Just Beyond Neutral Shadows From Overall Beauty Store

Neutral tone makeup is always safe. But it isn’t always exciting. However, I have noticed, in the past couple of years, how neutrals have evolved and are getting a bit of sizzle to them.

To prove my point, here are a couple of mineral eye shadows provided to the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers from Overall Beauty…

First, Kim, the owner of Overall Beauty, makes up the cutest packages. It’s enough to make anyone that sits at the vanity squeal in delight.

Part of the package was these two square emery boards. Just perfect for keeping one in the car and the other one my nightstand.

And the mineral shadows…

On the left is ‘Blink!’ and, on the right is ‘Summer Wheat’. I spoke with Kim regarded the colors and how well they work, not only together, but also with almost any combo. She told me that she picked these shades to share with the Beauty Bloggers as they were the most universal shades for all skin types.

Take a closer look at ‘Blink’!…

It is peach tone with a bit of depth to it. I like how it looks on my eyelid.

And ‘Summer Wheat’…

What a cool smoky brown. I use it for the crease but it works just as well on the lid too.

Some swatches for you to compare…

‘Blink!’ is on top and I have ‘Summer Wheat’ underneath. I used a light hand to swatch but both shades can be built up. ‘Blink!’ is soft and has just a hint of a shimmer. It’s a pinky-peach on my skin. And ‘Summer Wheat’ almost looks like a brown matte. But there is a very subtle shimmer to this one as well. The shades blend easily and with a shadow primer, I was good to go for the day with my neutral look that dared to push the envelope.

I think Kim was right on the money in choosing both of these shades for a universal neutral look. You can order these shadows, check out even more shades and look at all the other beauty items at OverallBeauty.com.

These products were given to me for my honest review. All opinions are mine without promise of compensation.

Introducing New Mineral Makeup Shadows by Gabrielle Faust

If you thought I only obsess about nail polish, I’m going to try and convince you otherwise.

I love mineral makeup.  I have lots of it.  I have more than I will ever use up.  I have found more companies, lately, that make their own mineral collections than I could imagine.  I could name names of those that have turned me on to this new world of indie mineral makeup.  But, I will not blame anyone.  I love playing with minerals.

Here’s a new mineral shadow line at Overall Beauty. This is a line collaborated with Gabrielle Faust.  She has a cool moniker and a logo to match.  She should get this as a tattoo! 

Ms. Faust is an acclaimed horror author who pens novels with vampire themes.  Her website has her full biography and accomplishments listed.  And now, she can add cosmetics to a long list of achievements.

Here are just three of the shadows from an eight color set.  You can check them all out at Overall Beauty.

This is ‘Vampire Kiss.’  It’s a matte, rich burgundy that reminds me of a very red wine.  I like using this color as an eyeliner.

‘Sanctified Snow’ is a white that gives an iridescent shimmer.  You have to see the swatches to see it perform.  Here, it looks matte, doesn’t it?  Great for a highlight.  Or, dab a small amount right in the middle of your lower lip after you apply your lip color.  Then use a lip brush to gently blend it out.  Instant pout!

Here’s ‘Aftermath.’  Even though it’s a matte, it’s a smokey brown that has a tinge of burnt purple in it.  Another one for an eyeliner but perfect for the eye crease and smoking it out.

All three of these worked together for me.  The mattes blend nicely if you layer them lightly and build.  ‘Sanctified Snow’ can even be layered over the mattes to transform them into shimmers.  Here I sampled them on my hand sans a primer.

Here they are in the order I listed above.  This is in the lightbox.

These are outside and the last is blurred to show you Sanctified Snow’s opalescent glimmer.

I am having fun with these shades.  I like using the ‘Vampire Kiss’ and mixing it in with a clear lipgloss.  Vampy!  And that’s just what this collection is: vampy, seductress, mysterious.  The same words that describe Gabrielle Faust’s novels and even, herself.

Don’t you think these would be perfect for the fall season?

These products were given to my by Overall Beauty to review and give my honest opinion.

Orchids Oil for Shine and Moisture

Overallbeauty has added a new product to their growing list of offerings.  The new haircare product is Orchids Oil by White Sands.

Orchids Oil is an oil that is all-around perfect for dry hair that also has frizz, fly aways and is in need of shine.   This clear oil has no artificial pigments or dyes in it.  It has more of a serum consistency rather than that of an oil.  With that, it allows for a smooth application into the hair.  A small drop or two, rubbed between the hands and massaged into the hair is all it takes.

My poor, dried out hair.  Since November, it has been through a lot.  Almost any process you can do to ones’ hair, it has been through.  Even though I have lots of hair, it is thin.  And sadly, I was abusing it.  Orchids Oil has come to its rescue.  And my hair was in dire need of a life raft.

