China Glaze’s Safari Collection: Jungle Queen

I think ‘Jungle Queen’ is going to be the one that breaks from the pack from this collection. It’s more than just saucy, it’s sultry…

‘Jungle Queen’ is a purple-ized brown. I just made that up but that’s what I’m calling it. There is a shimmer of magenta too. So that totally freaks out the naming of this color. And I’m not going to worry about it because I’d rather just admire the polish…

I’m delightfully amazed that this shade shows pretty well considering it has been almost 2 weeks since we have seen the sun in, er, sunny Florida.

I have on three coats and that is one too many. I wasn’t giving enough time between coats so some of the nails are not as smooth as they could be. So, don’t blame the polish; it’s doing its job of looking stunning and ritzy…

Sultry is the perfect shade to wear for the Hades most of the country is in. My remedy: stay indoors, drink lots of water and paint your nails.

I used Lumos base and top coat for this mani. I’m going to do a blog on these yet. I want to convert you to Lumos over Seche Vite!!

I played around with this polish with some glitter. Wait til you see that!

Did you pick up ‘Jungle Queen’? Is it your favorite from the Safari collection?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Nature’s Beauty(works)

With my quest in researching facial cleansing wipes, I attempt to find products that are somewhat easily purchased. I have worked at staying with drugstores, mass merchandisers and even Big Lots. The the facial wipe review today, I purchased this one at The Christmas Tree Shops with a Harmon Department. More on that later.

I chose Nature’s Beauty (works). That’s exactly how the title is written on the packaging. Since the company’s website is under construction, I couldn’t find any information as to why it would be named in such an odd way. Here’s what the package looks like…

This brand had several types to choose from. I picked the Age Defying one. The package states that it contains ‘organic grape seed and calendula extract’. These clothes don’t smell like either one.

I found the list of ingredients impressive…

And it also promotes how each ingredient is either Plant, Sugar, or Naturally Derived. That doesn’t mean too much to me, however. Poison Oak is a Plant. Arsenic is  naturally derived, as well as uranium. None of those things would I want to put on my face! So, I’m more likely to make my decision from the products listed in the ingredient list rather than the tag lines on the front of it.

The cloth is not overly soft, it felt like a normal wet towelette…

But, here’s the kicker: it smelled too perfume-y. Sickeningly so. I was able to use this for the entire 7 days, unlike the L’oreal wipes I reviewed last week. And continuing to use Nature’s Beauty(works) was a chore, rather than a pleasant event.

This facial wipe, I used all last week, made me glad that yesterday was the last day for using it. Again, another facial wipe that had a lackluster performance and a fragrance that was over-powering. The makers of this facial wipe also makes the Dead Sea Elements facial towelettes I will be testing later next month. I’m kinda dreading it now!

Even with the neat, pink packaging, the Vanity will pass on this one. No, thank you.

Have you heard of this company?


PS…Thank you for bearing with me while I learn my new blog home. 🙂

Cellnique Skincare: Advanced Bio Renewal Serum & Reversal Platinum Cream

I have a preference. I bet you do too. In fact, I bet we have very strong preferences when it comes to beauty and cosmetic products. My strong preference deals with skincare. Back in March, I had a birthday. A BIG one. No, not thirty (that’s not big, sorry), and not forty either (that’s getting a big bigger), but BIG…5-0. Even though the ‘fight’ has been on for sometime, I will not allow my face to reveal my age. That’s what I have a driver’s license for.

One of the key points I’d like to make with my blog is, And I’m talking predominantly, your face. That’s my secret, that’s not really a secret but, has been good, common sense.

I have been using two skincare products for the last month that are new to me. I figured a month would give me a pretty good idea on whether I would give a thumbs up or down on these two items.  Before I go on and on about them, I want to say right off the bat, I loved using these!!

Here is what I got…

First is Advanced Bio Renewal Serum. And the other is Reversal Platinum Cream. Both of these are for skin that is, how should I put it…just past peak. That still makes me wince but, it is true. My skin is less than peak. :/ However, I don’t have to give up hope, for cryin’ out loud! I found two products to put into my corner.

As you can see, the packaging is simple but very elegant. These are not flimsy boxes. And that is a positive because these products were shipped from Asia. And, don’t let the thought of ordering from overseas (if you don’t live in Asia) detour you. Cellnique offers free shipping and a 100% refund if you do not like the products.

Their prices are in line with what I would expect from comparable department store brands. But, I was first bug-eyed when I saw these price stickers on the box…

Oh, my goodness!! But, if you go to Cellnique’s website, you’ll find the US dollar amount. The Serum is $51 and the Cream is $103.

