I Spy…Layla Magnetic Polishes at Ulta 2/16/12

After a lot of walking, visiting a couple of my clients in downtown Orlando, I took to the mall to look for some photography books. My habit is to park by the Ulta store so, I stopped in before leaving. I wasn’t looking to buy anything; just looking for something new to share. But, if I found something I wanted, I am always open to go ahead and get it. Makes sense, right?

This isn’t really too new, but this is the first time I have spotted the Layla Magnetic Nail Polishes…

 I believe that they had just, very recently, set up this display. There were only about 4 missing.

 Mostly, the shades run to the darker tones. And they are metallic, which, I would expect considering they are ‘magnetic’ polishes.

There was a brushed gold shade, as well as a burnished pink color, and they were about as nude as magnetic polish will get.

This is the brochure from the display…

The photos I have seen on nail blogs, showing magnetic polishes, are quite lovely. However, I dropped almost $60 on a set of magnetic polishes last year and damned if I can get them to work for me. So, I don’t feel so keen on investing more money into this trend.

How about you, are you trying out the magnetic polishes? Getting good results?

I Spy….Katy Perry False Eyelashes and a Neutral Palette

Even though I haven’t read anything new in the beauty world that has piqued my interest, I still look. Yet it can be like going into a candy store with a $20 bill! There are some coming soon products I want but I’m trying to wait….oh, please hurry!!!!

I did find a display of Katy Perry’s false eyelashes at Ulta though…

There are four different styles and I don’t think any of them are demure. But then, Katy isn’t demure, herself!

I like falsies that are just a bit less dramatic. But if you want to bat some serious lashes, these are some to try.

Last week, I went into Forever 21. I had no business in there, as I’m trying to maintain a budget on products, but I had to see if they had any new, spring nail polishes. I did find some but, I also found this…

Rats! What do I need another shadow palette for!!? Well, here’s how I talked myself into it. I would love to get the new Urban Decay Naked 2 set. But I’m too stingy to pay $49. However, this love & beauty palette of neutral shades was only $9.80. Wow! That’s a bargain and it could quench my Naked 2 thirst. It has for the past 6 days…

I’d never tell you that this palette even comes close to an UD palette; I know better! But they are pretty. There are shimmers and mattes and I haven’t found a chalky one yet. In fact, all that I have tried, so far, have blended really good.

Naturally, I could just fawn and drool over a new, unused palette, without touching any…

Have you ever played ‘shadow roulette’? I randomly pick three shadows and make a look with them. I do cheat a bit and preselect a brow bone highlight color. It flexes my makeup creativity, all just for fun. And when I learn how to take decent look of the day photos, I’ll share these with you.

Have you played ‘shadow roulette’?…anyone?….no? (OK, forget that I told you about this and asked the question…..) But….

…how are you doing with your beauty/nail polish budget so far this year????

Where’s the Party? On Your Nails And Everybody’s Coming!

Have you just about had enough of the ‘Happy Birthday’ glitter polishes??!! Practically no brand has skipped this polish band wagon.

If you read enough nail blogs, you have, by now, read about Debra Lippman‘s ‘Happy Birthday’ nail polish. If not, and since I do not currently own this polish, here’s Vampy Varnish‘s swatches of it. ‘Happy Birthday’ as been around at least a couple of years. Yet it is still popular.

Check out some of the dupes I have…

First, there is Icing’s ‘Birthday Beyotch’, Milani’s ‘Gems’, Ulta’s ‘Pinata-Yada-Yada’, and Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Correction Tape’.

None of them are dupes, but they are all in the same neighborhood.

 Icing’s ‘Birthday Beyotch’ wins in the best name category. Hee hee. I spy red, gold, green, teal and fuchsia; some larger, some smaller. Then it is all swimming in a vat with teal micro-glitter. 

 Here’s Milani’s ‘Gems’. This one has two sizes of hex glitter in it. And then that is all in a very translucent teal base that shares even more micro-glitter. Tons of red, silver, gold, green, and blue glitter. I found this one to apply the most glitter.

 This is Ulta’s ‘Pinata-Yada-Yada.’ Worst name here. :/ Gold and fuchsia hex glitter is surrounded by two smaller sized glitters in gold, teal, and red. The base is a slightly blue tinged color.

And this is Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Correction Tape.’ I’m still scratching my head over that name. If you ‘get it’, would you leave me a comment? All the glitter seems to be the same size in gold, teal and fuchsia. Without getting out my microscope, I think there is some gold hex and fuchsia squares in this one. Not as rainbow colored at the others, it gives the feeling of Mardi Gras.

Are ‘Party Hands’ the same thing as ‘Jazz Hands’?

On my thumb and middle finger, I swatches ‘Birthday Beyotch’. On my index finger is ‘Gems’. On my ring finger is ‘Pinata-Yada-Yada’ and that leaves ‘Correction Tape’ on my pinky. This photo shows 3 coats.

