Did I Just Pull This One Out Of My….Head???

Here is one of those manicures that I dream about and then, actually, am able to create it…

This is Savvy’s Femme Couture ‘Andrea’s Mint.’  I do not have a clue what that name means.  Anyone??  Bueller??

This color is truly Shamrock Green.  It’s a frosty medium green that, actually, performed better than I expected.

It’s only a little bit streaking and I can see, now, there is a bald spot on the upper left corner.  But, here’s the look I actually dreamed about…

I’m not saying I ‘invented’ it, I just dreamed about it and then made it.  There is one thing missing, however…

In my dream, there was a thin line of gold between the black and the green.  I decided against doing that step since I did a half decent job with the black; I didn’t want to ruin it!!

I taped off all but the side slant and used my Migi nail art pen to swipe on black.  I have several of these Migi sets and I do NOT use them enough. 

Let me go back to ‘Andrea’s Mint’ for a moment.  I used 3 coats and was surprised by the opaqueness of just 2 coats.  Savvy’s have been really watery for me, in the past, so I didn’t expect this one to fair any better.  In fact, I was going to pitch it in the ‘get lost’ pile.  Talk about a sleeper!

My Migi pen was more than a bit on the thick side.  I had to let it dry a long time before I removed the tape mark-off.  Even then, it did pull on the green polish some.  But it all dried quite nicely and I think I’ll wear this one, one more day.  I wish I had some gold foil stripes; that would tidy this one up just the way I wanted it.

This look is chic, to me.  What do you think?  Would you wear something like this?  Do you have or like the Migi nail art pens?

Golden Opportunity

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Gold has truly been a trending color this fall and now into the Holidays.  I haven’t, in the past, been keen on wearing gold nail polish.  And I haven’t worn gold eye shadows much before, either.  However, things tend to change when you start blogging about beauty items.  It has a tendency to stretch out one’s boundaries.  And within that, you can discover new joys.

Here I am swatching 5 different gold polishes; from 4 different companies…

From Left to Right: Wet ‘N Wild’s Goldmine; Borghese’s Ipnotico Gold; China Glaze’s Cleopatra; Savyy’s Golden Honey; China Glaze’s Cowardly Lyin’

WooT!  I scored 5 gold medals!!  They are all gold but each has their own expression.

Just a bit out of focus to see who sparkles and who shines.

My nails are in the same order here.  From Left to Right: Wet ‘N Wild’s Goldmine; Borghese’s Ipnotico Gold; China Glaze’s Cleopatra; Savyy’s Golden Honey; China Glaze’s Cowardly Lyin’

I have three coats of color on.  And I have 2 coats of Seche Clear with Olan Labs’ Quick & Slick as a top coat.

As much as I love twinkly colors, I like the buffed gold color of Savvy.  The rest are just a bit too weak for me.  Cleopatra is one that I would just use as a top coat. 

Here’s the look in the sunny window.  Cowardly Lyin’ just can’t get past the VNL.  All the golds are ‘warm’.  It was fun to see them all side by side.  I think that they are all so subtle that no one noticed that there is a different gold color on each nail.

Are you sporting any gold polishes this Holiday season?  Do you like to wear gold as a polish?  Tell me your favorite.

Glowing Pumpkin Fun

Oh, my goodness!  I love a good treat and only a fun, harmless trick.  I got a little of both with these polishes.

These two are glow-in-the-dark polishes.  I’ve had them for several years.  Truly, the polishes barely glow but I love these stinkin’ lil’ pumpkins.

 Sally’s had some Savvy color collections this summer and the colors were just yummy!  However, what’s in the bottle does NOT translate onto the nail.  I knew that, since that seems to be the Savvy way.  I’m really glad that I didn’t pay pull price for this one.  It’s ‘Fairy Twinkle’ I have on here.  {They had a ‘Fairy Tinkle’ but it was a terrible yellow; not appealing!  😉 }  Very sheer and something I wouldn’t hesitate to let a young child wear.

I knew better than to get my hopes up but, crap!  Look how pretty this bright pastel pink is with the gold micro-glitter!  It still looked very ‘gossamer’ on my nails though.

The Savvy summer collections had shimmers too.  I got this one, NOT on sale.  I couldn’t resist this color…

‘Orange You Happy’ did make me happy.  I feel it’s a summer orange but, it does work well for Halloween too.  I like the yellow color veins through this.

