A Vamp Color that is ‘Jaded’

There were some severe storms here in Orlando today.  Thus, no sunlight to photograph with.

This is Ulta’s ‘Jaded.’  These photos come from the St. Patrick’s Day theme I did earlier this month.  I didn’t get to posting this mani.  So, it was good I had one ‘in the can’ to share for today.  Gives new meaning for ‘saving for a rainy day.’

 I like the duochrome-isque of this polish.  I didn’t notice the bubbles that formed until I looked at the photos.  I really need to have my eyes checked. :/  This is 3 coats with Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ as a top coat. 

‘Jaded’ is one of those blackened teal/green colors that usually is named ‘Green with Envy’ or ‘Poison Apple’ or even ‘Midnight Jade.’  It’s always a somewhat sinister name that makes you think of danger and intrigue.  I call it vampy fun.  Same thing.

Add this to the long list of vampy shades I like.  ‘Jaded’ is a rather new shade by Ulta and I liked it right away.

Is it a color you’d like to wear?  Do you go against the grain and wear shades like this into the spring and summer, when everyone else seems to be wearing some version of pastels?

Golly, Goth Green

Not too long ago, I swatched Ulta’s ‘Underground’, part of the Goth Glam mini collection.   One of the comments was from Rebecca, who has Nails Etc blog.  (Check out her avatar picture and you’ll see why David Lee Roth, with Van Halen, sang that song about a teacher.) Rebecca wrote that she was looking forward to seeing the green polish from this collection.

I had inspiration!  Besides that, Rebecca is just as sweet as her photo shows too.  So, here’s the green polish, named by Ulta as ‘Tainted Love.’  But I named it ‘Golly, Green Goth’ because the print is the size of bug’s eyes and printed in black ink on the bottom of the bottle.  I can’t read it!  I guess Ulta didn’t give a hoot if you knew the name of these polishes from this collection.  Never mind, I like naming polishes!

Outside, this gothic goody has no problem showing off its true green glitz.

Doesn’t this green make you envious!!!  Almost a bug-eye green with a lot of gold glimmer.

Indoors, however, this is a true goth glamour…

I got a BC, 2 coats of Seche Clear, 2 coats of ‘Tainted Love, 2 more coats of Seche with the top coat of Seche Vite.  Note: That is my ‘normal’ mani routine.  On occasion, I’ll use Quick ‘n Slick as my TC instead of Seche Vite.

And on that note, this looks like a jelly.  Maybe it is, I’m still new so hopefully I’ll get an answer from a more experienced nail blogger. 🙂

I couldn’t keep myself from stealing glances at my nails the whole time I wore this.  It appealed to me on so many levels.  Now granted, with the first coat, I wasn’t sure this was going to be great.  It was streaky and laid down blotchy.  However, the 2nd coat straightened up this green like a corset on a goth princess.

This ‘Golly, Green Goth’ gets two crosses up, in my book.  And what’s with the ‘Tainted Love’ name? Unless they really are referring to this ‘Tainted Love’ because it’s a LOT scarier!

You like this green?  Which version of ‘Tainted Love’ to you like best?  And, you see that chick in the beginning that’s fluffing up her hair in Rebecca’s video? (Psst…it’s at the top of the post) Yea, that WAS me…like, for sure!!!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

I won’t bore you with any more glitter or sparkles, after this.  The next NOTD won’t sparkle.  Well, I better not make that promise.  Nevertheless, I don’t wish to bore you.

Here are four more sparkles on the right hand over the ‘Underground’ Glam Goth, an Ulta collection.

Here’s the sparkle vampires lined up.  There’s the unheard of ‘Hidden Treasure’ from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure collection (just kidding on the unheard of); ‘Dive Deeper’ from that same collection; an unnamed polish (oh, goody, I get to name it and I decided it was ‘Pearl Jam’) from NYX; and last, there is Milani’s ‘Just Browsing.’

Well, I didn’t get a photo of the nails alone, but here they are with the bottles…

The index finger has defalcation (yep, you might have to look that one up…lol). It seems that when Hidden Treasure is on a black or near black polish, it flashes just orange.

