Toss Or Trash: June 2012

There’s not a lot of stuff from June to go over. But it is still gratifying to know that I’m using stuff up or getting rid of it if I don’t like it.

I’ll begin with the shower stuff…

I’m counting my exfoliating gloves as trash. These are old and I need a new pair. This pair has served me well. Pantene Ice Shine Conditioner is also trash. However, I don’t feel my hair was any more shiny using this particular product. I won’t be buying it again, even though I paid next to nothing for it and I did like how soft it made my hair.

All Bath and Body Works candles are trash. If it doesn’t smell good in the store, it isn’t coming home with me. The Lemon Mint Leaf, I got earlier this spring and it was perfect for that time of year. S’mores is from last winter but still a nice one. Cranberry Pear Bellini was just OK. It wasn’t very strong. But it smelled like something I’d like to have as a drink.

I feel negligent with only two makeup items for June. The Milani eyeliner in ‘Brazilian Brown’ is a toss. First, it is just not smooth or creamy to apply. And second, I’m not wild about the color. I guess I like my browns to be more brown-ier.

The Wet ‘N Wild base coat is old. However, you might notice I used up almost every drop of it. This was an awesome base coat! It’s a trash, however I have so many other base coats on hand that I won’t be seeking this one out. I still recommend it.

The body products are all trash. I am not devoted to any brand of deodorant but it does have to be an antiperspirant, as well. Secret was on clearance at Target. I did like it and it smelled very nice. It was one of the ‘twist up through the holes’ dispensers. It had a sticker that claimed I’d have to shave less. I wax, however I didn’t notice a difference.

Bath and Body Details was a spontaneous purchase. I did smell it before I bought it and that’s why I got it. I didn’t know it was going to feel so luxurious. But, I wasn’t happy that the second ingredient was mineral oil. I rarely buy skin lotions that have that in it. But the ‘Country Meadow’ fragrance was so wonderful. It is almost predominantly lavender. I know a lot of people think lavender and think of it as some old lady perfume. I thought the same thing. But when I began studying essential oils and the benefits of lavender, I gave it a try and I’m hooked. I soooo love lavender.

Last is a lotion that mark put out called ‘Bohista’. It fits mark’s whole bohemian feel. This lotion wasn’t so moisturizing as it was fragrant. It had spicy notes to it, which I find erotic. It wasn’t a heady or strong fragrance, but just the right amount to give a feel of sultry.

Have you tried any of these products? I’m be interested to hear what you think of them.