Let’s exam the products…here is the Advanced Bio Renewal Serum…

It is in a pump bottle nestled into a sturdy box. Even though the product is labeled a ‘serum’ it isn’t what I expected. This is a lotion, in my opinion. However, it went on smoothly and my skin absorbed it easily. The resume’ for this serum is impressive: it stimulates cell renewal, helps keep pores unclogged, improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And there was barely a fragrance which wasn’t unpleasant at all.

After the serum absorbed, I followed with the Reversal Platinum Cream…

This, definitely, is a cream. The jar has a bluish hue to it but that’s just the color of the jar. Both products where opaque white. And, the cream was a denser consistency than the serum, which is what I would expect. This cream is meant for skin that is drier and focusing on keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay. This cream didn’t have hardly any fragrance either. It deeply moisturized my skin without making it shiny later on in the day. I could feel that my skin was moisturized and, after using it for a month, my skin is now softer. One of the benefits the website mentions for this cream is that it provides a firming and lifting effect. I didn’t feel that is something I achieved. But, I’m not disappointed one bit.

On Cellnique’s site, they have very extensive information on the products they sell and it points you in the best direction for choosing items that suit your skincare needs.  But, again, if you should not like anything you order, you get a 100% refund.

Cellnique has won me over. I really, really like these two products. And, if the price does put you off some, after using these two for a month and, using them both in the morning before makeup and at night before bed, I am almost half-way through them. Using it twice a day, they will last me at least 2 months. My choice would be to use them just in the morning and use another, specific night cream at bedtime. Then, that would lengthen the usage even more. That is most assuredly my preference.

This product was provided to me for my honest review. These opinions are my own.

Kleancolor: Multi-Tasking Stick

Like the multi-functioning black jacket, I can’t resist multi-use makeup. Kleancolor makeup has a Multi-Use Stick collection and I picked one up…

This one is called ‘Poppy’. It is a glittery, brick shade in the tube…

I like the packaging because I get a better sense of the shade color as well as how much is left once I start using it. However, as you read on, you’ll see how I was deceived, somewhat, on the color…


I have started experimenting using a creme blush before I put on mineral foundation. It just seems more logical to do it in that order rather than the other way around. But, I’m working on laying a foundation of color on my cheeks to see if it adds anything to the look.

Some cremes are better than others. I picked ‘Poppy’ because I don’t have any cremes quite this color. It seems I have a lot of pinks, as they work better with my skin tone. But, I thought ‘Poppy” would be a nice difference for a creme shadow and lipstick as well.

This swatch illustrates how ‘Poppy’ looks with my skin color…


Interesting that once is it on me, it looks more peachy in color. Still, it is a pretty color.

What I discovered is that Kleancolor’s Multi-Stick works best for me just as a creme blush. As a shadow, it creased and I wasn’t surprised. Not only am I having issues with shadows creasing on me, this product is super creamy, and it creased in no time. Even as a lipstick, it was just too creamy for any staying power. It did OK as a lipstick only when I used it with a lip primer. And then, that only gave it a couple more hours of hanging around. I think the reason this product worked on my cheeks is because I have normal to dry skin on the apples of my cheeks.

Kleancolor has a total of 12 shades to the Multi-Stick collection. You can see them all on their website. I got mine at Red Lips Cosmetics store, here in Orlando. At $2.99, it’s a rather small investment. 

Do you like multi-tasking makeup products?

Cult Nails: Princess From The Fairy Tale Collection

Every little girl wants to grow up and be a princess. Except for me. I wanted to be a scientist and look through microscopes. However, now, I think it is OK to say I would like to be a princess. A rich princess. With lots of makeup and nail polish. And a huge closet full of Princess clothing.

In the meantime, I can have the nails of a princess with Cult Nails ‘Princess’ from the new Fairy Tale collection…


Princesses are stereo-typed as being spoiled. I did have to spoil this ‘Princess’ a bit. This polish dries very quickly. She isn’t one to fuss around. Applying the polish is your job and you must get right to it.

I have three coats here because I was working on smoothing out the look. I still ended up with making patchy areas. Don’t let this turn you away from ‘Princess’, however. This is a beautiful polish! No top coat needed for this one…


What looks like an innocent, soft blue, there is a pleasant surprise of magenta shimmer to this one. The blue doesn’t seem to have a high gloss itself, however, the magenta shimmer gives it a reflective glimmer.


