Interesting Uses For Witch Hazel

I get to have major surgery for my Christmas! Oh, goodie! (NOT!)

I have tried to be on the nice list but, having 2 major surgeries in one year puts me in a fowl mood and knocks me right off the nice list onto the naughty one.

I found some fascinating reading on all the uses for Witch Hazel. There are a lot! One says it helps reduce the appearance of scars. Well, I have one huge one now that will get a twin next week! I’m looking for something natural to help heal it and to soften the scar as it heals too.Not only is Witch Hazel cheap, it’s generally known to be very safe. I’ve used Witch Hazel in the past and it’s rather soothing to my skin. So, I don’t really have anything to lose.

Click the link below and read about Witch Hazel for yourself!

40 Amazing Tips and Benefit of Witch Hazel

Here’s to wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

Kimberly and Libby