Here’s where I started and this is 2 coats. So, you can do a little glitter or gobs. However, the polish you can pick to apply under these is all up for grabs. These are naked here, though.

Now, once you are ready to remove the glitters, you might want to read up on the foil removal method; no one wants to leave the party on your nails!

Confetti nails, I say. When I lived in Kansas City, KS, there was a dance bar on the Missouri side called ‘Confetti’s’. The next morning I always found confetti in my clothes that I had worn and even on the floor where I had changed into my jammies. It was everywhere! And you’ll experience the same thing when you go to remove any of these glitters.

Great polishes for New Year’s Eve parties? Which one do you like the best? Can you think of any other polishes that live in this neighborhood?

A Dirty Little Orange Number

How in the world did this month get over with in a snap? I’m drawing tonight for my October giveaway. Olly Olly In Free!!  Right here.

A top color for Fall is orange. And orange can be a tricky color to wear; clothing, makeup or otherwise.

This orange by Ulta isn’t one of those oranges that worked for me…

I like that it is shimmery and, almost a shimmery frost.

This little baby was part of a collection that I didn’t keep track of.

I have on 3 coats and no top coat. I wasn’t going to spend any time keeping this polish on. I felt the polish made my nails look dirty.

Now that I look at the photos, it doesn’t appear that it was THAT horrible. But in real life, it did not suit me.

One point that is a saving grace for this polish is that it comes in a tiny bottle so I don’t feel I spent a lot of money on a ho-hum shade. Another is that it did apply somewhat nicely. It is soupy but it was very good at leveling out on the third coat.

I wish I would have thought about this before I took it off but, a black shatter would have given it more hope. If you want to see a similar look of that, my friend, Lisa of Shades of Magick, did, click here and check out her work.

When I lamented that orange polishes make my fingers look dirty, I got a few responses back on Twitter that other polish fanatics have that issue too. Some with oranges and a few with pinks.

Is there a shade that you feel makes your nails/fingers look dirty?

Sneak A Peek at Chic Peek by Ulta

Decadent looks, ‘Chic Peek’…

As their own name brand products, I have found that Ulta does pretty darn good. This is a polish that caught my browsing eye. This is ‘Chic Peek’.

I don’t even know where to begin to explain this complex shade…

For starters, the photos do no justice to this mad shade. It is sparkle-palooza. Here I go at my attempt to describe the colors…

The base color is a muted, brick red color. It is filled over the top with micro-glitter that flashes shades of green, silver and burnt orange. It isn’t as gritty as it may look. I have on 3 coats but no top coat. So the shine you see is its own. However, with that said, I have 3 days of wear on this puppy and I see tip wear.

‘Chic Peek’ is a warm shade that I wouldn’t call a Summer color. I feel it is more for the cooler months. And I’d just love to have a sweater this color to wear with jeans. It just looks that warm.

Since I wore this polish for 3 days, and these photos are ones I pulled up from the Vanity’s Vault, I felt it really was a chic color to wear. It doesn’t demand attention; it earns it.

What colors come to mind when you think of chic?

Seriously Dainty – Ulta’s ‘Steal The Groom’

Let’s start the weekend!!!

I love Ulta minis. I like the cost (more polish for less money) and the themes.  Here’s one I was surprised I would like…

‘Always a Bridesmaid’ is a set of pastels that all have complimentary-colored micro-glitter.
 Here’s the first one I swatched…

This green cutie is ‘Steal the Groom,’ which in my mind would not be a tasteful thing to do. And, as I think about it, I’ve never been a bridesmaid. Could there be a…dare say…connection? (Not a confession!)

A pale sea-foam green with lots and lots of tiny iridescent glitter. All of which is not captured in this outdoor lighting. Go back and check the first photo, above, and there you’ll see it.


I used Sally Hansen’s ‘Teflon Tuff’ as a base coat and then 3 coats of ‘Steal The Groom.’ There’s one coat of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ to finish it off.

I thought this would be a bit gritty, but it wasn’t. And removal was without a hitch.

Rather than a plain pastel, I feel ‘Steal The Groom’ sets forth a feel of Seriously Dainty. And, as a loyal reader, you’ll know that I love irony and oxymorons.

If you picked up this collection, which shade did you like best?

Go Ahead; Show Us Your Pink

Time to wear pink!! It’s Wednesday….yeeeaaaaaa!

Ulta has some of the cutest mini collections. This one is called ‘Under The Sea.’  And from that collection is ‘Mermaid In Heaven’.

A very vivid fuchsia pink with a gob of gold micro-glitter in it.

Here I have on 2 coats and used Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ as a top coat.  This is the shade I love to wear in the summer. It’s brighter than a pastel, more vivacious and a lot more spunky than just a regular pink polish.