After 3 coats, this color is almost opaque.  Very high shine.

So, with the couple of pumpkins I showed at the opened of this post, I think you see where I’m heading.

‘Fairy Twinkle’ got a hint of some iridescent sparkles from the pink pumpkin polish.  The iridescent color just blended into the faint pink.

It didn’t change the ‘Orange You Happy’ much either, save for giving iridescent sparkles.  Faint but there.

You might wonder if these pumpkin colors really do glow.  I went to my friend’s house with these so I could paint her 8 year-old daugther’s nails.  Just as I had done, one hand was orange, the other pink.  She held them up to the window for a bit, then we ran into the laundry room, lights out and they gave off a hint of glow.  Enough to put a smile on a little girl’s face.  Her almost 4 year old brother wanted his nails painted so bad.  But his mommy didn’t want a little boy to have polish one.  I talked her into letting me put orange on  just one toe nail.  We ran into the laundry room and he was as pleased as punch to have one glowing toe.

As far as the Savvy polishes, I’m going to keep ‘Orange You Happy’ because I am happy with it.  ‘Fairy Twinkle’ will be tested as an overlay someday or, go into a box for later frankens.

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Summertime Banarama Split

It may be a good problem to have, but I think I need a better way of tracking polishes I have purchased, need to swatch, swatched and have blogged about.  I think I spent about 30 minutes checking to make sure I haven’t blogged about this one before and then looking for the photos I had taken.  If I’ve done this one before, well then, enjoy my rerun!

About 2 months ago, Sally’s had two new collections of Savvy in.  And, these two had a lot of new colors.  I can’t believe I only got 4!  I was careful that I didn’t get the same colors twice…but I still did. Ha ha! Some upcoming giveaway winner will profit on that one!

Here’s one that I did pick up: Banarama.  Not like bananarama.

This polish reminds be of a lemonade slushie.  It’s a pale yellow with a yellow shimmer.  And I mean SHIMMER! Only the most uptight workplace would find this inappropriate. 😉 It isn’t a screamer. It’s much more of a demure, spectacular shimmer.  But you can see from my photos, taken outdoors, just how shimmery this fun color is.

This, actually, may be my first ever yellow polish. It seems to have been a color I avoided because I didn’t want my nails to look like I smoke 2 packs a day.  But, not going to happen with this friendly yellow.

This photo does a very good job of showing off the color.

Here it is in the sunny window.  Just so CUTE!!!  It was rather sheer, as I expected it to be.  But this is my mani with BS, 1 coat Seche Clear, 2 color, 1 Seche Clear and 1 Seche Vite. The brush isn’t anything special and neither is the top.  They are not ‘perfect,’ nor ‘meh,’ but just right.  Hmmmm….could this be the color Goldilocks likes?

Again, in the sunny window, Banarama looks half way decent on me. Not what I was expecting.  But then, I love pleasant surprises!!

Do you wear yellow polish? If so, what’s your favorite? I might want to try it too. What was your last pleasant surprise?

Goth + Sparkle = Edward???

In my days of goth, you didn’t have anything that sparkled.  Even your belt and jewelry didn’t sparkle or, really shine.  But since the goth look has been around for decades (sorry, new generation, you are NOT the first to have this look!), I guess it would have to have some sort of new twist or morph.

The ‘Underground’ polish from the Glam Goth collection by Ulta, was the first dive I made into this Goth Collection.  After 4 days it looked crappy.  So last night I was playing around wondering what the next NOTD was going to be.  I’m digging in this huge mound of new polishes (you know they multiply like rabbits, don’t you?) and I thought I’d try an overlay on to see what happens.
Guess what did happen….

As I mentioned, the Underground didn’t look so nice.  What you are viewing here is a redo of the Underground and four different overlays.  Yea, I like to OD on things like sparkle.

Here’s what they are: index finger, Milani’s Cyberspace from the 3D Holographic collection; middle finger is Wet ‘n Wild’s Hallucinate from the Wild Shine collection; Savvy Femme Couture’s Glass Slipper on the ring finger; and finally on the pinky is China Glaze’s Glacier, I do not know what collection this is from but Vampy Varnish reviewed the collection here.

                                            Vampires out in the sunlight.

Cyberspace on the index finger.  Milky bluish white. Not so great of an overlay polish.  At least with dark, dark teal black.

