China Glaze Serves Up Foie Gras From The Hunger Games

I’m wearing this polish now and I don’t know if I can remove it. Well, I have to; there are just too many other cool polishes in China Glaze’s ‘Hunger Games’ collection.

This is the first one I grabbed out of the bag…

And what a winner it is!

This is ‘Foie Gras‘. As beautiful as the word is, I don’t like what it is. Moving on…

‘Foie Gras’ polish is a creamy milk chocolate color. It makes me what a piece of Godiva chocolate. I have 2 coats on with no top coat. I’m really surprised I got away with just 2 coats. I felt that the polish was on the thick side but it did even out very well. 

Getting ready to line up the next shade from the Hunger Games collection, I picked out ‘Riveting’. Perfect name for this stunning shimmery orange with a sprinkle of gold flecks…

I felt a compulsion coming over me so I went with it…

Sort of a neh….not something I want as a full manicure. But, at least, I satisfied my curiosity.

Then, came ‘Luxe and Lush’. This is one to gush over…

 I could have taken hundreds of photos because I love flakies and I love iridescent glitter…

What a wicked combination.

‘Luxe and Lush’ is a tad gritty. ‘Riveting’ is totally smooth. Both are shown as one coat. ‘Riveting’ needs to work alone so, that is the next shade to swatch.

How these polish names match up to the story Hunger Games, I don’t know. I’m totally honest when I say that I have not read any of the Hunger Games trilogy. I’ll gain no fans but, it doesn’t seem like a story line I would be interested in. I think the story sounds like Stephen King’s The Running Man and, The Long Walk. However, every time I mention that I have not read the book(s), I’m told that they are really GOOD. OK, using my Kindle Fire, I can borrow the book from Amazon’s lending library. I’ll read it.

Do you agree that ‘Foie Gras’ is a rich color? Interesting to see such a dark collection in the spring time, don’t you think so?

Tool Tuesday: Maxius MaxiGlide Hair Flat Iron

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Today’s trusty tool is my flat iron. However, this is not the typical flat iron. This one is ingenious…

This is Maxius ‘MaxiGlide‘ flat iron. You can see and purchase it here, from their website.

This is what makes the ‘MaxiGlide’ special and different; it has teeth…

I have a typical flat iron and I was not very successful getting it to make my hair straight. It was just pressing my hair and not truly straightening it. After seeing the ‘MaxiGlide’ on HSN, thought I’d give it a try.

It’s perfect! Here is a photo of my hair, dried naturally. This photo is about 7 months ago so my hair is about 6 inches longer today.

Then, just a month later, here I am with Ms. Clumps of Mascara! I had straightened my hair for the LOTD.  (Do check out Clumps of Mascara blog; it’s very professional and informative.)

To hold the hair straight (aka fighting Florida humidity), I use the steam burst to set it…

And there is a dial to adjust the heat. Am I the only one that sets it on the highest number? I’m impatient like that…

At $60, I don’t think this nifty hair tool breaks the bank. Especially when I see $190 CHI brands. And, they don’t even have teeth!!!

I have had my ‘MaxiGlide’ for about 7 years. Looking on their website, it seems they have updated the style. However, my iron is still going strong and I haven’t touched my regular iron since.

‘MaxiGlide’ is about 1/-1/4″ wide and can straighten a wide section of hair. The sides don’t get hot. But it does an excellent job in straightening and detangling all in one stroke.

Maxius ‘MaxiGlide‘ gets the Pink Vanity seal of approval.

Have you heard about the ‘MaxiGlide‘ hair straightener? Would you ever switch over from a regular flat iron to this?

I Spy…Sally Hansen’s Spring Salon Effects and Revlon’s Crackle Effects

I just happened to stop by a Walgreens this afternoon after I finished a gig at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think I was trying to soothe myself because there was nothing new at BB&B. I got my giddy back finding these new things at Wags…

This is the first I have seen of these, so they must be brand new. So new that they didn’t even take the time to price them. But I’m sure they are around the $10 price point the others have been.

Cute names! And I’d be all over the ‘Not a Peep’ if they had been the actual, trademarked Peeps.

 Do these remind you of aprons? Do you even know what an apron is!!

