Finger Paint’s Special Effects Top Coats-FOUND!

When my friend, Alli, tweeted, yesterday, that she found these…

at a Sally’s close by her, I couldn’t sleep! I was up early the next day (dear gawd, and it was a Saturday!), got my run in, showered, dressed and out the door I went!

Here’s the poop…these babies are to be released in January…like, next year, 2012. For some reason, which I didn’t ask because I wanted to get mine first, this particular Sally’s store had made the excellent, and favorable, decision to put them out for sale. Even when I paid for these Finger Paints, the sales woman stated that they were out early and she had to put in another code so the register would ‘take’ it. All I could choke out was ‘Oh!’ I think I was actually having a panic attack getting them because I was afraid some mean Sally’s worker was going to come out of the back room and scream ‘You can’t have those yet! Give ’em back!’ I didn’t feel safe until I got in my car and locked the doors. Then, I took them out of the bag and drooled all over them.

To anyone else, they may look the same. But to us, nail polish enthusiasts, do we NOT know better???!!!!

This is ‘Flecked’. I’m not even going to pretend I know what this flakie color is. Well, I know it’s WORRRRD!!

And, this one is ‘Motley’. I know what a ‘Motley Crew’ is but why were they using it to name a polish? Googled it:


1. exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous (composed of parts of different kinds; having widely dissimilar elements or constituents): a motley crowd.
2. being of different colors combined; parti-colored: a motley flower border.
3. wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.

4. a combination of different colors.
5. a parti-colored effect.
6. the parti-colored garment of a jester.
7. a heterogeneous assemblage.
8. a medley.
Now I get it!
I have a couple more for ya…
This is ‘Flashy’. I want to say a great, big ‘DUH’ to that one!
The last one I have to show is ‘Asylum’. Wow, I’m sufficiently blown away.
They didn’t have ‘Twisted’ so I will be looking forward to nabbing that one for the complete collection.  And, at the moment, I am working on applying a dark green from China Glaze to show these off. I can hardly wait!!! But I want these to look out of this world!!! 
In the meantime, if you’d like to see them swatched, click over here to my friend, Nail Polish MD‘s blog and she’ll show you the awesomely over-the-top flaky top coat wonderland.
No one else wants these, right????

Kleancolor Haul Blitz

I hope you like my new blog layout. I am in LOVE with it!!!

It’s hot outside, yes. But, getting into my car after it has been sitting in a parking lot is WAY hotter! Now, imagine doing that 5 to 7 times a day…minimum. The car A/C does work but geez, I can’t wait for summer to be over.

This is exactly why I try to get out early to do my projects and visit clients. I did great today and got done before noon. The last client I visited is in the same strip mall as Abradel Beauty Supply. This is my Kleancolor’s headquarters. I’ve done some posts here and here in the past where I showed you my hauls from Abradel’s.

And, after that last client, I made it my reward to see if Abradel’s had anything new. How about a newly stocked Kleancolor nail polish display! Looky what I picked up…

15 shimmers, glitters and sparklies. I’m rubbing my grubby hands together right now.

Let’s break these down for some good nail polish porn…

The Greens: Peaceful Heart, Diamond Green, Golden Nightmare (love this one’s name)

Here’s a closer look at Peaceful Heart…

And one of Golden Nightmare…

The Golds: Golden Nirvana, Gold Cavier, Tiara Gold

Check out Golden Nirvana….

And this is Gold Cavier…

Blue and Red: Blue Satin, Red Sparkle, Diamond Red

A closer peek at Blue Satin…

The Oranges: Diamond Gold, VIP, My Rightful Throne

The Pinks: Diamond Pink, Diamond Fuchsia, Pearl Beige

Pearl Beige a bit closer…

Here are the ones I got from the ‘Diamond’ series…

The Diamonds: Diamond Gold, Diamond Red, Diamond Pink, Diamond Fuchsia, Diamond Green

Since there was so many to pick from, I just did the ol’ stick your hand in the bag and grab one. I’ll show you tomorrow which one I snagged. 😀

And one other cool thing, the owner of Abradel remembered me and my blog. How sweet!

I Am All A Quiver!!!!

It was just one of those regular CVS stops.  I walked in and right in the door entry, as an endcap was THIS…

It was almost totally full!  The top display is showing the ‘salon professional’ selection.  They cost $3.99.  The bottom one is called ‘Confetti’ and these gems are just $1.99!!!
Dang print…I could only make out, at first, that they are made in the USA. Can’t see who makes these.  Wait, I looked on a green, then a burgundy, finally can see on a pink that it says ‘MEGA Beauty Inc.’

Each row is a different color, no double facings.  Good grief, the variety is staggering.

I’m so sorry I cut the top off the display.  When I came into the store, I ran back out to my car and grabbed my camera.  I was wanting to snap off a couple of photos before someone in the store caught me.  My phone camera ain’t worth squat!  That’s why I carry my camera, though.

I was soooo eager to share these with you!  Now I have a group that understands this hobby, compulsion, obsession, whatEVER you want to call it.  Yippee!!

I’ll take a photo later of my haul.  Gosh, I had to exercise sooo much restraint.  I promised myself I would be back later and add to my collection.  However, I did get a few.  Looking forward to sharing that with you later tonight or tomorrow.  I even bumped a NOTD and a mineral makeup review to get this on the blog.

Have I made you drool?  How soon are you going to start CVS-ing to look for these yourself?  Am I just a magpie? 😉