Cult Nails: Nevermore One-Coat Black Creme Polish

Give me a creme polish and I’ll, eventually, look for a way to get glitter on it…

This is a one coat black creme….seriously!!! Maria, owner and creator of, Cult Nails has done what no one else could; make a one-coat black creme. Kari, from Once Bitten Blog, came up with the PERFECT name too: ‘Nevermore’. I wore ‘Nevermore’ for two days before playing with glitter. So, as you may notice, there is hardly any tip wear. ‘Nevermore’ is so shiny that I didn’t even need a top coat either.

Before I removed ‘Nevermore’, I did four glitter effects on each hand…


 On my right hand, I used: NK Nail Enamel in ‘Magical’ (thumb); Orly in ‘It’s A Meteor’ (index finger); Cult Nails in ‘Captivated’ (middle finger); Wet ‘n Wild in ‘Bow In My Presence’ (ring finger); and my pinky is bare.

Now on my left hand…

Starting with my thumb: Cult Nails in ‘Happy Ending’ (thumb); Orly in ‘Be Brave’ (index finger); China Glaze in ‘Luxe and Lush’ (middle finger); ring finger is bare; love & beauty in ‘Clear/Silver’ (pinky). I like how the sunlight bounced off ‘Happy Ending’. 

Years ago, when I wore black nail polish, I was so ‘goth’ about it. It seemed deviant. But today, I don’t think anyone thinks twice about seeing it or wearing it. At least for me, I didn’t notice anyone pulling their children away from being around me. 

Want to wear a one-coat black creme proudly? You can order yours at Cult Nails. And you can order ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Captivated’, that I used, as well.

Do you take a walk on the wild side…wear black nail polish?

Three Polish Brands; One Big Holiday Polish Haul

These are my recent nail polish hauls. And it’s a haulage!!

I got these at Sally’s. I wanted to get ‘Ingenue’ as well, but it was gone!

These two polishes are from Orly’s Holiday Soiree collection. On the left, the gawdawesome ‘Androgynie’. The one on the right, that’s ‘Oui’.

Go ahead and take a closer look…

‘Androgynie’…the final frontier. The baby lacey nail file is cute but utterly useles.

‘Oui’ to a gold and silvery-purple duochrome.

Lovely shades. Nothing terribly new, but these are the shades of polish I like. You can see some ‘hot damn’ swatches of this collection at I Drink Nail Polish’s blog.

I was at the right place at the right time to get this collection from China Glaze…

This China Glaze collection is from the one called Eye Candy 3-D. I don’t know what the 3-D part is because these polishes have no more or less depth to them than any other glitters. But, maybe I missed getting the free 3-D glasses that should have come with these.  I did get in on the sale at Ulta though. I bought 2 and got 1 free. At first, I was only going to get 5 but since that sixth one was free, I got them all.

The first one above is called ‘Lorelei’s Tiara.’ That’s the one that has silver glitter and then some teal glitter swirling around within. That is one of the more unique looks.

Next to that is ‘Marry A Millionaire’. Great saying that goes with a medium purple glitter with holo bar glitter. Another rather new look to me.

And then the last one in this line up is a gold glitter; ‘Blonde Bombshell.’ This is the one I wasn’t going to get at first. It’s a gold glitter but has these larger sizes of gold glitter as well. I feel I have to get my nose right down into it to see the differences in the sizes, however.

Next set…

From left over to right; ‘Material Girl’; ‘Some Like it Haute (named after one of my favorite movies); and then ‘Love Marilyn.’

 ‘Material Girl’ is a dusty pink glitter with larger sized pink holo glitter.

Next is ‘Some Like It Haute.’ This one is another favorite. It’s a dark, slate gray and has holo glitter suspended in it. Last is ‘Love Marilyn’ and this is a gorgeous red glitter sprinkled with silver glitter.