Polka dots; WIN! Every single one of these are dainty and cute. Very feminine and flirty.

Next, I found Revlon’s dual end Crackle Effect polish…

I have read about this collection on other nail blogs. However, this is the first time I have seen it in stores.

 Pairing the crackle with a regular polish is not only a cool idea but the price is decent at $8.

Surprisingly, there are several frosts. I wasn’t expecting that many. Looks like 4 shades. But I think all the base colors are fun and trendy shades.

The display had samples of the finished look. Then, those silly displays are tipped at just the right angle to look good visually, but to photograph terribly.

While doing a project at Walmart, I found something that took me back to long ago…

Do you remember Lisa Frank products? These go back to the ’70’s. I remember getting some of these stickers in high school and putting them up in my locker. LOL Things haven’t changed. There were just two of these books left. I got them both. Would you like to win one? Leave a comment with your email addy and tell me what you like about today’s post. Anyone can win. I’ll keep this open til March 4, 8 PM CST.

Will you get any of the Spring LE Salon Effects? How about Revlon’s Crackle Effects, or, are you like me and just done with crackles?

Milani’s Hot Pink Manicure Fit For A 5K Race

Race Day! And I won! OK, I didn’t win THE race but I won my own admiration. I set a new, personal best time and I completed the 5K race. Hooray! Oh, and I got a medal too!

Here I am all ready to begin. Yes, it was dark; I got up at 3:30 AM and was at DisneyWorld by 4:15. The race started promptly at 7 AM. I had to get there early because the parking lot was going to fill up fast. There were 5000 runners alone.

Check out the Epcot ball behind me…

It was windy and chilly. But that made it perfect weather for me to run. Before the race I shucked the gloves and about 1 mile into the run, I tied my jacket around me too.

If you look in the middle of this photo, you can spot me in my white visor, coming into the finish line. Yes, running!

Here are my race day nails…

Something fun, festive, princess-like and pink: Milani’s ‘Hot Pink’. This race is called the Princess 5K Fun Run and it was part of the entire Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend. I ran on Saturday; the 1/2 Marathon was Sunday. (Please do not ask when I will run a 1/2 Marathon; that’s not going to happen. 3.1 miles is plenty.)

As jam-packed as this large glitter is, I thought I’d get a heavy coverage. But it turned out like this…

This is 3 coats. I don’t have on a top coat because I wasn’t going to leave it on this weekend. I knew I was going to do more swatching.However, this was a fun manicure and I got a couple of compliments on it.

There is approximately 2/3 magenta glitter to 1/3 silver. The silver helps give it a twinkle. You can imagine how cool ‘Hot Pink’ would be layered over a variety of base colors.

And talk about variety…

 I tried to snap a photo of me running with the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. What a cute Beast at that!

 I came upon a woman dressed like the Chiceta banana lady. Once I got past her, it wasn’t a good idea for me to turn around and snap a photo, though.

 I’m coming up to run around the ball and then into the home stretch.

 A photo of the crowd of runners once I crossed the finish line.

And here I am catching my breath once I finished. I’m still breathing hard and I don’t seem to be able to smile at the same time. 🙂

After more fretting than necessary, the run was fun and I enjoyed running around Epcot. The weather was great and I got some cool swag food after I had my offical race photo taken. I milled around a bit after that then went back into town and celebrated with a Starbucks chai tea.

What grand moment did you have this weekend? Do you find ‘Hot Pink’ a fun polish for the my race?

Sample Saturday: Jergens Body Lotion

In my Target swag bag, a few months back, I got a sample pouch of Jergens body lotion. I like body lotion samples as it is about the only way I’ll take a chance on a new brand of lotion. I was really impressed with Jergens.

 That led me to purchase Jergens Ultra Healing in the full size bottle. I just finished that and got the Shea Butter lotion. Just what my skin needs…

Even though I liked the sample of Jergens original, and I really liked the Ultra Healing lotion, I’m loving the Shea Butter lotion. The fragrances are great and the lotions absorb into my skin very well. Yet, this Shea Butter is something my skin soaks up and makes it so smooth. I’m extra dry during the winter months. And when my skin gets dry, I feel itchy. Jergens lotion really is healing as it soothes my skin and makes it feel supple. The price is decent and if you watch for coupons, I do see Jergens products often.

