Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

I won’t bore you with any more glitter or sparkles, after this.  The next NOTD won’t sparkle.  Well, I better not make that promise.  Nevertheless, I don’t wish to bore you.

Here are four more sparkles on the right hand over the ‘Underground’ Glam Goth, an Ulta collection.

Here’s the sparkle vampires lined up.  There’s the unheard of ‘Hidden Treasure’ from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure collection (just kidding on the unheard of); ‘Dive Deeper’ from that same collection; an unnamed polish (oh, goody, I get to name it and I decided it was ‘Pearl Jam’) from NYX; and last, there is Milani’s ‘Just Browsing.’

Well, I didn’t get a photo of the nails alone, but here they are with the bottles…

The index finger has defalcation (yep, you might have to look that one up…lol). It seems that when Hidden Treasure is on a black or near black polish, it flashes just orange.

Dive Deeper doesn’t play well either.  It’s too milky, but has a ton of rainbow colored glimmer.  There’s a nick on that polish too.

Here’s my precious.  That ‘no name,’ aka ‘Pearl Jam’ is captured quite nicely out in the evening light.  The color reminds me of a black light.  This is my fav of this post.

Just an itty, bitty pinky nail with ‘Just Browsing.’  It’s a nice irredecent shimmer.  Doesn’t seem to have that ‘oo, ah’ feeling to it.  And I just noticed, it got a nick too.

My winner here is NYX.  If it helps, the number on the bottom of the bottle is: 122705.  If that means anything.  ???

Got a favorite?  Don’t you think a black or near black is a surprise polish to see in the summer?  I like nice, unexpected surprised though.

Goth + Sparkle = Edward???

In my days of goth, you didn’t have anything that sparkled.  Even your belt and jewelry didn’t sparkle or, really shine.  But since the goth look has been around for decades (sorry, new generation, you are NOT the first to have this look!), I guess it would have to have some sort of new twist or morph.

The ‘Underground’ polish from the Glam Goth collection by Ulta, was the first dive I made into this Goth Collection.  After 4 days it looked crappy.  So last night I was playing around wondering what the next NOTD was going to be.  I’m digging in this huge mound of new polishes (you know they multiply like rabbits, don’t you?) and I thought I’d try an overlay on to see what happens.
Guess what did happen….

As I mentioned, the Underground didn’t look so nice.  What you are viewing here is a redo of the Underground and four different overlays.  Yea, I like to OD on things like sparkle.

Here’s what they are: index finger, Milani’s Cyberspace from the 3D Holographic collection; middle finger is Wet ‘n Wild’s Hallucinate from the Wild Shine collection; Savvy Femme Couture’s Glass Slipper on the ring finger; and finally on the pinky is China Glaze’s Glacier, I do not know what collection this is from but Vampy Varnish reviewed the collection here.

                                            Vampires out in the sunlight.

Cyberspace on the index finger.  Milky bluish white. Not so great of an overlay polish.  At least with dark, dark teal black.

Hallucinate on the middle finger.  Super twinkly with teal and blurple tiny glitter.

Glass Slipper is on the ring finger (seems bashful here). Dense blue glimmer.  High shiny-ness.

      Glacier on the pinky.  The clearance sticker is still on the bottle from Sally’s.  I get some sort of satisfaction leaving the clearance stickers on. This overlay is like the Hallucinate, just in pink/fuchsia sparkles.

And, as I said earlier, I OD on glitter, sparkly polish.  So, now you won’t be surprised when you see that my next posting will be even more on the right hand!

Do you like?  Which one best?  For me, I like the Glass Slipper.  It casts a teal iridescent shimmer.  It doesn’t ‘look’ like an overlay.