Fourth of July Manicures Or: Why I Should Just Go Play With Sparklers

My freaky fourth Frenches were a fat failure! I didn’t even bother to photo them.

I thought I’d try some flaky blue and red but, they didn’t turn out as cute as I wanted. It didn’t give off that July 4th feeling…

I didn’t even bother to clean this up, I hated it so much. Why was this polish so gloopy? I did it over Color Club matte white and well, it just mucked up. It didn’t last but 2 more seconds after this photo.

Then I tried to do some fun dots…

I think these turned out the best. However, it looks more like Wonder Bread than a Fourth of July holiday mani. Just add some yellow dots…

Then I got the not-so-good idea to whip out some stamping. Again, in theory, it would have been nice…

A couple of these are OK but I wasn’t impressed enough to keep them on. 

Luckily, the fireworks are in the night sky and no one can see my nails anyway…

Oh, one thing funny did happen yesterday. Hubs and I were in the grocery store and the store music was a John Philip Sousa band song. I began to sing along and Hubs did a double-take on me and promptly walked away. I guess I’m more patriotic than him.

Polka Dots and Lace

This is an inspiration I dreamed about.  Really!  The lacy part was to be a tied bow.  However, I found I don’t have a Konad or, Faux-nad of one.  Hard to believe since I have several Konads and got the Monster Bundle.  So, I came as close as I could with what I dreamed.

                                           Just look at the thumb and the pinky, OK?
                                                      Light in a sunny window.

                                      My hand catching some rays out in the sunlight.

         In the sunny window, again.  Can you tell I’m proud of my thumb the most? 🙂

My thumbs and pinkys turned out the way they were supposed to.  I chalk up the other fingers to ‘practice.’  Ohhhh…really dry cuticles.  And I have been using Lush’s Lemony Flutter like crazy. 
This is the Light as Air from China Glaze which I reviewed previously.  I used MB18 with black Konad polish and Migi black pen for the polka dots.
Sexy and cute at the same time?  It’s gratifying to actually create something I dreamed about.  Most of those dream creations are well beyond my ability to replicate.

Are you able to replicate something you have dreamed about?

Today’s Haul and A Stamped Look

What would a weekend be without going to the Dollar Tree?  I got more than I expected.  One of former classmates works there.  I haven’t seen her since last semester.  We didn’t want to stop hugging each other.  It’s a whole story about why I am not in college right now.  A story for another day…  

But I could NOT get over what I found to purchase!!
These are suppose to be used to help clean up after polishing.  However…I am thinking they will be good for SPONGING!  Of course, it would be much cheaper to use a makeup sponge.  But, don’t these look cool?  Stay posted, dear readers, for that update. 🙂

I had to stop in to Walmart to get some household supplies and, since Sally’s Beauty is in that same strip mall, it goes without saying I stopped in.  They usually don’t have any new items out until the beginning of each month.  However, there was a new display of Savvy, Femme Coulture. 
                                                                Outside lighting.
                                                  Inside lighting by the sunny window.
The one on the left is ‘Glass Slipper.’  It is a very pale blue with iridescent turquoise shimmers.  I’m purchasing way too many of this type of color.  I’ll have to do some side by sides.  Good for a future post!  But as many, I’m thinking this is going to go on sheer.

Now, to the right, is Pink Fairy.  The outdoor picture is more true to the pink color.  The indoor picture makes it look too orange.  Another shimmer that shows flashes of reddish purple.  Looks like a sheer polish too.

I think there were at least half a dozen colors in the display.  I limited myself to 2 colors to try out before I get any more.  I need to remember to take along my camera to snag some on the fly pictures.

And, lastly, I did my first Monster Bundle stamping.  Monster Bundle!!  Now I see what all the rage is about!!
21 stamping plates from Monster Bundle.  Get them here from Amazon.  For $18, and 21 plates…well, the Konad plates are going for $12-13 at the mall, for just ONE!  And, my order from Amazon took less than a week to arrive.

As I have read on several nail blogs, the pattern size is on the smaller size.  I have very small nail beds and these didn’t cover my thumb or my pointer finger.  See my practice stamping here:
                                             Monster Bundle BM20 in Konad Dark Slate

Sort of a lacey look with the Ring My Shell Professional Manicure SH line.  It got dark outside and I didn’t get to do a new mani.  I hope to do that tomorrow.

Have you seen the newest line from Savvy?  What color caught your eye?  And, do you have the Monster Bundle?  Do you like it too?

Buckle Up

It is without a doubt, I need to continue to practice nail stamping.  I’ve had this stuff for over 6 years and I haven’t played with it enough to get it to be ‘nice.’  More practice!

Maybe knowing that I’m putting myself out there will help me do better.  However, I’m only going to show one nail.  Yep, all the rest are worse.  So you’ll only get a glimpse.

                                   Wow…it’s even scarier in a close-up.

Well, it was a cute IDEA!  Next time, I won’t try to make the buckle like a french tip.  It would be better placed 1/4 of the way down.

I reviewed the SH polish  here. It’s from the Lacquer Shine line and called ‘Brilliant.’  The Konad plate is m9.  I used Konad white polish.

Off to moisturize those cuticles.  But I’m still bite/chew-free!