Here’s why I’m such a fan of Shea butter. I did a review on raw Shea Butter here and went on about how much I loved it.

At the same time I purchased the Shea Butter, I got some African Black Soap. I had heard so much about it, I wanted to see for myself if it was all that. I reviewed the soap here.

Two organic, raw, unrefined beauty products. It doesn’t get more organic that this!

Interestingly enough, I got an extra set of the Butter and the Soap. And I’m curious as to whom would like to try this out for themselves.

How about a quickie giveaway? This is going to be fast and furious. Leave me a comment on which one you’d like to win. I’ll draw for two separate winners; I’ll draw one for the butter and another one for the soap. But, you only get to request one or the other; not both. Leave a comment along with your email contact and I’ll draw the winner on March 1, 8 PM EST. Open to everyone who is a follower.

It’s important to follow the rules or you’ll get disqualified. One entry telling me which you would like to get: Butter or Soap. Leave me a contact email so I can send you a notice if your name is drawn. You must be a follower of my blog so let me know how you follow. That’s just three things!

Color Club’s Poptastic Polish for a Running Princess

It is less than 12 hours before I run the Disney Princess 5K. I’m excited to make this accomplishment. A year ago, I never even imagined being a runner. Now, I’m very proud to say that not only am I a runner but I will have finished my 3rd 5K.

I have a Princess 5K manicure that I’m sporting for tomorrow but, will post that later this weekend. What I do have is a very Disney princess look to show…

This Color Club dolly lips pink came from the Poptastic collection and, is called ‘Poptastic’ itself.

A spring color if I ever saw one…

If I wouldn’t have already picked my Princess 5K polish, I think this one would have been just fine. I went to the ESPN Expo at DisneyWorld to pick up my race number this morning and pink was everywhere! The beauty blogger in me died just a little bit at all there was to see. And, I’ll show more about that when I post after the run photos.

I have 2 coats on and a 3rd one would have taken away that VNL on my thumb. I used Lumos as a top coat because it wears like iron. ‘Popstatic’ didn’t have any streaks and laid down so evenly and smoothly.

Lipstick this color might be for Nicki Minaj but I won’t shy away from wearing this shade on my nails. It’s the Princess thing to do.

Is this a shade of pink you’d wear?

Don’t Polish Your Nails at the Theater

There’s just a little bit of glee in swatching a polish sent from a friend. Not only do I like the shade of this one, but the bottle is swanky too…

This one doesn’t have a particular brand name, unless it is the ‘FCC’, nor a distinct name, just the ’22’ on the bottom. The one thing I am sure of is that something happened on the way to the theater…what in the world??!

This is interesting and I am sure it has happened to others; the polish looks blotchy and patchy in the photos. But it didn’t look like that in real life. I used 3 coats for this look and no top coat. I am going to give this one another try because it had to be the lighting in the room when I was polishing them that made it look like it was giving great, smooth coverage. I’ll have to sit at the sunny window and do this one; not in the dark living room in front of the TV.

Gads! I don’t know if I want to go any further with this one. Only my index finger is close to looking OK.

Well, I was going to name this one ‘Theater Seats’ because it reminds me of the old town theater I used to go to. I’d hate to see what those seats looked like in broad daylight too!

Have you ever had a polish go demonic on you?

I Spy…Sally Hansen Greens & Cast Away Sinful ColorsWalgreens

Green polish at WalGREENS! (Insert a PeeWee Herman laugh.)

This past Saturday I went on a mission to find the new Cast Away Collection by Sinful Colors. I did find that collection and, I found some St. Patrick’s Day greens from Sally Hansen.

Just a note, I found a St. Patrick’s Day collection of Sinful Colors. I don’t believe any of these are new shades but ‘Atlantis’ is one to get! That’s a flaky green and it a favorite of mine.

This Go Green collection from Sally Hansen was a surprise to me. I didn’t know about it previously…

I will be going back for a couple of these. There wasn’t a sale going on last week, nor with week, at Walgreens. I think I’ll wait til next Sunday and see. Sally Hansen is a nail brand that has sales quite often at Walgreens. I don’t see me missing out on getting the ones I like. And, they are $1.99 each at their regular price.

