holiday polishes I never got to swatch. So, I better get busy!

Realizing this situation, I dug around the to-be-swatched drawer in the vanity. I was all set to pick out my favorite one and get crackin’. My first choice was China Glaze’s ‘Snow Globe’ from their 2011 winter collection. In staying with the comparison theme, I dug some more and found Cosmetic Arts no-name flaky that is now ‘Super Size Me Flaky’.


‘Snow Globe’ is the perfect name for this polish. You’ll find a mix of holo micro-glitter along with a bit of holo hex glitter.

Sparkle-dazzle holiday. Yes, it does, indeed, look like a snow globe…

I picked this photo because it reminded me of the kid that got double-dog dared to lick a metal pole. You know, from ‘A Christmas Story.’ I can only guess that the little people in this snow globe are playing hide-and-seek.’ But they must really suck at it.

Done digressing…
Cosmetic Arts is missing the fun by not naming their polishes. But, they are giving me some fun. When I first laid eyes on this one, I really did yell out ‘Oh, shit!’ I couldn’t grab this polish fast enough when I found it at Ross’…

I don’t think I have another polish that has flakes this size. Thus, ‘Super Size Me Flaky.’

There was nothing that could suffice to showcase these topcoats other than a rich creme. I picked out ‘Velvet Box’ from China Glaze’s current holiday collection. And, I think this one did the job…

On my thumb, middle and pinky finger, you see ‘Super Size Me Flaky.’ That leaves ‘Snow Globe’ for the index and ring finger. Now tell me, if you had 4 seconds to pause at a red light, wouldn’t you stare at these?


Good grief, those flakes are on steroids. And I was flat out thrilled that this polish applied in a very well-behaved manner. ‘Snow Globe’ was thick and it wanted to bunch up at the tip of the nail. After patience with laying it down and going back over it before it dried, it fell into that scattered look.

I’m gong to play favorites all over this post…


I’m not a fast-food girl; I gave it up 9 years ago. But this is one time I have no regrets at all to ask for a Super Size.

Opinions? Envys? Revulsions?

Guest Blogger Aleya Bamdad: Nutrition For Your Nails

I have, for you today, a guest blogger and writer, Aleya Bamdad. She asked if she could share a piece on health for our nails. I told her it was right up my alley and I thought you, my faithful readers, would enjoy.

Vitamins That Help You Grow Healthy Nails
Giving yourself a weekly manicure, wearing gloves while doing dishes and applying moisturizer are all good ways to take care of your nails. However more important than any of these is the nutrients that you put into your body that make you strong and beautiful from the inside out. Here is a list of vitamins that you should incorporate into your diet to see results.

Vitamin B Complex– When we refer to vitamin B complex we are referring to the entire range of vitamin Bs there are available on the market. This vitamin is very effective in helping you grow healthier, stronger and longer nails so that you will spend more time enjoy them and less time filing away at chipped areas. Taking a dose of B complex helps your body to fight infections so that you have a lesser chance of getting infected by a fungus and an easier time healing form one should you get it.
You can get a good dose of vitamin B by eating lean meats, fish, peppers, spinach and kidney beans.

Biotin– A form of vitamin B which is taken by a lot of people to prevent hair loss, Biotin is also a good friend to your nails. When taken regularly it makes your nails thicker so that they are less brittle and less likely to break.
Biotin is found in foods such as nuts, carrots, eggs and berries.
Calcium– One of the most important supplements that every woman should incorporate into her body after the age of twenty five. Calcium helps not only to strengthen your nails but to help maintain healthy bones as well. If you’re a coffee drinker, try to keep it down to two cups a day because coffee is known to eat away at the calcium in your body.
Calcium is found in cheese, milk and yogurt.

 Vitamin C– Commonly known as a supplement that fights colds, vitamin C isn’t given enough credit for its other attributes. Packed full of antioxidants, vitamin C builds collagen which you need to grow strong, healthy nails.

You can find loads of vitamin C in oranges, strawberries, papayas, dark leafy greens and broccoli.

Vitamin D– Not only is vitamin D good for your skin it’s also good for your nails because it helps you to absorb calcium. While you will get a little bit of it from the sun you should make sure to take vitamins as well because it’s not safe to get too much sun.
Foods rich in vitamin D include fish, milk, orange juice and bran.