    (This photo reflects some of the items I received to review.  The other items do not come with Orchids Oil.)

First thing you know I did; smell it.  That was a pleasant surprise waiting to happen.  The fragrance is light and smells like lilacs.  Not only was I going to love having this fragrance in my hair but I also knew I would be using it as a perfume oil.  It smells that good.

Since Orchids Oil can be used on both dry and wet hair, I was eager to try it out.  When I poured a couple of drops into my hand, I was careful in tipping the bottle because I knew it was an oil.  However, it came out as a serum and didn’t pour out overly fast.  It’s not thick like honey though.  Very easy to dispense.  My only wish about this product is that it had a stopper so you could dispense just one or two drops without fear of pouring too much out.

It only took one drop smoothed along the top of my head to see that Orchids Oil isn’t heavy,as long as you use just a tad in getting those fly away hairs under control.  Even though I have dry hair, I’m still prone to frizz in this Florida heat.  And because dry hair doesn’t have much shine, this gave it a healthy shimmer without flattening my hair into a greasy mess.

Next, I used it on wet hair after a shower.  Now Orchids Oil really became my new BFF.  My hair drank it in.  Made it instantly soft.  And, even though it sounds cliche, it was more manageable.  Orchids Oil not only helps with detangling (and my hair rivals the wiring behind my computer) but helps protect it from thermal stress and damage.  That means that the blow dryer is not quite the nemesis it was before on my hair.

As I, uh hem, get older, my perfectly balanced skin is starting to get drier.  One of the banes of that is it makes the skin more likely to get wrinkles.  Horrors!!!  Who wants wrinkles??  Put some moisturizer on the skin and it will keep you glowing for a long time.  Saves you money on botox too.  I replaced my regular night cream with Orchids Oil.  With a light application, my skin absorbed the oil without a heavy, oily feel.  Just plain soft.

Orchids Oil comes in a cobalt blue bottle, known to keep UV rays from breaking down the oil.  This bottle is .34 fluid ounces.  Of course, a little will last you a long time.  And a real bonus, Orchids Oil is just $5 for this size!!  The full size, 3 oz, at $15, is still an amazing value.  Personally, I am amazed that something of this high quality can be so affordable.  Makes it way easier to tell you that I will continue to use this product, my new BFF.

This product was given to me by Overallbeauty to use and review.  This review is my honest and personal opinion.

Overall Beauty Mineral Shadows

I have to say, these swatches do NOT give proper justice to the dazzle and coverage of Minerals by Overallbeauty.  I got to sample 4 eye shadows and they are AWESOME!!!!

First, I want you to know that I am a huge, huge fan of mineral makeup.  I seriously have about 200 different mineral shadows.  (Hey, you have to give me a break…they don’t spoil and I’ve been collecting them for almost 8 years!)  And with that, I’m going to be a self-proclaimed expert customer on them.

Here’s what I got…

The shadow brush is from Overall Beauty too.  It’s a hypo-allergenic nylon brush that works like a charm!!  I haven’t used any other shadow brush for overall shadow applications since I got this.  I did worry a bit that I had ruined it when I used my brush cleaner. But after it dried, I fluffed out the bristles and they fell right into place again.  Sweet!

That little, clear plastic bag that the shadows came in is cool too.  Not flimsy and I can use it over and over.

Here’s a close up of the shadows…

Not a disappointment in any of these shades.  They sparkle, they shimmer and they perform.  If there is a downside, there is just one; there is a sticker on the top, as shown here.  And, one on the bottom of the pot too, thus, it’s difficult to see what the color is in the pot.  But, the print on the top, labeling its name, is very easy to read and see.

My swatches do NOT show you the deep pigmentation and magical sparkle these colors have.  I’m really disappointed that I could not get a half way decent photo of these…

Gads!!!  My forearm looks damn scary!!  The bulge is a vein!!  I must have pumped iron on that day.  OK, moving on.  From left to right, Heart Breaker, Honeydew, Lavender, Fairy Dust.  This photo was taken indoors by the sunny window.

Same order here in the sun-shiny light…

I don’t get it.  The Fairy Dust is super-duper sparkly and the others IRL were much heavier in color.  That’s so sad because they are simply some of the most beautiful shadows I have in my collection.  I tried swatching them on my eyelid too but that didn’t photo well, either (I’ll get better at it, promise).  If you go to Overall Beauty’s site, the swatch there is much better than my feeble attempt here.