You can not only be a Princess, but you can have ‘Princess’ nails by ordering your Fairy Tale collection from Cult Nails.This is the last polish from the collection for me to review. If you’d like you can click the names and see my reviews of the rest of the collection: Evil Queen with Happy Ending; Feelin’ Froggy; Charming with Happy Ending.

If you are a long-time reader, you will know that Libby is the real Princess at the Vanity. But, her new ‘sister’ is quite a sweetie as well. Kayla has NO pretentious airs at all. After I took these photos of Kayla, she got her tummy ‘nom nom’ed…


Product was provided to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Laura Mercier: Full Blown Volume Mascara

Last month, Neiman Marcus invited the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida, which I am a founding member, to a breakfast where the various beauty lines shared information about their particular products. One of those lines was Laura Mercier. I am familiar to the name but have never had the opportunity to try one of her products, until now.

I received a trial size mascara. I was very excited to get this to finally experience a Laura Mercier product! This is the Full Blown Volume mascara and it is in black…


Mascara has always been a beauty staple for me. However, I never owned more than two at a time. To say I have expanded my horizons is putting it nicely. And though I am not fluent in knowing all that there is to know about mascara, like my friend, Clumps of Mascara, does, I’m having a great time learning!

It is without a doubt I tell you that I really, really like this mascara. It does exactly as it says it does: full blown volume. I’ve got lots of lashes and they are long. However, they don’t have volume. Laura Mercier…to the rescue!

You know that mascara brushes make or break the product. You can have the best durn formula of mascara in the world, but if your brush isn’t worth a hoot, it will not matter. Laura Mercier has taken great care, obviously, in making a brush that allows it to be one of the best ones in the industry…


This brush has a little bit of flexibility to it. And, just enough that it will move through your lashes and not just bend them. That is going to allow each lash to get coated. And this mascara builds nicely. I didn’t have any flakes, follow out or smudges during the day. It stayed put until I was ready to remove it.

Now, at $24 a tube, that’s pricey for the Vanity’s wallet. But, there is no doubt, at all, that this is a quality mascara. And, I can wholeheartedly recommend this mascara. If I wasn’t a beauty blogger, where I try a variety of beauty products, I would strongly regard this one as the staple mascara at the Vanity.

Have you tried any Laura Mercier products? Which one do you like?

Cult Nails: Nevermore One-Coat Black Creme Polish

Give me a creme polish and I’ll, eventually, look for a way to get glitter on it…

This is a one coat black creme….seriously!!! Maria, owner and creator of, Cult Nails has done what no one else could; make a one-coat black creme. Kari, from Once Bitten Blog, came up with the PERFECT name too: ‘Nevermore’. I wore ‘Nevermore’ for two days before playing with glitter. So, as you may notice, there is hardly any tip wear. ‘Nevermore’ is so shiny that I didn’t even need a top coat either.

Before I removed ‘Nevermore’, I did four glitter effects on each hand…


 On my right hand, I used: NK Nail Enamel in ‘Magical’ (thumb); Orly in ‘It’s A Meteor’ (index finger); Cult Nails in ‘Captivated’ (middle finger); Wet ‘n Wild in ‘Bow In My Presence’ (ring finger); and my pinky is bare.

Now on my left hand…

Starting with my thumb: Cult Nails in ‘Happy Ending’ (thumb); Orly in ‘Be Brave’ (index finger); China Glaze in ‘Luxe and Lush’ (middle finger); ring finger is bare; love & beauty in ‘Clear/Silver’ (pinky). I like how the sunlight bounced off ‘Happy Ending’. 

Years ago, when I wore black nail polish, I was so ‘goth’ about it. It seemed deviant. But today, I don’t think anyone thinks twice about seeing it or wearing it. At least for me, I didn’t notice anyone pulling their children away from being around me. 

Want to wear a one-coat black creme proudly? You can order yours at Cult Nails. And you can order ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Captivated’, that I used, as well.

Do you take a walk on the wild side…wear black nail polish?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: L’oreal’s Revitalift Cleansing Towelettes

When I review a facial wipe, I have been using it for at least 7 days straight. That way I can experiment with different types of makeup and such. That was, until I started using these…
I used L’oreal’s Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleansing Towelettes. They lasted 4 days, that’s all.
Here’s why; these are so heavily-perfumed that it gives me a headache. A big one! I’m not often sensitive to smells but I totally am with these. And to have that smell around my face and ON my face was not going to last.

How unassuming these look and feel. In fact, the cloth, itself, is soft. But, it only did a so-so job of removing my makeup. In all honesty, it could have been because I didn’t work it long enough on my face. I hurried to get it over with.