Vitamin E– Just as popular as vitamin C, vitamin E is known to have many wonderful qualities that work to improve our beauty regiment. As far as nails go, it helps to make them stronger and grow longer faster.
You can get a healthy dose of vitamin E by eating foods such as nuts, spinach, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

No matter how healthy of a diet you maintain you will never get enough of the vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy. To look and feel your best and have gorgeous nails it’s always important to remember to take your vitamins every day. Good luck and stay beautiful.
This post was written by Aleya who writes the beauty blog for Hair Design Institute which is a Florida beauty college and Long Island Beauty School which has a series of beauty schools in New York

Too Much Glitter? NEVER!!!

These are two spectacular, glitter-over-the-top, polishes I like…

One word to describe: SPARKLE. One word not to describe: boring.

If you were to ask me to pick you out one super sparkly polish, it would be one of these two. It’s only when I see them together that I can make any comparisons, but no preference…

On the left is Icing’s ‘Pop A Bottle’ and, on the right is Color Club’s ‘Sugar Plum Fairy.’ Fairy dust and pixie powder!

‘Pop A Bottle’ has gold, magenta, and teal micro-glitter in a translucent, very light beige base. The beige helps the glitter become opaque after the second coat. The application of this one, at first, wasn’t quite so smooth. It had a habit of bunching up at the tip. I worked at getting more of the glitter to adhere towards the base of my nail by dabbing the brush. After the first coat, however, the other two applied very evenly.

This is ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ and it is an iridescence of all Holiday colors. The glitter appears to change color as the angle of view changes. Think of a soap bubble, and there you have it. The refracted light is all over the place so your eyes can’t help but to look at it.

Now, comparing them on my nails…

‘Pop a Bottle’ is on the thumb, middle and pinky. I have ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ on the index and ring finger. Are they just not the stuff from a Winter Wonderland?

Using 3 coats made these polishes opaque and awe-inspiring all alone with no color base coat necessary. No fooling, these are gritty. I am showing them to you without a top coat so their own, true shine comes through. And as with almost all glitter, there is the price to pay to remove the stuff. I didn’t have to use the foil method but I did scrub, and scrub a lot.

With a closer look, ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ photographs like a silver glitter polish. Regular photography doesn’t have the ability to give a true depth of a holographic item. Since holograms are most noted when they are moving or light is moving across them, it just doesn’t show the true nature. But, I think there are plenty of readers of beauty/nail bloggers that know just how magnificent holographic glitters/polishes can be.

I don’t have a favorite between these two. Much like my two cats, I don’t have a favorite but love them each for their own existence. So, in all fairness, don’t ask me to pick one over the other. 🙂

Can you say which one is your favorite?

Three Way Holiday Green Comparisons

As mentioned in my last post, I am so loving green polishes this Holiday. And, I’ll say it again, green polish is new to my life in the past 2 years. I must have been in some rut, avoiding wearing green polish. I would wear it on my toes but, just not on my fingers. Too funky.

I’m so glad I snapped out of that one! Look what fun I’d be missing out on…


Three random, Holiday greens. Using the last photo, from the left: from Color Club’s Under The Mistletoe collection in 2009 (no name); Orly’s ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’; and Finger Paint’s ‘Comet’s Collar’.

Each one is worthy of Holiday wear. I like all of them. So, here are the skittles of green…

I used 3 coats on all of these and added a top coat of Color Club’s ‘Vivid’.
On my thumb and ring finger, I’m sporting the Color Club green from 2009. On my index finger and pinky, that’s ‘It’s Not Rocket Science.’ And just on the middle finger is ‘Comet’s Collar’.

As it so looks, the Color Club felt gritty but it sparkles. ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ is a swampy green that was a hit last Fall. And ‘Comet’s Collar’ is new this season but doesn’t have much ‘umpf’ next to the other shades of green. I’d recommend ‘Comet’s Collar’ for nail art or stamping.

For the Holiday look and feel, my vote is for the Color Club green. Which one do you like?

Greensleeves, Elf Suits and Nail Polish

Mistletoe, Ivy, Elf suits…there are tons of green things around at Christmas time. And even my nails are green. Lots of green…and in a GOOD way too.

This is China Glaze’s ‘Near Dark.’ And, dark it is. Deep, smoldering green, dark.

