Zinio: Nine Digital Magazine Subscriptions Giveaway

I am sure you have seen magazines now being offered for reading on your Kindle. iPad or tablet. I am excited to share with you an awesome giveaway the folks at Zinio are offering my loyal readers. Read on!!!

When I fly or am riding on a long drive, I have to have a book or, better yet, a magazine. However, with the advent of tablets, Kindles, iPads, and Nooks, not only can you take a lot of books along but also, you can take your magazines. Just think, you don’t have to pick just one magazine; you can take your entire collection. Makes it really handy for when you go to the doctor’s office and all they have are magazines from 1999.

Zinio Logo 120 x 60 px

Here’s some info on Zinio:

  • Thousands of top magazines from around the world.  You can browse and purchase subscriptions or single issues instantly from your computer or mobile device to read wherever and whenever you like

  • Explore section lets you read – even without a subscription – thousands of articles from your favorite magazines and share them with friends

  • Use on iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phones and tablets, laptop or desktop

  • For use on Kindle Fire, follow these steps: http://imgs.zinio.com/faq/fire.html

Zinio Numbers:

  • Delivered more than 70 million digital issues in 2012

  • Showcases over 5,000 digital magazines on its digital newsstand with readers in more than 200 countries.

  • Zinio users can search, save and share stories from more than 5,000 magazine titles –– in 33 languages and 23 currencies

Zinio Recognition:

Zinio has kindly offered to give 9 of my readers a free subscription to any of the magazines they offer. (Note: I do get the 10th one as compensation for providing this giveaway. I’ll let you know which magazine I pick when I announce the winners.)

I want to make this super easy for you to enter. Simply click here to go to Libby’s Pink Vanity’s Facebook Fan Page and Like it. Then, leave me a comment under the Facebook post that has this article in it, that you have done so. If you are already a fan, just let me know in the Facebook comments.  I will randomly pick 9 followers to get a free subscription. Once the winners are drawn, I will collect name, email address and the magazine subscription you pick to forward to Zinio. There’s no obligation, no credit card info to hand over, just pick your favorite magazine and start reading it on your tablet.

This giveaway ends Friday, March 29 at 3:00 PM Mountain Time.

Got any questions? Leave me a comment below.

Oh, can’t wait to go ahead and get some of your favorite magazines? These promos are for you!

Details of Current Zinio Special Promotions

Get $5 for Every $10 You Spend


Spring 2for1

5 Titles for $5 Each


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Find Zinio Here


Prestige: Color Persist Long-Wear Lipstick

Prestige Cosmetics was on sale a week ago at Rite Aid. I was intrigued by this lipstick…beauty photos 017I like that the top of the lipstick is clear. It’s a lot better than just trying to go by the colored label on the bottle of the stick. The reason I picked this shade was to try something different…

beauty photos 018

beauty photos 020The  Color Persist Long-Wear lipstick line is quite different than regular lippies. This one has tons of hydrating properties. Having moved to a much drier climate, I am attempting to up my game at staying hydrated. I am particularly noticing it with my lips. Color Persist seems to deliver. This is very moisturizing. Check out the inner-core jammed full of Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and E. All that will keep your smackers smooth…

beauty photos 021Now, onto the color. I found ‘Infinite Mauve’ to be interesting…

beauty photos 024

Prestige’s website says that this lipstick contains ‘Hyaluronic Acid and Radvon Oil [that will] encourage collagen production and keep lips supple and firm.’ Yes, I am all for keeping my lips plump! And, a surprise is how the shade works on me…

makeup lippies 024On the right side of this photo, I have applied ‘Infinite Mauve’. On the left side, my bare lips. What is this magic? This shade is practically the same as my own lips. I found it was strangely amusing. However, I want the hydrating qualities to enhance my entire mouth…

makeup lippies 028‘Infinite Mauve’ has just made my lips enhanced: by color, hydration and collagen. And, isn’t that what we want our lips be be? Not just for winter, but for always.

Crush Cosmetics: My New Indie Mineral Makeup Discovery

As I venture more and more into indie makeup… I am totally having fun!! Here are some (albeit crummy) photos of my newest discovery: Crush Cosmetics. I purchased the 15 pack sampler and I love every one of them…

swatches faces makeup 002swatches faces makeup 006swatches faces makeup 003I picked three, random shades to create a look. These are the three I picked…

swatches faces makeup 027swatches faces makeup 016 Pretty Please, Smokin’ Bitch. Boy, what a combo! And I adore Smokin’. Check out these close-ups to see THE sparkles…

swatches faces makeup 013swatches faces makeup 012So, after I got done drooling over a spread of sparkle, I did create a look…

swatches faces makeup 032This isn’t foiled, I used a primer. But, this light does not.a.thing for the loveliness of these shadows. These shades play so well together. I had no problem blending them. So, whether you like a hint of sparkle or, you are ready to dazzle the masses, Crush Cosmetics can run your gambit.

Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Eye Cream; A Real Keeper For My Peepers

I got to be a part of Kiehl’s New Store Grand Opening last year at the Mall at Millenia, Orlando, FL. One of the great products I received was the Rosa Arctica Eye Cream. Fans, this is the bomb!

kiehls icing mani ugly face 002I have been using eye creams for at least 20 years. And I have tried a lot of different ones in those 2 decades. So, when I can say that this is a fantastic eye cream, I’m not kidding around!…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 004Keihl’s packaging theme is like an old-time apothecary. I’m very intrigued by that. And, at the same time drawn to the science of it. It isn’t necessary to google information on Rosa Artica either. It’s right on the box…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 006So, this is what Keihl’s claims for this product but, what are the ingredients? That’s what I want to know!…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 008Well, now I will need to do some googling because I really don’t know what all of these ingredients are. However, I do recommend that if you have sensitive skin, you give these ingredients a go-over. I have fairly behaving skin so I went ahead and tried it out…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 009

I found Rosa Arctica Eye Cream to be one of the richest and creamiest eye creams I have ever used. This made the skin around my eyes very soft and smoothed out, instantly, the fine lines around the outside of my eye area. I have used Kiehl’s for over 4 months. Even with moving to a much drier climate, my eye area continues to feel hydrated, soft and smooth. I have experienced no negative results from using this eye cream.

I’m so confident that Rosa Arctica Eye Cream is perfect for my skin that I can show you a photo of my eye after 4 months of using this product…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 032I do have on eye makeup; mascara, pencil liner and shadow. However, I don’t have any other makeup on my skin. I do have a disclaimer, however. That prominent line, directly under my eye, is a scar from reconstructive surgery I had after a car accident. It is a 30 year old scar and it was directly under my lashes back then. But, as you can see, that is really the only deep line I have. So, for a 51 year old face, this month, I think Kiehl’s is a winner for this face!

This product was provided to me as a promotional item. This is my own, honest opinion.