Cult Nails: Feelin’ Froggy From The Fairy Tale Collection

If you haven’t given Cult Nails a try, now is a good time. Their new Fairy Tale collection has just been released. And what is a Fairy Tale without there being a frog around?…

‘Feelin’ Froggy’ is the green for the summer. It’s a medium green shade but has a lighter green shimmer inside. 

I have three coats on and topped it off with Famous Name’s ‘Lumos’ top coat. 


The photo above did the best of capturing that shimmer. Cool, eh? Like a summer cocktail-cool!


‘Feelin’ Froggy’ went on sooooo smoothly which is exactly what Cult Nails polishes are known for. And, I did a lot of hand labor during the week I wore this and I was extremely happy that this green stayed on so well. It didn’t……wait for it……croak!!!!

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Have you tried Cult Nails yet?

This collection was provided to me for my honest review. These opinions are strictly my own.

OPI: Just Spotted The Lizard From The Spiderman Collection

OPI has very recently released a collection in conjunction with the new Spiderman movie. This seems to be quite a theme, not only for OPI, but other nail polish companies as well, to have nail polish collections that pay homage to an upcoming movie. Remember, the Hunger Games? How about The Muppet Movie? And, way back was ‘Burlesque’.

Although I was not particularly excited about the Spiderman collection, I did pick up two: ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’ and ‘Number One Nemesis’.

Here’s ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’…

The colors that I see in the bottle are deceptive. It looks very much like a duochrome in the bottle. I’m seeing a green, a copper and a bluish-purple flash. But take a look at the color on my nails…

These were taken at the sunny window which, is indirect light. But, as you may notice, even though I am at different angles to the window, I’m seeing the same shiny green shade. I applied 3 even coats. I did top it off with Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat.

I’m really disappointed in that. I was looking forward to getting a duochrome as I don’t have very many of those in my polish collection. But, I still do like this shade…

It is just not blowing me away like I thought it would.

During the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet up, last week, of course we all look at each others’ nails and share what we are wearing. I couldn’t remember the proper name for this one so I jokingly was referring to it as ‘Pet My Lizard’. I think that is funnier than ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’.

What do you think? Will you, or have you, given this on a go?

China Glaze: Ray-Diant From The Prismatic 2012 Collection

China Glaze recently came out with a collection called Prismatic 2012. Here is ‘Ray-Diant’ from this collection…

Even though there is a strong pull of silver showing in this color, upon a closer look, it does have a green tinge to it.

This is three coats, but only 2 on my thumb…

I have no polish under ‘Ray-Diant’ so there is visible nail line.

This polish is nothing but jam-packed with glitter…

As I mentioned, the prominent color is a silvery-green. But, there is also a sprinkling of a darker green along with magenta too. It makes for a fun look…

The only downfall is that I am underwhelmed by the Prismatic 2012 collection. In fact, I almost passed on it, entirely. Even though I do feel the colors are fun and pretty, just like with ‘Ray-Diant’, I don’t feel it is something all that unique to me. However, I did get enjoyment out of wearing this one.

I didn’t apply a top coat so, the nails did feel slightly gritty. That doesn’t bother me unless it starts snagging my clothes. As you may imagine, removal is a chore. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time for that or, you will feel frustrated. I use Zoya’s Remove+ as it is more gentle on my nails and cuticles than regular polish remover.

Share your thoughts with me about the Prismatic 2012 collection. Yay or nay?

Sinful Colors: Olympia and The Naked Athletes

Sinful Colors recently released a spring collection called Cast Away. This is the pastel green from that collection..

This is called ‘Olympia’. Mount Olympus is the home to the Greek gods and goddesses. If you have read the myths, you might realize that Mount Olympus is sort of like a legendary ‘Big Brother’ reality show. DRAMA!!!

In the present day, Olympia is the founding location for the Olympics. The first games were preformed in the nude. In today’s world, no one could afford the TV commercial airtime for something that popular.

Sooooo….let’s just see how yummy this cucumber shake is…

Cremes looking pretty on me is elusive. Not the shade, but the application. I didn’t have that issue with ‘Olympia’.

I have 3 coats on and I topped it off with Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff extra strength nail protector (something I got from my Mom).

For not being keen on pastels, I really like this light green a lot. Doesn’t this shade make you think of Easter eggs?