I have several blouses this color because it gives my skin a healthy, pink glow. There’s a feeling of femininity without being a little girl.

There are other nail bloggers that have fun with pink on Wednesdays. Check out my blogger friends here and see what pink they are wearing today.

A Vamp Color that is ‘Jaded’

There were some severe storms here in Orlando today.  Thus, no sunlight to photograph with.

This is Ulta’s ‘Jaded.’  These photos come from the St. Patrick’s Day theme I did earlier this month.  I didn’t get to posting this mani.  So, it was good I had one ‘in the can’ to share for today.  Gives new meaning for ‘saving for a rainy day.’

 I like the duochrome-isque of this polish.  I didn’t notice the bubbles that formed until I looked at the photos.  I really need to have my eyes checked. :/  This is 3 coats with Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ as a top coat. 

‘Jaded’ is one of those blackened teal/green colors that usually is named ‘Green with Envy’ or ‘Poison Apple’ or even ‘Midnight Jade.’  It’s always a somewhat sinister name that makes you think of danger and intrigue.  I call it vampy fun.  Same thing.

Add this to the long list of vampy shades I like.  ‘Jaded’ is a rather new shade by Ulta and I liked it right away.

Is it a color you’d like to wear?  Do you go against the grain and wear shades like this into the spring and summer, when everyone else seems to be wearing some version of pastels?

I Spy…New Stuff at Ulta AND Walgreens 3/24

I stopped off at two stores today, Ulta and Walgreens, looking for particular items and found neither.  Hmph!  But I did see some new to me stuff.

At Walgreens, I finally found the new Spring Sinful Colors collection…

Only one bottle was missing, so they must have very recently put it out.

Here’s a new color, I believe…

And, I was walking around with this one, along with the dark griege/taupe ‘Nirvana’, when I saw that both of them were already in the core selection…

I thought ‘Unicorn’ would look cute dotted on the ‘Nirvana’ and, vice versa.  I left, not breaking a no buy (of something I’m not originally looking for) rule.  *shifty eyes*

Yes, I know, I went to an Ulta yesterday looking for for ‘I Juggle…Men’ and the Silver Shatter, however, I happen to do some work in another mall today.  I popped into that Ulta and still, no luck.  But this is what I did spy…

OPI’s Shatter out the glass!!!!  Hee hee!  Finally, a company that gets hot products out while they are….well, hot!!  I already got mine so there was a no buy at Ulta’s this time.

My stalking at Walgreens is for the spring LE Spring collections.  They have to be showing up soon…I hope.

Have you seen these yet?  Are you going to get OPI’s Black Shatter?

I Created Visions of Sugar Plums

We have enjoyed a quite, tranquil holiday weekend at home.  Just me, hubs and the two cats.
And I have got a lot of swatching done.  It wasn’t work at all.  More like playing.

I wanted to try a green polish and use ‘Hidden Treasure’ over it, then matte it.  I think most of my readers will truly understand how these combinations will just pop into your head.  Well, at least they do for me.  In fact, some nights I fall asleep coming up with creations and then dream about them. 

So, I dug in the unswatched pile, and found Ulta’s ‘Jaded.’  Perfect, I wanted to try a green that wasn’t from a Holiday collection.

This is frosty with some shimmer in it.  You can’t see that shimmer in the photo.  It’s very minuet.  Boy, the first 2 coats of this were watery.  So on the third one, I went a bit thicker to get it to be opaque.

My polishing was great, for me.  But the ugliest cuticles ever, kill the look.  I’m not got to apologize for them.  I’m going to take action about making them over. 

All my photos here are indoor lighting.  I’m right at my desk and just loved the light at the moment.

Now for the flakies.  I was going to do this all with Sally Hansen’s ‘Hidden Treasure.’  But as I dug in my unswatched stack, I found an Essence’s ‘Space Queen’.  I know they are not even close, but I wanted to see what they’d look like side by side.

‘Hidden Treasure’ is on thumb, middle and pinky.  ‘Space Queen’ is on index and ring finger.  As you can see, ‘Hidden Treasure’ is a flakey.  ‘Space Queen’, she’s an iridescent glitter.  Both give a nice winter Holiday feel.  But I wasn’t done with my creative madness.

You’ve heard that song by The Stones, ‘Paint It Black’?  It goes, “I see a red door and I want to paint it black.”  Just what in the hell does that mean???  Well, I see a pretty color and I want to paint it matte.

Mattified!  Index is ‘Space Queen’ and ring finger is ‘Hidden Treasure.’

And here is my entire left hand alternating.  And a very BIG DRATS!  I have a tear on the outside of my thumb nail.  Grrrr!!!  Before nail blogging, I would have just chopped it off.  But, heck, my nails are so close to being uniform.  sigh

Sparkles or matte?  Hidden Treasure or Space Queen?

And, I would like to share with you, my Ultimate Favorite Christmas song: Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Canon.