Dive Deeper doesn’t play well either.  It’s too milky, but has a ton of rainbow colored glimmer.  There’s a nick on that polish too.

Here’s my precious.  That ‘no name,’ aka ‘Pearl Jam’ is captured quite nicely out in the evening light.  The color reminds me of a black light.  This is my fav of this post.

Just an itty, bitty pinky nail with ‘Just Browsing.’  It’s a nice irredecent shimmer.  Doesn’t seem to have that ‘oo, ah’ feeling to it.  And I just noticed, it got a nick too.

My winner here is NYX.  If it helps, the number on the bottom of the bottle is: 122705.  If that means anything.  ???

Got a favorite?  Don’t you think a black or near black is a surprise polish to see in the summer?  I like nice, unexpected surprised though.

In The Teal of the Night

If you are going to be a follower (and I hope you continue to be!), then you are going to learn pretty quick that I’m corny.  I, actually, think I’m clever.  However, it seems to matter where the perspective comes from.

So, I came up with ‘In the Teal of the Night’ as a name for this polish…

What you are seeing here is one of the polishes from Ulta’s Goth Collection.  Before I show you the picture of the collection, I have to explain the nails. This photo was taken after only a little over 24 hours of wear. And my cuticles are terribly craggy. I used to pick and bite the hell out of them before I started nail blogging.  They are still working on getting their ‘healthy look’ on.  Just had to get in that disclaimer.

This is how it came packaged.  It’s just a bear to capture this in the plastic.

One thing that the photo does pick up is the very subtle shades in each of these polishes.  It’s really hard to see them IRL; they all look black until you twinkle the bottle.

The Glam Goth set has 5 shades: Black Lace (dark grey creme), Tainted Love (green with green and gold microglitter), For Bitten (Black with red microglitter), After Hours (black with purple shimmer), and Underground (black with blue shimmer).  I had to snag these names and descriptions from the Ulta site.  The label on the bottom is so minuscule and in black ink.  I couldn’t even see it with my readers on.

What I tried out was the Underground.  But I came up with the ‘In the Teal of the Night’ before I could figure out the true name.  I thought the color looked like a deep, black teal color compared to other blue polishes.  Thus, the creative endeavor at naming it.

Ick!  And I was sporting a BC, two layers of Seche Clear, 2 coats of color, another 2 coats of Seche Clear, with a finishing top of Seche Vite.  ??? Now, I liked the color, that was cool.  But it could have lasted more than just a day.  And after 4 days, I just couldn’t even take a photo of that because it was just too horrid.

Quick rundown, small bottle, great collection, wicked colors, brush is ‘meh,’ application is ‘meh.’  And how do I feel about my purchase; I am glad I have it.  Great to play with when I want to feel a bit naughty. 😉

Can you see the subtle play of the color?  How about in the photos of my nails, can you see the teal?  If you have this, do you like it?  I’m going to show you some more ‘play’ with it in an upcoming blog post.


Tons, I tell ya, TONS of new polishes to get review.  I wonder if the drawer I hide …er, I mean STORE them will hold up.

Today’s polishes are by LASplash in Sparkling Jellyfish…

And Milani’s 2.0 on the toes…

First, the hands.  LASplash is a new to me brand.  I found this new line of cosmetics at Ulta this past week.  I picked this one polish to try out.  It was $3.99, so nothing that breaks the bank.  They have other types of makeup too and I helped myself to a super deep green glitter mascara.  But, I’m digressing.

Today when I went to use this polish, the entire top broke off.  I mean the top of the bottle! To avoid an ugly accident, back to Ulta I went today.  I got it replaced.  It was easy after the manager made sure I got the very same color.  (??? Did she have to say that out loud?)

So, here is the little pistol of a polish presented outside with a slightly overcast sky:

Whoa!!!  Can you say ‘VNL’!!!!  And this is after 4 coats.  I used Base-ics base coat, by Olan Labs, with 2 coats of Seche Clear.  Then came the 4 coats of LASplash to give this amount of coverage.  I start my polish strokes at my cuticle, but as you can tell from this picture, the sparkles didn’t start to lie down til a bit further up.  With each coat, I tried to get the color closer to my cuticle but it didn’t work.  There’s no top coat in this picture but I did, later, put on a coat of Seche Clear and followed with the final coat of Quick & Easy top coat by Olan Labs.  Even then, the nail felt scritchy from the glitter.