Here’s Kayla. She took no time in adjusting to her new home. She’s as content as can be…

I think the big, black spot on her tummy is a target for rubs.

Pure Ice: Getting My Green On

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is a fun day where anyone can claim to be Irish and no one is offended. I’m Irish, so I say the more, the merrier!

This is a fun holiday for manicures. I’ve been seeing such cute ones all over blogosphere. Here, let me contribute…

What could be more Irish than a…..French manicure?  LOL And the French manicure was invented by an American to give models and TV stars a manicure that was timeless. Oye! So here is my Irish twist to it…

I started off with Pure Ice in a smashing, metallic green. I love that high shine! And I did my nail beds with Sinful Colors ‘Social Ladder’. It has just a bit of shimmer to it as to not make my manicure look flat. I used French tip sticker guides to do my tips and would have loved to have rounded it off with a stripe of gold. But,  I had done good so far, I didn’t want to take a chance of ruining it!

I did test a few tips on my right hand with Pure Ice Crackle in metallic silver. I tried it both vertically and horizontally. I ended up liking my manicure without the crackle but it did add a neat twist to something already twisted.

And this mani was an attention-getter too. I got many compliments on it. I think my nails were just the right length for this look too. So I can say, I had a touch o’Irish in me this week. 😉

Special thanks for Bari Cosmetics for providing me, as part of the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers, the Pure Ice Crackle and Ice Duo Lightning Strikes.  You can visit Bari Cosmetics on their Facebook page:

Forever 21’s Trickster Nail Polish

If you have ever taken photos of a teal/green/blue polish, you know it can be a monster to try and capture the true essence of that shade. And since I am not even sure how to open a photo enhancing program, I’m just going to wing it. You know, like just about everything else I do and show on this blog. Luckily, it’s just a hobby and not my living.

Let me show you…

Only the last photo can show you how cool (as in neat-o) the polish is and capture that shift of magenta in it.  Even Forever 21 calls this ‘Blue/Green’. I’m gonna name it ‘Trickster’ because that’s what it is.

‘Trickster’ totally fits. Here, it looks like a dominantly greenish teal. But there is that flash of pink or magenta that catches the eye and makes you wonder if you really did see something else in the color.

And before I go on, I want to say that this is 3 coats. And it was dreamy to apply this polish from Forever 21. I am sporting 3 coats with a top coat of Color Club’s Vivid Top Coat. There is an amount of visible nail, however, it isn’t so evident on real life.

So I wonder, it really isn’t the polish that I playfully am calling ‘Trickser’ that is deceptive. it might be the natural light, this time. Either way, you will have no problems enjoying the shifting shimmer in this Forever 21 polish.

Testing the Waters with Butter London

My first Butter London and it was given in a swap just like the post prior. I’m excited to swatch this and have been staring at this bottle, mesmerized by the color, for weeks. What I really wanted to know, is it worth all the hype?

This is Butter London’s ‘Wallis’…

 It is a mysterious shade that just sort of grabs you. I don’t even know what color this is. It’s a gold (gilded?) green. Maybe?? It is more intriguing than beautiful. Maybe that is why it is called ‘Wallis’, the woman who got the King of England to abdicate his throne. (I’m going to read a book on Wallis Simpson after I finish my current book. I want to learn more about this woman.)

I have 3 coats on but I bet a skilled hand would only need 2. Now, for my take on the hype. I do agree that this polish applies grandly. I found no problems at all working with it. I mean, it turned out lovely…

 This shade has mega-depth to it. It is a rather unique shade; not one you see every season.

 ‘Wallis’ wore well, for me, too. I did use a top coat of Color Club’s Vivid so that gave it a bit of extra protection.

 And, I love how the shade looks on me. I’m keeping this one for the time being.

Here is a photo taken in the shade. But, the question I posed earlier to myself: is it worth the hype? I will have to sit right on the fence with this. It is worth it for the unique color. However, it didn’t go above and beyond some of the lesser costly polishes I use. At $14 a bottle, I find that price to be too steep. If it was $8 to $9, I think that would be a fair price. This has kept me from purchasing Butter London previously.

So, it will be an outstanding shade that will make me purchase Butter London, not the formula. The price makes me think twice and then again before I put a bottle of this in my shopping cart. I’m very happy I got the chance to swap with this one and just see what the hype was and, make a decision for myself.

Have you tried Butter London and what did you think about it?