The first color I swatched is ‘Heart Breaker.’  It’s a red brick, terra cotta color with those fab sparkles. I didn’t think I’d like this color (terra cotta reminds me of when I unjoyfully lived in Santa Fe…everything was that color!), but once I got it on my eyelid, I seriously gasped.  Unlike terra cotta, this baby had shimmer…lots of it.  It applied like silk; not a bit patchy.  I did use Urban Decay Primer on my lids, and, did for all these apps.

Then there is Honeydew.  It surprised me too.  The color reminds me of vanilla ice cream.  You know the kind that has a ‘vanilla’ color to it?  That’s this one and with that high shimmery sparkle.  I used it as a highlighter on my brow bone and got mega ‘pop.’  This could be added to a body lotion and it would make a beautiful body shimmer.  I used it in some leave-in conditioner and loved the sparkles in my hair.  Just a tiny bit was used.  I didn’t want to look like I had a collision with a fairy!  Perfect glide on app, here too.

The third color is Lavender.  I think of Lavender as pink’s fraternal twin.  This soft purple doesn’t have the sparkles as much as it has an iridescent sheen. If you are bold enough, it works as a brow bone highlighter.  I also tried it as an overlay on other shadows and it ‘irridescent-ed’ them.  (Making up words is perfectly normal in nail/makeup blog world, I have come to realize.)  I played around with Lavender and added a tiny speck of it to a powder blush to give it a dewy look.  I even brushed a bit onto a matte lipstick on the lips and that made a whole new color out of it. Nice!

Lastly, there is Fairy Dust.  Because I have already gone on and on, I won’t list all the properties of this multi-tasker; there’s just too many.  Maybe endless!  I used it as a brow bone highlighter but it didn’t pull off the look I like for this.  However, it was a star when I patted it over a finished shadow look.  When you think of what color Fairy Dust could be, you’re apt to be right on the money with this fun one.  Sparkly…check.  Twinkly…check.   Irridescent…triple check.  It flashes pink and lavender sparkles that are tiny so it isn’t like glitter.  I did try this on with a lipstick and you need the tiniest, tiny amount.  My first use I used too much and looked like my lips where ready to be a stand-in for Lady Gaga. =o
But I loved rubbing a bit onto my leave-in hair conditioner.  (You know by now I LOVE me some…OK…a LOT of sparkle and glitter.  This blog could have so easily be called Glitter is My Crack but the exotic beauty Blix called dibs on it first.)

It’s easy to see how much fun I had testing these mineral shadows out.  And having the perfect brush to use made it a winning team.  If you like your shadows to be bold, pigmented and go on easy…here’s your grail.  But even if you like a more demure look, don’t shy away from Overall Beauty’s Minerals.  You control how much you want to apply.  Having said that, you get a lot of mileage on these shadows; a little goes a long way.

Oh, just one more thing to show you…

All these goodies where sent to me by Kim Snyder, owner of Overall Beauty.  And she sent them to me along with this handmade pouch!  Pink!!!  Cute!!!  Gosh, and it was even lined!  So, add quality in with the cuteness.  You can see the tag of Little Worm’s Etsy site.  Not expensive either. 

Which color do you like the best?  Do you use minerals?  And, do you have over 200 different colors?  Just how would you use that cute pouch?

All these products were sent to me by Kim at www.overallbeauty.com for my personal use and honest review.

Capturing A Caterpillar

I have been very eager to show off this nail polish that I have been rockin’ all weekend.

This is Caterpillar by BB Couture.  This is my first BBC and I have been wanting to try this brand since reading reviews about it all over nail blog world.  Seeing that this Caterpillar is from the Butterfly Collection, it is a very appropriate place to start.

This photo gives you an idea of the gold glimmer suspended in this yummy, creamy green.  When I first saw this polish, it made me think of green on an aloe vera plant.  And when I caught a glimpse of that gold glimmer, I made haste to take off the NOTD I had on and replace it with this Caterpillar!

I was expecting good things from this premium  polish.  And it did NOT disappoint!  This polish was almost perfect with one coat, two coats WAS perfect and no top coat necessary.  In fact, I put a Seche Clear on the middle finger and, though you can’t quite see it here, I felt that the Seche actually dulled the supreme shine this polish presents all by itself!  It does say it is a ‘4-In-1 Formula’ and it holds true to that proclamation.

The bottle is easy to hold while using.  The bristles are long, hold together and are flexible.  The top is large enough to easily apply the polish.

It’s been 2 days since I put this polish on and there is nothing but love for this little bug.  It wears like nobody’s business.  That shine is still there after several household chores.

This color and brand are everything I had hoped it would be.  To capture it in one word: quality.  So, this is my first BB Couture; by no means my last.

This product was supplied to me by Kim Snyder at Overallbeauty.com  for my honest opinion and review.