 I have on 3 coats here, but no top coat, yet.

‘Near Dark’ gives the perfect backdrop for these…

Both of these Finger Paints are called ‘Sparkle Top Coat.’ Yea, so they wanted to distinguish one from the other…NOT.

Both look fab as a top coat, though.

On my index and ring finger, I have on ‘Sparkle Top Coat’ and on the middle and pink, there’s ‘Sparkle Top Coat.’ That’s Dumb and Dumber. Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

OK, no more smartie. The index finger has the top coat that has iridescent glitter in a light milky base. The middle finger has the magenta-like shimmer.

You probably can guess that I like the iridescent glitter more than the shimmer. That glitter looks like a crisp, clear, winter night. But both work for me.

If you would have asked me two years ago if I’d wear green polish on my finger nails, I would have thought you were going quite mad. Now, I’m in love with wearing this blackened green shade.

And, just one last smartie…look at what I just got and will be showcasing very soon….

‘Yule’ Be Seeing Red With These Comparisons

In the years before becoming a blogger, during the Holidays, I’d just wear a red creme polish. I haven’t traveled too far from that love. Red will always be my favorite nail polish color to wear. (Oops, I should have named the blog after a RED vanity, eh?)

These red polishes were fun to compare…

 Sorting through my untrieds, these are some hot reds that I found.

Starting from the left: Finger Paint’s ‘Magenta Mood’; Color Club’s ‘Yule Love It’ (from the ’09 Holiday collection); Zoya’s ‘Sarah.’

This started out as a comparison post and not a dupe one, but you’ll soon find that it all takes a turn…

 Here are the polishes in the order I put them on my nails.

And, this was my outcome. ‘Sarah’ is on my thumb as well as my ring finger. ‘Magenta Mood’ is on my index and pinky. That leaves ‘Yule Love It’ for the middle finger.

Zoya and Finger Paints, surprisingly, are dupes. I couldn’t tell them apart. That is, if I don’t count the application. Zoya reigns supreme in that area.

I didn’t put on cuticle oil before taking photos, and that’s a super bad habit. In this photo, can you see how ‘Sarah’ and ‘Magenta Mood’ are total twins?

Color Club’s ‘Yule Love It’ looks bubbly and gritty next to the other two. It wasn’t bubbly, just gritty.

The opinion I’ll give is that you do not need both ‘Sarah’ and ‘Magenta Mood’. Zoya is going to get my vote because it applied so much easier. Even with just 2 coats, both of these were fine. However, I completed the mani with a total of 3 coats. And I didn’t use a top coat.

Next post will be on Holiday greens. 

Do you have any of these reds? Gotta favorite?

Cinderella’s Purse

Before the pizza gets here (and, Happy Thanksgiving, by the way), I want to show you a super deal I’m proud of finding.

I do shop at Claire’s Boutique because they have some cute things and I have to stalk the nail polishes, as well.

However, sometimes I can find the neatest clearance stuff. Like this purse…

 $32 down to $16? Pfft….try a final clearance of $5!!!!

 It’s not a big purse,but I love the teal and purple faux reptile skin.

As I was reviewing these photos, I noticed I got a glimpse of the movie poster I have up in my bedroom ‘nook’ area. When I was in the video retail industry, one of the District Managers remembered that I said ‘Ever After’ was one of my very favorite movies. He got the poster for me.

If you have seen the movie, you know that Leonardo di Vinci made a drawing of Cinderella. That is an actual drawing. And, that is what I have next to the poster. Ah, see…I do have a romantic side. 🙂

Pop A Bottle, Birthday Beyotch!

Color Club’s ‘Beyond the Mistletoe‘ was so pretty, I wore it an extra day. So, I don’t have a dupe or comparison post today.

The Starbucks guy asked me if I was ‘rockin’ the glitter’ this season. He told me that his girlfriend knows about the ‘foil method’ because she loves to wear glitter too. If they only knew how much glitter I really have!

And just because I have a gazillion few new nail polishes, doesn’t keep me from buying looking at more.

Even though I love these glitters, I bought them for the names alone…

I think I would like the person who came up with this name.

Both of these are from Icing. I erroneously told someone that the name of this one was ‘Pop A Cork’. LOL! I was trying to get it to work with ‘Birthday Beyotch.’

