Lumene’s Time Freeze Anti-Age CC Cream

The Vanity has had the pleasure of reviewing Lumene skincare products a few times. I have loved them all. When I found their Time Freeze Anti-Age CC Cream, I was eager to give it a try…

DSCF0046 DSCF0052


I picked this up at Walgreens. They only have Light and Medium Shades, however. Those are the only shades it comes in. I got Light and, I found it just a tad darker than my own skin tone. I can’t say I’m too pleased with it not quite being a match for me. I like to match my one color rather than have it too light or too dark.

What I do like is that the CC Cream has an SPF 20. I don’t go outside with anything less. Lumene states that this cream is long-wearing and, I did find that to be true. This cream isn’t what I would call ‘air-light’ but, it is heavy enough, if layered correctly, to cover up the few dark spots I have…



I tried Lumene’s CC Cream under my regular mineral foundation, as well as just on its own. It did hold up on its own, for me, very well. I didn’t get shiny throughout the day. Nor did my skin feel tight. What made a difference for me, in the application, was to use a blender sponge rather than use my fingers. When I used just my fingers to apply the cream, I found that it accentuated my pores. That’s a no-go for me. But, a very slightly damp blender sponge made a world of difference.

Lumene products, originating out of Finland, praise the use of natural ingredients from the Arctic region. This cream uses the Wild Arctic Lingonberry. I also like that this product doesn’t have mineral oil in it…



There are other ingredients known for their healthy virtues on skin, as well…




Two things I noticed in this list: one is that it does have silicone (dimethicone). Silicone allows the product to have ‘slip’ so it applies smoothly. However, some folks have an allergy to silicone so, be alert to that. Also, water is listed as the last ingredient. I hardly ever see water (aqua) listed as last rather than first or second ingredient.

This rating system doesn’t seem to useful, to me, as all the Lumene products have the same thing…



I wouldn’t wear this CC Cream in lieu of a sunblock to prevent a sunburn however, it would be something I could wear over my regular sunblock when I want color coverage…



The delivery system is easy to dispense…



And, it has a very creamy consistency and, a matte type finish…

DSCF0055 DSCF0056

As much as the color blends into the back of my hand, my face is more fair than my hand. I liked using the CC Cream in a lighter application, as I mentioned before, it tended to make my pores more obvious. However, it did build up easily if I wanted more coverage.

This tube cost $15 at Walgreens, for 1 ounce of product. I also have Lumene’s BB Cream (which I have discovered I have not reviewed yet!) and, it is the same price but, has 1.7 ounces of product. CC Cream on the left; BB Cream on the right…



For the record, I like the BB Cream better than the CC Cream only because it is lighter and I don’t have to work to make sure my pores are not accentuated. Yet, the BB Cream does not have a listed SPF rating.

The CC Cream is meant to give SPF and color coverage to even out the skin tone as well as to provide anti-aging properties. It doesn’t have a fragrance to it. I will continue to keep it on the Vanity and use it from time to time when I want color and SPF coverage.

Have you tried Lumene’s CC Cream? Did you find that the color you picked matched for you?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Lumene Sensitive Touch 3 In 1 Cleansing Wipes

This installment of Facial Wipe Wednesday features Lumene’s Sensitive Touch 3 In 1 Cleansing Wipes…



I have tried, and reviewed, other Lumene skin care products before and have been quite happy with them. So, when I found these cleansing wipes at Walgreen’s at a clearance price of $3.39, regularly $6.79, I didn’t hesitate to make the purchase.

If you have read my other numerous reviews on facial wipes, you’ll know that one of my pet peeves is packages of items that are used on a daily basis not coming in 30 counts. This package only had 25. But, what it lacked in quantity, it did make up in quality. Quite noticeable is the true sense of these wipes being fragrance-free…



These had absolutely no odor to them at all. Perfect for those that have fragrance sensitivities. Also, Lumene’s wipes, in my opinion, would be better for those that have sensitive skin than Simple facial wipes. Lumene’s Sensitive Touch wipes felt more gentle to my skin. It didn’t feel drying or harsh. Here are the ingredients…


This was the first time I have noticed an expiration date on facial cleansing wipes…


That’s nice to see because, even though these were on the shelf with the regular skin care items at Walgreens, they still were marked clearance. So, I felt better about the purchase knowing that these hadn’t been setting there for years. I wish all wipes had that info!

The packaging states that the wipes are meant for non-waterproof makeup so I didn’t test it on waterproof mascara…



I felt that Lumene’s wipes were very good at removing my makeup, otherwise. I didn’t have to scrub hard to remove my eye makeup and I didn’t feel the need to rinse my face after using them. I do, normally, use a skin toner afterwards to see if there is any residue or, if the wipes just smear my makeup around my face. No need to worry about that; these wipes did a great job of holding onto the makeup.

It seems that these wipes were just a bit smaller than other wipes that I have used. But, they were very soft…

DSCF0014 DSCF0015


Since I haven’t seen these wipes in Walgreen’s since I made this purchase over a month and a half ago, I searched to see if they were still carrying them. I found them on the Walgreen’s website for $4.71. I also found them on the Ulta’s website for $5.94.

If you like to use facial cleansing wipes and also want to use one that is for very sensitive skin, I recommend Lumene’s Sensitive Touch 3 In 1 Cleansing Wipes.

I haven’t been disappointed in any of the Lumene’s products I have tried so far. Have you tried any Lumene’s products?

Lumene: Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail

Lumene is a skincare brand that I don’t read much about. However, there needs to be more talk about this awesome company, in my opinion! I have used a couple of their products and have loved them. Today’s post is on their Vitamin C+ Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail…

lumene cocktail


First, I want to say that you can find Lumene at Walgreens and, that’s where I make my purchases. I paid about $15 for this product. You can also find it online and CVS.

I was drawn to this serum because I am working hard on keeping my skin moist. Once Fall became cold, the skin directly under my eyes and the tops of my cheeks become so dry that the skin feels very taunt. After reading the package, I thought I’d give it a go and see how it works for me.

I’m happy to say that Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail is a godsend for my dry skin. After washing my face at night, I used this serum next. While, my skin didn’t totally drink it in immediately, it kept my skin soft and I didn’t feel any uncomfortable, tight skin afterwards. I actually liked that the Cocktail was slow to absorb yet, it didn’t leave my skin feeling slick or greasy. Just refreshingly soft.

Lumene uses plants that grow in the arctic region due to their hardiness. This Radiance Cocktail has cranberry and cloudberry seed oil in it that is known for soothing extremely dry skin. The added Vitamin C+ helps turn over the skin cell replication to keep your complexion bright. You can use this on your driest spots but for me, I used it all over my face and neck.

There is only a slight fragrance to this serum that seems crisp like a citrus note. But, it doesn’t linger for but a couple of seconds once you have it on your skin. This is a thick serum that you do need to shake up in the bottle to mix before you dispense. And, it only took about three drops for me to cover my face and neck.

So, do I like Lumene’s Vitamin C+ Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail?…



Here’s my latest bottle and it’s all gone. I recommend this product to those that have normal to dry skin and those that know that their face can tolerate Vitamin C serums.

Have you tried any Lumene products?