There’s ‘Androgenie’ next to ‘Some Like It Haute’…

 I know they are not the same and the only similarities can be they are both dark and have holo glitter. However, when you put them side by side, they actually bring out the unique flavor of each other.

Blurred for shimmer, you can see both are full of holographic glitter. ‘Androgynie’ has the larger hex shaped pieces.

And lastly, I found the Nicole By OPI’s Holiday Glitter collection. I picked up just two…

 On the left, ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’. Now that’s a Santa suit red! It’s got speckles of gold glitter within a sea of red glitter. Ho Ho Ho!

 And on the right, that’s ‘Glitter In My Stocking.’ It’s a bright gold glitter that has red and copper glitter thrown in for some major holiday awe-ness.

They look like glitter tree ornaments, don’t they?

There were a total of 4 shades to this collection. One was a fuchsia glitter (‘My Sleigh Is In The Shop) and the other was a bright blue with a rainbow assortment of colored micro-glitter called  ‘Snowman of My Dreams.’ I hemmed and hawed over that one and I think I’ve convinced myself that I will have to go back and get it.

I better get busy and Holiday Swatch! Do you have any of these or, are there some here that you know you’ll get?

An Intoxicating Grog: Witch’s Brew

There’s a pink giveaway going on at the Pink Vanity. Click here and enter.

Halloween is coming up so fast, I’m going to run out of days before I can do all my Halloween looks.

Here’s one that is my favorite for this season…

 Check out Icing’s ‘Witch’s Brew.’ That is some concoction!!

‘Witch’s Brew’ is Icing’s 2011 Halloween collection. Out of an jelly orange glitter and a jelly purple with purple glitter, this one out of the bunch is my total, total favorite.

I’m intoxicated by ‘Witch’s Brew.’ If I were not a nail blogger, I would wear this shade all month. It’s a black jelly and has dark turquoise micro glitter in it.

I used Seche Vite as the top coat and you’d swear that you are looking up into a midnight sky. I used three coats of polish then one coat of Seche for this mani.

Have you seen this shade before? You probably have. ‘Witch’s Brew’ is a near dupe to a couple of other polishes available…

On the left is Icing’s ‘Witch’s Brew’, in the middle Sinful Color’s ‘What’s Your Name?, and last is Cult Nails’ ‘Living Water.’ Can you see how ‘What’s Your Name’ is more of a blue glitter?

And take a closer look at Cult Nails’ ‘Living Water.’ This polish has something the other two do not: luminosity. ‘Living Water‘ has turquoise glitter that looks like it is lit up. Hands down, the best looking of the three. I did a post on ‘Living Water.

It probably goes without saying that I’m a total sucker for clever names and ‘Witch’s Brew’ is one of them.

Next is a couple of random sharings.

Every time I am at a mall that has a Forever 21, I stop by. I’m compelled to! This is what I scored last week…

When I was in high school, there was this saying ‘I wouldn’t kick that out of bed for eating crackers in it.’ How horrible, blech! But that stupid saying came to mind when I photo’d these at the sunny window. I’m saving these for Christmas manis.

And lastly, last week my brother, sister-in-law and niece vacationed at the happiest place on earth, Disney World. I got to hang out with them a few days. I, too, am 12 years old when I’m with my 12 year old niece. It’s grand to have someone to play with. 🙂

This is Karlie…

Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet, I Found A Polish That Can’t Be Beat

If you are scurrying around, trying to get a lot done and the Internet gets wonky, doesn’t that just piss ya off?! OK, I guess I need to get into some sort of anger management computer class or, net rage control intervention.

But, this pumpkin soothes my nerves…

I was in St. Petersburg, Florida last weekend for my sister’s wedding. I checked G’s (Nouveau Cheap) virtual tracking map for Wet ‘n Wild’s On the Prowl collection. I actually saw 2 spottings marked for the Gulf Coast!

My hubs has got it through his head that yes, we will stop by several Walgreens, when we are out. And I was damn sure we would on our way to the Gulf.