I don’t have Deborah Lippman’s ‘Happy Birthday’ but I have plenty like it. Once I round them all up, a comparison/dupe post is in order. Click here if you’d like to see a swatch of DL’s ‘Happy Birthday’ at Makeup and Beauty Blog.

‘Pop A Bottle’ might be more fitting for Mardi Gras. However, I’m fairly confident that I have at least one other bottle of polish to compare it. It is, without a doubt, a celebratory polish.

*Done with Polish Talk*

‘Pop A Bottle’ makes me think of a bubbly that my hair stylist, Renae, told me about. (Alas, Renae is in Virginia Beach, VA and I miss my hair stylist of 7 years.) 🙁

Boy, did I go for this faux bubbly…

It’s a Spumante/Sparkletini/Wine but, can I get a great, big YUM! I like to give this as a gift when I go to house parties. I like the Green Apple and the Peach flavors. I have some Peach in the refrigerator right now, ready whenever guests stop by. Yes, I realize it is cheap inexpensive, but I didn’t know it at the time Renae served it at the salon.

And so, you can pay a lot for champagne (which is tasty) and spend a lot of money or, you can get some Verdi and enjoy it whilst saving money so you can purchase ‘Birthday Beyotch.’

Green and Blue Holiday Polish Dupes

Want to see some more Holiday nail polish dupes?? TOUGH! I’m doing more anyway. 😉

Green and blue dupes and comparisons…

These two are not even similar. However, that’s what happens when I look for dupes in my stash hidden placed in my closet. But, let’s take a look at them for the sake of looking at some very beautiful polishes.

Sally Hansen’s ‘Blingtastic’ is from the new Gem Crush collection. It has blue micro glitter and a smattering of silver hexagon glitter. It looks like a Christmas card that has the glitter on it.

The green is from Color Club’s Beyond the Mistletoe. This is called ‘Holiday Splendor.’ Very dense green micro-glitter with iridescent glitter. I’m reminded of a thick Christmas tree with lots and lots of those tiny Christmas lights.

It’s easy to tell the difference between these two. And it is easy to see that I didn’t put on cuticle oil before photographing.

‘Holiday Splendor’ is very opaque. Just 2 coats here. And ‘Blingtastic’, oh my! The silver glitter did NOT want to apply. I ended up dabbing them on. And the polish, poor stuff, pulled really bad.

Next up, another mismatch…

 Very, very similar in the bottle. The Wet ‘n Wild polish is ‘Cost Is No Issue’ from the Ice Baby collection. The Sally Hansen is not a new one, but one I rummaged through my stash and found. It’s name is ‘Teal-y Cool.’

 Good grief. When am I going to learn that these Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears can be as watery as Wonton Soup.

I don’t know if I can even recommend ‘Teal-y Cool’ for a special effects top coat. Maybe I’ll give it one more chance doing just that.  As far as ‘Cost is No Issue’, that baby is dense and opaque in two coats. Oh, and for the record, ‘Teal-y Cool’ is 3 coats.

Because I loved ‘Holiday Splendor’ so much, and I mean VERY much, I took off the Wonton Soup polish (aka ‘Teal-y Cool’). I put ‘Holiday Splendor’ on to make a complete manicure in one shade.

 It’s a ‘Christmas tree with sparkly ornaments’ polish.

 Great shot to show you the sparkle. I’m not exaggerating (this time).

And it is opaque in 2 coats. This time, I did put on a top coat. I used Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat.

And, I changed things up for my right hand. I used Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Cost Is No Issue’ up against Sally Hansen’s ‘Blingtastic.’ I think this is the pairing I meant to do in the first place.

‘Cost Is No Issue’ is on my thumb, middle and pinky. That leaves ‘Blingtastic’ for the index and ring nail. I have got to just love the shades in the Icy Baby collection. They are very dense with glitter. However, once again, I had to work at fishing out the sliver glitter in ‘Blingtastic’ as well as not very dense in just 2 coats. And, it is much more of a blue shade next to ‘Cost Is No Issue’ which leans towards a teal. No top coats here.

I think it is, without a doubt, that ‘Holiday Splendor’ is my favored polish in this round. It’s not very unique among Holiday green glitters. But what is fantastic about it is the opaqueness and the sparkle it has.

Any favorites here for you?