Hallucinate on the middle finger.  Super twinkly with teal and blurple tiny glitter.

Glass Slipper is on the ring finger (seems bashful here). Dense blue glimmer.  High shiny-ness.

      Glacier on the pinky.  The clearance sticker is still on the bottle from Sally’s.  I get some sort of satisfaction leaving the clearance stickers on. This overlay is like the Hallucinate, just in pink/fuchsia sparkles.

And, as I said earlier, I OD on glitter, sparkly polish.  So, now you won’t be surprised when you see that my next posting will be even more on the right hand!

Do you like?  Which one best?  For me, I like the Glass Slipper.  It casts a teal iridescent shimmer.  It doesn’t ‘look’ like an overlay.

Airy Mani

This is a mani I did a couple of days ago.

                                         Out in the sun; reduced sticker still on.

                                Sunny window light that doesn’t show a true color at all.

This one I picked up on the clearance table at Sally’s Beauty.  It’s called ‘Light as Air’ by China Glaze.  A creamy, dusty lavender.  I like this one very much.

 This polish is the one I used on my toes.  No toe shows.  My hand nails look very dry but, my toes are worse off.  I’m too embarrassed to torture you with those pictures.  However, the polish I choose is a very pretty one.  It’s a new display at Sally’s Beauty.  This color is ‘Pink Fairy.’  And that’s exactly what it makes me think of.

Just look at that shimmer and sparkle. I fun duo that’s pink and purple.  It’s pretty sheer though.  And the richness of the duo doesn’t reflect fully on the nail.
It was hit and miss with getting in that sunshine shot.  (oh, say that a couple of times fast!)  Here’s the growing thunderstorm I was dealing with.

Even though they call Florida the ‘Sunshine State,’ there are thunderstorms often during the summer to give us that nice, sultry, hot and humid weather. (sarcasm) 

Got a cream polish that you just adore?  How often do you get professional pedicures?  I’m SO due!!

Today’s Haul and A Stamped Look

What would a weekend be without going to the Dollar Tree?  I got more than I expected.  One of former classmates works there.  I haven’t seen her since last semester.  We didn’t want to stop hugging each other.  It’s a whole story about why I am not in college right now.  A story for another day…  

But I could NOT get over what I found to purchase!!
These are suppose to be used to help clean up after polishing.  However…I am thinking they will be good for SPONGING!  Of course, it would be much cheaper to use a makeup sponge.  But, don’t these look cool?  Stay posted, dear readers, for that update. 🙂

I had to stop in to Walmart to get some household supplies and, since Sally’s Beauty is in that same strip mall, it goes without saying I stopped in.  They usually don’t have any new items out until the beginning of each month.  However, there was a new display of Savvy, Femme Coulture. 
                                                                Outside lighting.
                                                  Inside lighting by the sunny window.
The one on the left is ‘Glass Slipper.’  It is a very pale blue with iridescent turquoise shimmers.  I’m purchasing way too many of this type of color.  I’ll have to do some side by sides.  Good for a future post!  But as many, I’m thinking this is going to go on sheer.

Now, to the right, is Pink Fairy.  The outdoor picture is more true to the pink color.  The indoor picture makes it look too orange.  Another shimmer that shows flashes of reddish purple.  Looks like a sheer polish too.

I think there were at least half a dozen colors in the display.  I limited myself to 2 colors to try out before I get any more.  I need to remember to take along my camera to snag some on the fly pictures.

And, lastly, I did my first Monster Bundle stamping.  Monster Bundle!!  Now I see what all the rage is about!!
21 stamping plates from Monster Bundle.  Get them here from Amazon.  For $18, and 21 plates…well, the Konad plates are going for $12-13 at the mall, for just ONE!  And, my order from Amazon took less than a week to arrive.

As I have read on several nail blogs, the pattern size is on the smaller size.  I have very small nail beds and these didn’t cover my thumb or my pointer finger.  See my practice stamping here:
                                             Monster Bundle BM20 in Konad Dark Slate

Sort of a lacey look with the Ring My Shell Professional Manicure SH line.  It got dark outside and I didn’t get to do a new mani.  I hope to do that tomorrow.

Have you seen the newest line from Savvy?  What color caught your eye?  And, do you have the Monster Bundle?  Do you like it too?