I’ve given up on the On the Prowl collection. But I did find these…

I have seen and know about Del Sol polishes, however, this is the first one I have ever purchased. I think I’ve avoided buying any Del Sol because I’m not what you call an ‘outside’ girl.

I didn’t think ‘Trick or Treat’ was going to fair well all by itself (notice middle finger). And I got out my trusty black creme and went to town. I used Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Black Out.’ I have 2 coats of ‘Black Out’ and used 2 coats of ‘Trick Or Treat.’ I didn’t do a top coat as I figured it would not work with sunlight-changing polishes.

I wasn’t paying any attention and thought this was going to be a just OK polish. No! This is way better than a just OK!

 There is iridescent glitter in this! And the orange glitter plays off the iridescent and creates fireworks. Good grief, I can’t get over the look.

Remember, I just stated that I’m not the outdoorsy type, right? I guess I wasn’t outdoors enough when I was photographing these shots because ‘Trick or Treat’ was not changing. Hmmm…what that the trick? Then I got a bright idea (whoo hoo…bright idea is gonna be a pun, hold on). I thought I’d use my UV light box. Word!

And here is the bottle itself. You can actually see the line where the bottle was out of the light spectrum.

 I’m pretty gaga over this polish. It was hard for me to move on to swatch another one.

Have you seen ‘Trick or Treat’? How do you like Del Sol polish? Are you hoping to find a Winter Holiday Del Sol polish, like I am?

Vampiest Polish Shades Found at Forever 21

Just a short little haul today.

I stopped by Forever 21 at the mall I did some work at just today. I wasn’t going to stop in, but I’m obsessed I’ll miss something new.

What I found wasn’t so much as new as it was just new to me. Also, I needed a gift.

Take a look at the goods…

Named ‘Midnight’, this Forever 21, love & beauty polish looks just like a starry sky. It reminds me of the Hubble space photos of far universes.

The base is a blackened blue, and then it is chalk-full of micro glitter that seems mostly silver. However, and I can’t tell for sure, there are either different colored micro glitters in there, or that silver is refracting a rainbow of shades. Even swatched on a white sheet of paper I’m not quite sure.

This one is new to me. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. This is called ‘Black.’ But, what we have here is black glitter. The base is clear but it is loaded with a lot of black glitter and micro-glitter. I got this to tide me over til I get Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Tangled in My Web’, which you can look at here and see Vampy Varnish’s swatch of it.  It seems that ‘Black’ is more densely packed with glitter though. I’ll do a comparison or, just a swatch of ‘Black’ if I can’t find ‘Tangled…’ soon enough.

This is another one that seems just right for the Halloween season…

You’re checking out ‘Burgundy.’ But, as you scan through these photos, it’s not always ‘Burgundy,’ now is it? Duochrome, Honey Child!

Oh. You noticed there were two ‘Burgundy’ bottles? Shhh….one is a gift for someone very special.

Is there one you like better than the other? I’m truly interested…are my hauls and swatches of Forever 21’s love & beauty polishes of interest to you? Does it create lemmings?

Blinded By the Light; Glitter A-Bomb

The elusive Wet ‘n Wild ‘Black Magic’ polish DOES exist!!!

Don’t bother going to this Walgreens; I took all three of those ‘Black Magic’ polishes. Can you see my reflection in the back of the display? That’s creepy.

Here’s what the clammer has been about…

Black glittery good stuff! I’m doing a mani right now and I am using ‘Black Magic’ as an accent nail. I’ll have this one up in a couple of days.
If you haven’t heard about the mystery of the Wet ‘n Wild’s 2 different ‘Black Magic’ polishes, I wrote about it here.  The multi-display, that has other makeup products, shown at the top, has the sparkly ‘Black Magic.’ The displays that I have seen at Ulta’s, has the black creme. Technically, I think the one I got above should be named ‘MORE Black Magic.’