These are the ingredients, and I have no issues, really, with them. My big thumbs down is all based on the overwhelming perfume smell. The packaging says that it has vitamin C in it. I wish they would have made it smell like oranges then. Sigh.

Have you tried L’oreal’s Cleansing Towelettes?

Tool Tuesday: Shower Comb

This is quite the unassuming comb. It’s cheap; like about $1 at Walgreens or even the dollar store. There’s nothing about it to make it worth more than that…
This comb is hooked on the shower rack in my….guess it…..SHOWER, YES!!!

I have long, fine hair. I can’t imagine trying to comb my hair without combing it first, with conditioner still in it, before rinsing. If not, I’d end up with a tangled mess and a handful of broken hair.

This pink one I got last year when I went to the coast for a weekend. I forgot to bring my original one. And, as I mentioned, I couldn’t go without one. Hey, that’s what makes Walgreens so damn handy!
Simple features….
…hook on one end…
…teeth on the other. But, seriously, before I rinse out my conditioner, I use this comb because it is super gentle on my fragile, wet strands. And the comb, itself is easy to care for. To wash it, I put it in a bowl of water with a couple of capfuls of bleach and let it stand for a couple of hours. After wiping and rinsing, back into the shower ready for my next wash.
I know it is so simple, but, really I LOVE this tool! It could easily be the only tool I would need for my hair. And because I know you want to know, my original one is white and I have had it for at least a decade. Since I had to get a second one, I went for pink.

My New Favorite Product: XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers For Hair Loss

For the last two years that I have attended the Premiere Orlando Show, I look for the one item that blows me away. Last year it was the Macadamia Nut Oil. This year it is XFusion: Keratin Hair Fibers.


I could have traded in everything I got while at the show for the opportunity to discover this product.

In a nutshell, this is a product that hides thinning or balding hair. The reason I’m beyond giddy about this product will be evident in the before and after photos I show at the end of the post. But, don’t cheat! You gotta learn about this BOSS product first!!!

These are the main, two items…

There is the Keratin Hair Fibers in the canister and, then there is the dispenser that goes on top of the canister. This ‘puffs’ the fibers out, directly where you aim it.

The canister holds the fibers. There are 9 different colors to select from too. Since my roots tend to be darker than the ends of my hair, Light Brown, is my color…

When you open the canister, you can see that it has a shaker top. You can use this to apply the fibers. However, I use the dispenser.

And to do that, you unscrew the shaker top…

Then you screw on the puffer top…

There’s a travel cover on the end of the nozzle. I keep it on when I’m not using the product. 

So, I aim the nozzle at the area I want to cover and pump on the round top to ‘puff’ the fibers out. I like the nozzle because I only have a small area to apply it to and this focuses right in there.

Once I have applied the amount I want, I then use a setting spray to hold it in place…

That’s the spray in the upper right corner. It’s like hair spray and, I guess you could just use regular hair spray but, this doesn’t make my hair feel dried out. And, it really has a nice fragrance; not like some regular hair sprays.

Of course, this product is for both genders. In the kit, there are these two templates…

You can set these at the hairline and shake or spray XFusion over it. This will make for a more nature look to the hairline. And, this was important to me: XFusion fibers do not rub, sweat or blow off. (Take THAT, Florida Summertime!!) The fibers cling to the hairs around it and give the illusion of a fuller head of hair. But, you do have to have some hairs for the fibers to cling to.

OK, this is why I’m totally in love with this product…I have genetic-based hair loss. My Mom has it so I didn’t panic when I noticed my hair thinning right above my temples. I complained and whined about it though. And, my friends and hair stylist, all share their recommendations of potions and shampoos and such to fix it. But, the truth is, it’s genetic and it’s hormonal. Now, I no longer need to overly-fuss with my bangs trying to hide thin spots.

Here’s the before…

And the after…

These photos are from when I tried XFusion the very first time too. I’m so delighted that it really IS that easy to use. Now that I’ve been using it a couple of weeks, I’m even better at applying it.

This is a product that is purchased at hair salons. On the XFusion website, you can go to their locator page and find the closest location that sells it.

There are many different reasons a person can experience hair loss. Sometimes, it is hormonal and genetic, like mine. I suppose it will progress as I get older too. Sometimes hair loss can be temporary as with medication side effects or stress. I do recommend that if you experience sudden or unexplained hair loss that you see a doctor. It could be a serious medical issue that would need to be addressed right away.

This is my favorite of the show and may well be my favorite product of the year. It’s instant gratification; no waiting for something to grow, or work, or costly hair club stuff. I have no visible thinning spots and a whole lot more of confidence!