 A total of 5 greens to get your green on. The far, two right shades are the same. And I didn’t compare, or check to see if these are re-issues. The two I have an eye on, however, are the 2nd and the 3rd from the left.

OK, once I peeled myself away from oogling that collection, I went on to a bit of hyperventilation when I found the Sinful Colors Cast Away collection so early in the game.

I will be showing a closer look of these in an upcoming post so you can see these in a better light. But, here is a sneak peek…

There are a total of eight shades. I got all but one tiffany-esque shade called ‘Be Happy’. And, another bestest part; Walgreens had their Sinful Colors on sale for $.99; normally $1.99 each.

Which shade from Cast Away should I review first?

Tool Tuesday: Retractable Pump Brush For Mineral Foundation

I went to the coast to visit clients today and all I could think about was sharing this Tool Tuesday with you!

So far, I’ve been showing beauty tools that I have and use all the time. This one is no exception, except I will NOT go without one!

I have had these foundation pump brushes forever!!!…

I got these many years ago from my favorite foundation company, Southern Magnolia Minerals. Barbara, the owner, has improved versions of the pump brushes here, and if you purchase now, you can get 25% off.

This is a brush that has a reservoir of mineral foundation or finishing powder so that when you press the brush against your skin, a small amount of the powder is pumped into the brush. This is very convenient to carry because you don’t have to tote around a jar or container of the minerals as well as a brush; this is both.

These have clear caps that cover the brush, and the sides of the pump come up to protect the bristles. It’s that easy. I have one with my foundation, and I carry that in my makeup bag. The other is with the finishing powder and I keep that one in the console of my car.

Even before I moved to this oven state, I used these pump brushes. I do have normal to dry skin but, I will get shiny as the day goes on. No problem with my pump brushes. I can do a fast touch up before leaving the car. Virtually no mess since it is all self-contained and, since it is powder, no worry about it melting in the car or my purse.

The bottom of the brush screws off and I can tap in some powder. With just a couple of pumps onto the back of my hand, I’ve dispensed some powder into the bristles and I’m ready to buff away any shine I don’t want. A filled up reservoir lasts me months and when I get low, these are refillable.

When I travel, these 2 brushes are all I take for foundation and finishing powder. They are small enough to throw into my makeup bag but have enough powder to last me weeks.

As I have mentioned, I’ve had these two brushes for a very long time. And with Southern Magnolia Minerals having a special discount on them, now is a good time to get that upgrade.

Have you tried any powder dispensing brushes before?

Like A 12 Year Old In A Candy Shop; Claire’s New Polish

This new shade, Claire’s ‘Candy Shop’, is getting some press. I have only found one and boy, did I snatch it up! I hadn’t read anything on this until after I got it. But it is worth the buzz.

This polish makes the 12 year old in me cheer…

‘Candy Shop’ makes me think of ‘Whimsical’. Both are light-hearted and just fun to wear.

Take a gander at this confetti amount of glitter in a dusty pink base…

 I don’t know how many different sizes of glitter are in this polish but I think it is a lot! And there are a lot of colors too. I’m not using this word lightly; jam-packed!

OK, back on track. The base of ‘Candy Shop’ is opaque enough that I didn’t have to put on underwear. Yes, the 12 year old that lives in me laughed out loud too…

This is just 2 coats! And to my surprise, this glitter lays down way better than I thought it would. I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite just to keep my hair from snagging on it,though. But the removal was typical of large glitter polish. It was as stubborn as making a 12 year old go to school on Mondays.

This was a fun manicure to do and to photo, as well. I must have taken 100 pictures. And you might not have noticed until I pointed it out but, I have a really wicked hang nail going on with my middle finger. Puffy and ouchy. Too bad I can’t ignore it.

Have you seen this polish yet? Does it look like a 12 year old’s favorite polish? In 29 days, I am going to be old enough to say, I’m going to start my second childhood. It’s THE ultimate landmark birthday: 50. I think I’ll stay with 12. At lease mentally.