This is what I got when I stepped into Icing today…

The charmed look of this brings out the magpie in me. Oh, it was 50%; $4.25.

And the polishes are always buy one, get one 1/2 off (BUT, I did ask today and was told that does NOT apply to the crackle. I didn’t see a sign that said that though…just sayin’). I found one and I had a hard time picking that second one…




 All this sparkle can give you a migraine. You best sit in the dark after this post. No joke!

Icing’s ‘Glitteratti’ has a rainbow of micro-glitter and the hard-to-miss fuchsia hex glitter. And then, ‘Gimme Some Glitter’ has a murky burgundy base (which looks like black when swatched on white paper) with gold, teal, fuchsia and purple glitter. It’s very busy, but in a GOOD way!

It was a busy day at work for me, but I managed to get that shopping in! *wink* I got some more loot at the Dollar Store to show you later.

What base colors do you think ‘Glitteraffi’ and ‘Gimme Some Glitter’ should go over? If you find the sparkly ‘Black Magic,’ are you getting it?

Glow In the Dark Nail Drama

How could I not to this post and NOT think of Jen at The PolishAholic? She swatched all the China Glaze Halloween polishes AND gave me the willies about a spider in the mix. *shivers*

I wonder if there is a glow in the dark crackle out there? In the meantime, I did this…

I picked up both China Glaze’s ‘Ghoulish Glow’ and OPI’s ‘Black Shatter’ at Ulta. I just happened to have picked up China Glaze’s Halloween polishes recently, though.

I have on 3 coats of ‘Ghoulish Glow’ then the one coat of ‘Black Shatter.’ Both polishes dry matte. Here, I put on a coat of Seche Vite…

I didn’t shatter my right hand and even though it is obvious as that one single, huge, red zit that invades my face every so often, no one said a word about this…

Now, I don’t want to plant visions or heebie geebies on you, unlike Jen did to me…So, I will tell you that I tested out the glow in the dark in my closet and tried REALLY hard not to think of spiders…

See….I did it without any fear.

No, wait!!! That’s just a loose hair that you feel on the back of your neck and on your bare arm. Don’t be so goosy!!!

Wet n Wild Black Magic Shinanigans and a Sparkly Pumpkin

As I mentioned previously, I saved back the Icing’s ‘Pumpkin’ to swatch. I’m sitting on the fence about this one…probably like a pumpkin. ;P So, here are the photos and I’ll leave it up to you if it is worth purchasing.


 After I polished my pinky, I started thinking that maybe I should put a base coat down first. So, as you can see, I did a couple tests with that in mind.

I used Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Black Magic’ from the Fantasy Maker Halloween collection. This little tombstone has caused quite a bit of confusion. It’s like the wrong person got buried in the wrong plot.

Here’s the situation as I understand it. Gianna at Nouveau Cheap, gave ‘Black Magic’ a review and swatch on her blog. You can pop on over here, to check it out. You’ll notice that she not only swatches it but she also shows a photo of the side of the polish stating that this polish is, indeed, named ‘Black Magic.’

Cool! Many of us are excited to get a black polish that has an array of micro-glitter colors. However, a few of us ended up with a creme black.

Mine even says ‘Black Magic.’ However, it is not the same as Gianna’s. I purchased mine at an Ulta store. So, a few days later, I went to another Ulta store and looked the display over carefully. What I noticed was that the display states that the color that should be there is ‘Black Sparklee.’ The plot thickens…

I feel confident that Wet n Wild has made a mistake in packaging. My question then is, will we be able to find ‘Black Sparklee’? Stay tuned. I’ll give an update when anything turns up.

Now that I’m finished with that breaking news, back to our regularly scheduled swatch…

‘Pumpkin’ is, without any doubt, orange and sparkly. I love it! However, I think doing a mani with just the ‘Pumpkin’ would have done just fine as it is rather densely packed with glitter.