A Mystery: By Cosmetic Arts

There’s something mysterious, to me, about Cosmetic Arts nail polish. I think it might be that I don’t find the polishes anywhere but Ross Dress For Less and, that they don’t have a name of the shade printed on them.

Then, naturally, they come out with a shade like this and really adds to the intrigue…

You know I’m going to name it…’Shifter’. This one went from drab green to smoky slate. And then there is a shimmer of gold running through it.

Here is a better look at the gold sparkles.

And here is the work for your review…

The sunlight was bold and strong. Lots of over-exposed lighting but it can’t hide the buffed look of this one.

Too much light made it hard to capture the gold sparkle but you can see just a faint amount on the index finger.

And the shaded light even shows the buffed look. I didn’t put on any top coat because I liked the suede appeal of ‘Shifter’.

Sometimes nail bloggers will run across a shade that is just hard to pinpoint describing the essence of the shade. So, tell me…what would you say this shade is? Slate? Green?

Flaky Flecked over Holly-Day Display

Go ahead…say that title 3 times really fast. Hee hee.

Yes, the Glitter Giveaway is still going. You have to enter here before Sunday, 1/8 at 8 PM EST.

Did you get a ton and a half of Holiday polishes like I did? I still have some to swatch but don’t want to seem like I’m not moving on, you know?

I am, however, still in love, and will be forever probably, with my Finger Paint’s Special Effects (aka FLAKIES!) collection. So I am looking for ways to take the Winter collections and marry them with the Finger Paint polishes.

Gotta love me some dark green creme polish…

‘Holly-Day’ is from the 2011 China Glaze Holiday collection. This is a green that I would pick if I could only wear one green polish. It’s a Goldilocks polish; not too dark, not too light, juuuuust right.

Next, I paired it up with the green flakie from Finger Paint’s named ‘Flecked’.

‘Flecked’ makes ‘Holly-Day’ look like it has lights blazing in it. And it was fascinating to flash my nails back and forth for the dazzle effect.

 I didn’t apply ‘Flecked’ on my thumb so as to show ‘Holly-Day’ standing alone. So, I have 2 coats of China Glaze’s ‘Holly-Day’ and one lavishing coat of ‘Flecked’, then the Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying top coat.

Yeah, I’m happy to have found a way to use ‘Flecked’ again. 

Are you scouting out ways to use your Finger Paint’s Special Effects?

Who Died And Made You King Nail Polish?

GIRL!! Those nails are STILL skanky!!!! What the…???!

Geesh, light a match, would ya?

This isn’t going to be a post where I show a cute mani and say ‘the polish stinks but it’s still a cute look!’

Scandal Nail Polish Company, YOU STINK! I’m not talking about your business ethics or finances; I don’t know squat about that. What I do know is that your polishes smell horrible. Pee-U! The fumes burn my nose and hurt my brain.

Here is the offender…

I like the looks of this polish. It has a translucent lime green base. And I do like the iridescent lime and gold bar glitter. Add into the mix silver and lime green dot glitter and the recipe is neat. Well, not totally neat; it takes a long while to dry…completely. Too long for my hyper self.

‘Lime Pearl’ doesn’t stand well by itself, in my opinion. So, who COULD stand by it, it reeks so damn bad! Moving along though, it needs a bit of help to be all it can be. I picked a creme base that would showcase it, hopefully, in the best way…

 I chose a medium yellow creme by Color Club. Do I like this yellow? It’s OK. (Insert fake smile.) I don’t apply light color creme polishes very well. And after a couple of re-dos, I finally got one nail looking decent…

 Here I have, on my ring finger, Color Club’s creme yellow which I do not know the name of (Sunny Side of the Road?). I have 2 coats on as I didn’t dare put on a third in fear I would muck it up again. Then I put on one coat of ‘Lime Pearl’.

 Juuuust a bit closer. There’s two coats of ‘Lime Pearl’ on my pinky. This is why I felt the need to use a color base coat for it; the glitters are too sparse.

And, here is how far a regular view would be. So, my point is that this mani isn’t a stand-out. It’s OK. (Insert fake smile.)

And, whatever you do, don’t get your fingers close to your nose!!! Man, it is going to be awhile before I show you another Scandal Nail Polish because I can’t bear that stench.

Enough about stinky stuff! I have a double glitter giveaway going on. Go here and enter and tell your friends.