How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

For many years when I was single, it seemed like the whole world was ‘coupled.’  I was the only one not with someone.  And just when I came to terms with it, I met my husband.  But I still spent many a Valentine’s Day with no flowers and syrupy cards and it was heartbreaking.

Thankfully, I’m not as heartbroken with a manicure gone bad.  However, it is still disappointing to find that it doesn’t turn out the way I had envisioned.

Good idea, fail on execution…

 Starting at the beginning…I found these nail stencils at Claire’s.  Cute and $3.50 gets you 10 stencils, 2 different designs.

Next, I started with a light pink frost.  This one is from OPI and it’s from a mini set that had something to do with a Wedding French manicure.  I’ve had this a long time so I don’t remember the formal collection it came from…

It’s a frosty, pink shell color.  Very demure and not only is it work appropriate, I think it’s good for all ages too.

Sheer enough for visible nail line and doesn’t hide craggy cuticles, but I can see healthy nail beds.
Here’s were it really fell of the road.  I attempted a couple of the stencils but, this is what I ended up with…

Problem: the polish came off with the stencil.  I used two different brands of polish too.  The red on the thumb is 10 Professional Nail Polish in ‘From Paris With Love.’ (One of two types of polish that came out at CVS early last fall.  I posted here about it.) and for the pink I used Forever 21’s Love & Beauty ain’t got no name frost pink.

I tried the third time on my ring finger and didn’t leave the polish on as long.  Still, not the look I wanted or expected to see from using the stencils.

So, how does one mend a broken heart?  Best advise, Zoya’s Remove+.

As a side note, check out a more current version of ‘How Do You Mend A Broken Heart.‘  This is what happened to my heart throb!  Well, that first video is 40 YEARS OLD!!!  OMG!!!

Who else felt really old knowing that!

Comparison with Mega’s ’10’ and ‘Confetti’ brands

Back in early June, I found a couple of new nail polish brands.  Check it out here.  And though it’s been thought that there isn’t anything new with these two brands and they are all cremes, I’m OK with that.  The prices, at $1.99 and $3.99, were right.

I haven’t taken the time, and, have the depth of polishes to do dupe postings.  But I saw an opportunity with ’10’ and ‘Confetti.’  It seemed there were some dupes within the display, so I made a purchase.  Not only did I want to compare the colors but also the formulas as well.

Here we have 10 with #449 label on top and ‘From Paris With Love’ (listed on back) and Confetti’s Crimson Cutie.  This photo, taken outside, makes them look pretty damn close in color.  Maybe the Crimson Cutie is a bit more shimmery???

Now in this photo, they really do look similar.

Here they are on my nails.  I won’t make you guess which one is which.  That gives my brain a cramp!!  The #449 is on the thumb, middle and pinky.  Crimson Cutie is on my index and ring finger.  The ring and pinky look identical, to me.

#449 could be a bit deeper.  As far as the formulas, Confetti is just a little bit thinner.  However, it wasn’t HUGELY noticeable.   As a note, I have on BC, Seche Clear, 2 coats of color, 2 coats of Clear and 1 of Seche Vite.

Here’s my ‘duh’ move; I was going to alternate the colors opposite on my right hand.  However, I watch TV when I polish, obviously entrenched in watching ‘Operation Repo!’  I polished only the middle finger with #449.

Trying to have an objective opinion, comparing them visually, was hard.  I asked Mr. Kimberly if he could tell which nails were painted differently.  Another ‘duh’ moment; Mr. Kimberly is blue/green color blind!!

Quite honestly, the photos show more of a color difference than they do in real life.  The lasting power of both was the same despite the thicker and more pliable formula of ’10.’ 

My recommendation would be to get the cheaper, Confetti.  The look and wearability are the same for both.  I’d only recommend the ’10’ over Confetti if you are particular about the smoothness of the polish going on.

 I know that I’ll pick the Confetti brand, if there are dupes, between the two.  Not that big of a difference to make a difference.  Just the prices.  Give me your thoughts.

My Quivery CVS New Brand of Polish Haul

Yes, I’m still beside myself with this new brand.  I went out in the evening light to see if I could capture some photos to share. Get ready, this is photo heavy.

Gosh, I need an outside table and not the hood of my husband’s car! But I was disparate to share.  hee hee!
All here are ‘Confetti’ with the exception of the second from the left.  That is the ’10 Professional.’
Moonstruck; Casablanca; Dreamdate; Dressed to the 9’s; Debutante

There are some possible dupes between these two collections.  They are both made by MEGA Beauty Inc.  So I got this color from each collection to swatch and see if there is any color, wear or texture differences.
Here we have From Paris With Love; Crimson Cutie.
Now on to showcasing them each on their own…

Oops, this fun blue, Party Palace Blue, didn’t make it to the first shot call. And then there is a Confetti ‘My Favorite Martian,’ a super shimmery green that I forgot was on my desk, and didn’t even take outside for its photo op!

Well,  I loaded all the single photos first and thought I’d be able to go through each and name them and give a general idea on the color.  Rats! That didn’t work out.  I did put the photos in the same order as the line up and, as I listed their names.  Luckily, they are photographing very close to their color.  Exceptions, but only slightly, are: Debutante, it’s more shimmery than the photo; Dressed To The 9’s, it’s darker and more brown.  I’ll photo these again in high sunlight tomorrow.  And I’ll remember the fun green one.

You KNOW I’m going to use one of these first thing!  Which one should I choose? I wish I knew how to do a poll because that would be fun. I will be revamping the layout of the blog now that I have found someone to help me out.  That’s ANOTHER thing to be looking forward to!

Off to ‘Snoopy Dance!’