This picture shows the color of this orange glitter polish, very well.  The sparkle is iridescent. I ‘think’ this is the type of polish that is referred to as ‘jelly.’  Maybe one of my dear readers can enlighten me on this.  It’s a very sheer coverage.  I was more than just a little disappointed in this as I was hoping my nails would come out looking like the color the bottle presents.

This is by a window with a partially cloudy sky.  Serious Visible Nail Line!  So this one, probably, would do best as an overlay.

Now, on to the toes.  OMG…I’m not even going to embarrass myself by adding a different picture.  This one is just bad enough.

Seriously, I need to spend a few dollars and get a PEDICURE!!!  These poor toes need some TLC and this polish didn’t help one bit.  Booo!  

Milani is one of my favorite makeup lines.  It’s edgy and wild and….affordable.
This polish is called 2.0.  I love it.  And the color in the bottle is a deep lavender-ish gray that flashes silver.  I found this polish to be super thick.  I wonder if I got an old bottle?  Hmmm…because Milani polishes of the past haven’t been this thick.  So once I put it on my toes, it just became gloppy.  The nails themselves do need to be buffed out.  And the picture shows a terrible attempt of clean-up.  Again, the color in the bottle did not translate to the nail like I would have hoped.  Probably will look way better on my hands.

Got any polishes you’ve tried and didn’t end up so great on your nails?  What ones have disappointed you?  Leave your comments…I’m still just starting and would love to hear from you.

Goth Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

OK…I’m lying a little bit; it’s not really Goth’s anniversary.  But really, how long as the Goth look been around?  Sorry, young-ins but your parents might have been Goth.  Hee hee!  I did it for a bit in the mid 80’s and then again in the mid 90’s.  That was dress up at its max!
Here’s a little secret…Well, maybe it’s a BIG secret.  I almost named this blog ‘Behind My Husband’s Back.’  But that sounded too shady.  However, it would be fitting.  Gulp!  I hope he doesn’t read this.  If so…I LOVE YOU, HONEY!!!

After visiting Ulta this week, I found out I had $4 in credit to spend. I said thanks, but would hold onto it until I was really broke. But on the way out, what did I spy, but a cute little package sitting on the Ulta makeup endcap. There were only 5 left! They were dark and mysterious! They spoke of vampires and blood! They were…MINE!!! At $9.95 and with my $4 credit, heck, it was a no-brainer!

Here are my lovelies:

This was a hard package to take a picture of.  They are so dark that it had to be a flash photo to show up.  Here’s one I took outside in the evening:

Hmmmm…not very appealing in this light either.  It is going to help when I can begin taking better pictures.  You know those people that buy electronics that is too complicated for them to use?  :/

So, these little gems are called: Black Lace; Tainted Love; For Bitten; After Hours; Underground.  

I have them in the package shown in order.  I had taken them out of the package and then decided it was best to show them in it.  Now they are out of order and I have to put them in whilst figuring out what color is which.  Difficult to do when the teeny, tiny label on the bottom of the bottle has such tiny, microscopic print.  Ugh!  I used my reading glasses, then used the glasses while trying a flash light on them.  Finally, I googled the set so I could distinguish the colors.  Oh boy.

Swatching them will come later.  Here’s a quick run down.  Black Lace is super dark molten gray.  No sparkle to it.  Tainted Love is a very dark green with flashes of gold and turquoise.  For Bitten shows as an incredibly deep burgundy that flashes out with tiny burgundy sparkles.  After Hours looks like a dark, dark purple that sparkles flecks of purple.  And finally, Underground, which is the deepest teal I’ve ever seen.  Red is always a favorite of mine so the For Bitten looks like it will be my favorite from this collection.  I’m looking forward to trying these out.  In the meantime, you can check out the review by Stash Swatch .  

Now off to find my black lipstick.