‘Pumpkin’ is a thick polish. And I had a difficult time getting it to apply near the cuticle without depositing glitter on my skin.

With the top photo of my thumb, I have one coat of ‘Black Magic’ (imposter or not) and 2 coats of ‘Pumpkin.’ I have one two top coats of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’. And even with those 2 layers of top coat, ‘Pumpkin’ is still gritty. On the index finger, I have 3 coats of ‘Pumpkin’ and I think it looks fairly nice. It has got an opaque look to it with 3 coats. Only thing is, that it does have pull at the cuticle line.

This is my index finger on my right hand and I believe that this shows the drag of ‘Pumpkin’ but the possibilities that using these two polishes have. It almost looks like a graduated appearance.

Oh, and one great thing about the ‘Black Magic’ I got, that sucker is opaque in one coat!. Not a bald spot or a streak. That makes me feel a bit better about having it in my collection.

Now you can tell me what you think about these polishes; layer or no layer? And on the ‘Black Magic’ mixup; Trick or Treat? Let me know your thoughts, I’m interested to read what the readers think.

For A Ghoul Time, Call Golden Nightmare

Who’s ready for Halloween?  ME!!! ME!!!!

So, let the Halloween fun begin!!!

I purchased this polish earlier this year waiting for the holiday. Take a look at Kleancolor’s ‘Golden Nightmare’…

In this black jelly base is glitter. But I’m not going to call in golden. It’s green like the green glitter from ‘Zombie Zest.’ Click here to see a swatch of ‘Zombie Zest’ done by Scangie, last year.

This is what 2 coats of ‘Golden Nightmare’ look like…

In the bottle, it looks like a LOT more glitter than what gets applied to the nail. And you know what? I’m perfectly fine with that. I like how it came out.

‘Golden Nightmare’ is still an inky black and showcases the greenish-gold glitter very well. I’m telling you, it’s a great Halloween mani. But, beware!!!! This polish gobbles up top coat. I have a no name coat on first, then I followed up with Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker.’

This photo shows off the glitter the best…

‘Golden Nightmare’ is a name that I can’t imagine what that would be. But I love the creepiness and the spookiness of it.

So, did anyone address the name of ‘Zombie Zest’ last year? If you know what ‘zest’ is, that makes ‘Zombie Zest’ just terribly disgusting and downright gory! (Insert Vincent Price laugh.)

How do you like ‘Golden Nightmare’? Do you like food that uses lemon zest? Will you ever be able to use zest again and not think of zombies?

Giveaway: CLOSED Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice


Stay tuned…at the end of this message, we will show you how you can get this look, yourself!

Just a little while back, I purchased, at Walgreens, this polish from the new display by Sally Hansen. I photographed ‘Pumpkin Spice’ while in the store. I just couldn’t get past the thought of buying Halloween stuff when the back to school stuff is still out. Hell, most schools haven’t started back.

Then I saw some ‘Pumpkin Spice’ swatches and I was terribly smittened.



 This looks like embers smoldering in a campfire. And to achieve this total look, I used Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear ‘Black Out.’ “Pumpkin Spice’ can’t truly stand alone and get this hot look.

I can’t say that this is ‘just in time for Halloween’, however, I will say that this will, more than likely, NOT be around for Halloween. I could be wrong but I wouldn’t chance it.

And I have had more than just a couple of Tweet friends say that ‘Pumpkin Spice’ is hard to find. Well, that won’t do! So…I’m having a giveaway. And not just one set of ‘Pumpkin Spice’ and ‘Black Out’, but two prizes of this set. Wheeeeee!
I’m strict with my rules. So, please read carefully. There will be TWO winners. Each will get one set of ‘Pumpkin Spice’ and ‘Black Out’. Here’s what ya gotta do to enter:
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Get Some Bonus Entries
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That’s it!

This giveaway is one internationally. If you have won with me in the past, you are still invited to enter.

The giveaway ends Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 10 AM, EST.

Got any questions…just email me.